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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas With Leap Frog.

Last Christmas we bought the twins Leap Pads and Ru a read with me scout.
They were there favourite presents and they really enjoyed playing with them.
There still going strong today.

So when Leap Frog got in touch and asked if I wanted to review a few things for a Christmas gift guide I was more than happy to say yes!

They really spoilt the boys by sending them
The Leap TV set up,

The twins have been asking for watches for what seems like forever and we've never really found any that we though would be right for them.
So when reading about the Leap Bands I was impressed and questioned myself to why I hadn't thought about looking at them before.

The twins loved them as soon as they saw them in the boxes.
They were desperate for me to get them out and put them onto their wrists.

Leap Bands
suitable for ages 4 -7.

Audio instructions,
Water resistant,
Rechargeable battery,
Parent controls - set quite times and school mode.

The only activity tracker made for kids that encourages active play and healthy habits with 50 fun challenges!

LeapBand comes preloaded with ten imaginative and active play challenges and four cool-down challenges. Parents can add up to 36 more challenges in LeapFrog Connect, so kids will hear fun activity prompts such as "March like an elephant" or "Wiggle like a bug". LeapBand features parental controls to further personalise the experience, including School and Quiet modes.

You can buy the Leap Band from amazon for £13.50, which is a perfect price for a stocking filler/tree present!

The boys love giving all the activities ago, and I can often find them jumping around the living room like a frog in a desperate bid to earn more jewels.

They are easy to charge and to set up, just connect them to a computer and register them over on Leap Frogs Connect page

You can also download an app to your smart phone - Petathlon Games.
Where you can also connect your leadband and it will keep a track of your rewards and you can also play events such as wind sailing, javelin throw, archery and so on.

Count and Crawl Kitty
suitable for ages 9 - 24 months.

Make counting the cat's meow!
Press keys to explore numbers 1-20 and create music.
Bat Kitty's ball of wool or push along for more mew-sical fun.

The kitty is nice and colourful and will catch the eye of any baby.
Ru is older than the recommended age, but he has loved playing with it and I often hear him repeating the numbers and songs that the toy says.
It's helping him with his speech and he loves playing with it.

You can buy count and crawl kitty from Amazon for £10.90.

Leap TV
suitable for ages 3 - 8

The LeapTV system puts learning into motion in three ways:
body capture motion, pointer play and classic controller action.

In the box you get one multi purpose controller, console, console stand, camera stand, motion sensing  camera, HDMI cable, AC power adapter.
You receive a free bonus customisable Pet Play World game with LeapTV registration.

I bought the boys an extra controller and a Spider-Man game off amazon.
The spare controller was £15.50 and the game was £9.99

The twins get envious of Noah playing on his PlayStation so when they saw that they had they're very own console they jumped for joy.

It's relatively easy and quick to set up, so the boys didn't have to wait too long to get going.
They love that they understand what they're meant to do, as rather than have the game instructions written on the screen, it talks to them and tells them what to do.
They are also learning at the same time as playing!

The boys have each pick a pet and love playing games and decorating its home.
Just like on the LeapPad, so because they have already used that they understand what to do on the Leap TV.
The Spider-Man game has been a big hit, even Noah will come and play and help the boys when they get a little stuck.
I can see Santa bringing some new games to fill their stockings!
The Leap TV is aimed at children aged 3-8yrs but its great fun for all the family!

Learning is fun and the leap TV really shows that!

The leap TV kit is currently on sale for only £31.99 rather than £119.99 on the Leap Frog store

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Early Years Nutrition Partnership sets out goal to improve standards of nutrition practice in early years settings through provision of ‘hands-on’ help

Unique social enterprise brings together network of registered nutrition professionals offering localised, tailored support within early years settings.

The Early Years Nutrition Partnership (EYN Partnership) has brought together a unique network of self employed, registered nutritionists and dietitians, each with extensive experience in the early years. They will work alongside and within early years settings, to help them achieve accreditation with a new EYN Partnership Quality Mark. The support provided by the nutrition professionals will be tailored to meet the individual needs of each particular setting and community in which it operates.  

Early years settings that sign-up to the EYN Partnership will also be able to upskill their team with opportunities for professional development. The EYN Partnership will provide study places for a Level 3 CACHE award in nutrition and hydration in the early years, and early years setting chefs and cooks will be able to study for a Level 2 CACHE award in the preparation of meals to meet relevant nutritional standards in an early years setting. 
If early years settings choose to do so, they can also access additional services from their EYN Partnership nutrition professional, such as the delivery of bespoke classes for parents, children or practitioners.  

Integral to the EYN Partnership model is a commitment to support settings with the highest social deprivation needs, with an ambition that in the first year of the programme at least 10% of the settings registered with the EYN Partnership will benefit from subsidised access. A measurement framework and evaluation strategy has been developed to analyse the success of the programme in delivering demonstrable and sustainable social change.

Neil Leitch, Chief Executive Officer of the Pre-school Learning Alliance and Chair of the EYN Partnership Board, says: ‘Childhood obesity is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time, and we know that eating a healthy diet during the early years has a significant impact on health outcomes later in life. Early years settings have an essential role to play in helping to establish good eating habits and positive learning about healthy eating.

The Early Years Nutrition Partnership model, with its frontline help for practitioners from registered nutritionists and dietitians, offers a more collaborative approach to change at the local level. The Early Years Nutrition Partnership will bring about significant change that will have an impact on the future health of a generation.’

According to the National Child Measurement Programme, one in every five children starting reception in England is either overweight or obese.
1 Obese children and young people are more likely to become obese adults, and have a higher risk of morbidity, disability and premature mortality in adulthood.
2 Amongst other issues associated with poor nutrition in childhood, twenty five per cent of five year olds are reported to experience some tooth decay.
3  Catherine Lippe (RNutr), is one of the first EYN Partnership nutrition professionals and is working with settings in London, Surrey and neighbouring counties. She says: ‘Many early years settings are fully embracing the nutrition challenge and are determined to deliver good standards for the children in their care.
They have of course previously had access to guidelines, but until now haven’t had an option to be supported in implementing the changes they need to make. We can support them on a journey to make real changes in menus and food related activities, help them achieve recognition for what they are doing, and train practitioners helping them to develop their nutritional expertise.
It’s a different way of approaching things that could result in real and lasting changes, and that’s really exciting.’ 

For more information about the EYN Partnership, visit:   Twitter - @EYNpartnership