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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas 2016

Our first Christmas in the new house was pretty awesome!!

My parents came up on Christmas Eve and we spent the day chilling out, my mum baked some cinnamon buns, I did some last minute wrapping and we took the boys to a Chris-tingle service at the local church .... a church that back in the day the one and only Pocahontas used to worship with her husband John Rolfe.

It was a fun service where everyone was encouraged to take part.
The twins spent most of the service giggling away!

The boys all went to bed at normal time, even my little non sleeper was asleep by 9.30!

Rupert woke at 5, but I was able to keep him In bed by laying on the floor next to his bed, the twins and Noah woke around 7.
We waiting until 8 for my parents to turn up before we went into the lounge to see what Father Christmas had left!

All the boys were truly spoilt and they love each and everyone of their presents.
Unlike last year where we kind of over did it and they got overwhelmed and didn't know what to play with.

The day was a full on Nerf war between everyone.
I'm still finding stray bullets everywhere from the fights.
Jon's parents and sister popped over for a little while which was nice.
In our other house that would never have worked but this house is perfect for big family gatherings.

Jon and my mum cooked the dinner and it was AMAZING!
They did themselves proud!

Boxing Day we had a lovely breakfast with bubble and squeak and then my parents headed back to Surrey.
In the afternoon we had Jon's parents over and then a nice relaxing evening.

How was your Christmas?

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas // My First Scalextric

The big day is just mere weeks away.

Some very organised people may have completely finished their Christmas gift buying by now, but if like me you've hardly made a start you may be searching the web some cool ideas.

I thought I would share some of the toys that the boys have been playing with lately!

You can find this in most toy shops, at the moment it is selling for £23.99 over on amazon.
I would say that was a reasonable price for what it is.
I know scalextics can be pretty pricey, last year we bought Noah a massive one and he loved it.

The box contains all the track, two controllers, a red and yellow car, plus spare parts just in case the cars need to get a bit of an MOT.

This set is designed to be the ideal starting point for younger drivers 3+
Its a perfect introduction to the world of scalextric. Featuring an easy to assemble figure of 8 track.
You have two colour coded adjustable power level controllers which help control the speed of your race.

Track length 256cm requiring 108cm x 61cm space 

The twins really enjoy racing against each other and the giggles they share when the other shoots off track is very funny to watch.
My First Scalextrics will provide endless amounts of fun for the kids and adults alike!
Christmas day could turn into a family race off!!!