Sunday, 13 December 2020

Twelve Days of Christmas with Elvis the Elf and Design Bundles.

AD // Did you know that over 14 million elves have been adopted by families worldwide - elf on the shelf really has become a favourite Christmas tradition.

We have been doing Elf on the Shelf for a few years now and as the years have gone on the setups have become harder and harder, some years I have even been known to jump up at the crack of dawn just to run downstairs to move the elf to a new hiding place. Completely missing out on the fun tricks that they could get up to.

As the boys become older it is also becoming much harder to keep the magic alive and keep them believing, so having the help of Design Bundles this year I have managed to snatch back that magical festive feeling and the boys have been over the moon with finding Elvis with different crafty activities for the past twelve days.

 I am going to share with you all 12  ideas with the help of Design Bundles, who very kindly sent me a box full of ideas to use for 12 days over Christmas, in a hope that it will help you carry on up until Christmas when the elves all get called back to Father Christmas.

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They also have a great selection of SVG files 

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Perfect for all those festive crafts you have been planning or even dreaming about doing.

So here is what Elvis our friendly elf has been getting up to over the past twelve days,

Day One // Lets Bake

With the help of a craft and crumb baking kit, Elvis wants the boys to knock up his favourite gingerbread treats. 

Leaving 'snowy' footprints on the worktops as he's just arrived from the North Pole.

Day Two // Dress Up.

Elvis is all set for covid with his very own facemask, making sure not to spread any of his elfish germs! A ready-made elf in isolation tank if the worst was to happen.

He's left some festive fabric for the boys to turn into something special for him.
Ru and I make him a special superhero cape, which we think he was pretty pleased with!

Day Three // Colouring.

Elvis wanted the boys to have a colouring-in competition whilst breakfast was being made, he had already given one of the boys a head start by getting involved in the colouring action whilst they were all sleeping.
He was also kind enough to bring along some brand new pens for them to use.
Design bundles have a wide selection of printable colouring in pages.

Day Four // Christmas Cards.

Elvis wants to spread a little Christmas cheer and after the year we've all had a little cheer will go a long way. 
So he has decided the boys needed to get their Christmas cards all written out before they ran out of time to send them off. He's started off by writing his very own card for the boys to open.

Day Five // Time to Decorate.

Elvis has come back from the North Pole with a brand new Christmas tree decoration for the boys to hang up, he has also bought along with some supplies to get the boys making their own glass bauble.

Day Six // A Scavenger Hunt.

Elvis is ready to rock and roll and wants the boys to wrap up nice and warm and head out into the fresh air away from their game consoles on a fun scavenger hunt that he had been up all night planning.

Day Seven // Letters to Santa.

Just in case the boys had thought of any more present ideas they would like to add to their Christmas lists, Elvis wants them to make another letter to Santa just so the big man isn't missing anything on the big day!

Day Eight // Scandi Window Display.

Elvis has been missing his little elf town back in the North Pole so he decided to decorate the kitchen windows with a little Scandi village, he also left the boys some festive paper and blue-tac to help finish off the town.

Day Nine // Gifting.

Elvis not wanting the boys to forget about the joys of gifting and not just receiving he has left them a little challenge of writing him a festive poem or letter and if they do they will receive a special chocolate treat which he is hiding in his little box.
Presents don't always need to be something you've bought, a homemade gift is usually 10x better, especially those coming from the kids.

Day Ten // An Act of Kindness.

Christmas isn't just about receiving and Elvis wants to make sure the boys remember this.
He has left them a list of acts of kindness to pick from.
Oscar decided he wanted to collect the spare change from his room and take it to our local Tescos and pop it in the charity pot. 

Day Eleven // The Christmas Table.

Getting everyone involved in helping out at Christmas takes a lot of the stress of the main host, so clever Elvis knows this and wants the boys to each to make their own place settings. He's also bought with a special new milk bottle for the boys to put out on Christmas eve for Santa along with his mince pies.

Day Twelve // Time to get Wrapping.

Elvis thinks today is a perfect time to get wrapping those presents you have stacking up for your family and friends and then settling down with a big bowl of popcorn and a Christmas movie too watch.
He has left the boys some funky wrapping paper and a gift tag to make sure they don't have any excuses not to help.

The boys have all loved the past twelve days and I have found setting the elf up such a breeze.
 Design bundles were really my superhero for this year's elf antics.
I hope if you're all out of ideas I have given you some handy tips and ideas to help you out on the run up to Christmas Eve.

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