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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Fun Education For Kids: The History Around You

A day out with the kids that is also educational; it’s pretty much the dream, isn’t it? 
You get to hit two birds with one stone, earning you a huge number of extra Mum points in the bargain.

As wonderful as the idea of combining these two childhood essentials is, it’s not always feasible. That’s a shame, especially when you live in a country like the UK.

Why Is It A Particular Shame In The UK?

The UK is full of history. It could be argued this is the country where Western civilisation as we know it was born. That history is incorporated all around us. 
Americans, for example, celebrate when their home town turns 200 years old. That’s nothing for us in the UK; some of us live in cities that date back to the Roman Age.

With all this history around us, there are plenty of ways to combine education with a lot of fun. In fact, let’s compile all the ways you can introduce your children to living history - and let them have all kinds of fun in the process.

1. Visit A Castle


There are castles everywhere in the UK, most of which are now in public hands. To ensure their survival, entertaining and exciting families has become a huge part of their business model - so there’s plenty of fun to be had in the midst of learning.

Here are a few to consider:

  • The Tower Of London is perfectly for young kids who can’t get enough of gory stories. Tours are led by the Yeoman Warders, who are well versed in delighting the crowd with stories of the grisly tales from history. You can also visit the crown jewels, or meet the Ravenmaster and his flock.
  • Warwick Castle is one of the best castles for family fun; they hold jousts, Tudor banquets, and battle re-enactments throughout the year. Located in Warwickshire, the castle is beautiful and huge - perfect for an absorbing family-friendly day out.
  • Ludlow Castle in Wales was the traditional seat of the Prince of Wales; where they would learn Kingship before taking on the entire country. The castle is beautifully preserved, and set in a quaint market town that the whole family will love to explore.

These three options truly are just the tip of the iceberg - there’s so much to explore, so why not dive right on in?

2. Metal Detecting

There’s nothing quite like stumbling over a coin in a field and seeing that it dates back to Roman times. It’s one of the most obvious ways of connecting the present with the past, and can enthral children with a sense of the history that’s gone before them.

Grab yourself a metal detector from BestSpy and head out onto any open land. Always ensure you have permission to be there. There are plenty of groups which can help identify sites where metal detecting is welcome. Who knows, your family might be the next one to discover a hoard of gold.

3. The Trail of Battles

England has been the host of many wars over the centuries. 
The Wars of the Roses in the 15th century have captured imaginations for centuries, while everyone knows something about the English Civil War.

These wars were a collection of pitched battles, often spread all over the country. Many were fought hundreds of years ago, but most sites of major conflicts are still found to this day. Some even have full-blown visitor centres on the sites of the battlefield itself, making great locations for metal detecting too. It’s more than possible to turn up spurs or other metal used in warfare, giving another exciting glimpse into the world of the past.

To take advantage of this, you could start a project where you try and visit the sites of all the major battles in a particular conflict. The Wars of the Roses, for example, would take you from Gloucestershire for the Battle of Tewkesbury, to north London for the Battle of Barnet
Following the trails of these wars not only gives an insight into the history of the time, but also makes for a lovely way to see more of the country.

The UK has got so much to offer when it comes to history. Learning history is vital for a child’s education; as the saying goes, those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. 
By introducing historical learning outside of a classroom setting - and where it’s a whole lot more fun - you’re setting your kids up for an exciting, enlightened life.

*Collaborative Post*

Friday, 14 July 2017

Kite Flying on Snettisham Beach

On Sunday we took the boys to a different beach, one in Snettisham. 
So still not very far from ours.

We hadn't been before so weren't too sure what it would be like, but as soon as we drove into the car park, we knew it was an amazing beach.

Sand dunes greeted us and the boys couldn't wait to climb them!

The twins were given kites for their birthday and have been desperate to fly them.
So a trip to the beach was the perfect opportunity to test them out. 

They were super easy to put together and Alex's bumblebee kite went straight up without any effort!
Oscars butterfly was a bit more tricky.
Why, we weren't too sure as they both look like they're the same design.

Once I Alex's up in the sky he soon took over laughing his head off at how high it was.

Oscar's took a few goes but eventually it got flight and stayed up for a bit before crashing down on my head.

Ru took over from Alex, as he wanted to go off and play with Noah in the sea.

Ru was pretty good at keeping the kite under control, we did think he'd just let go but he was more than happy to just stand there holding on watching it flutter around in the sky.

Once they were all finished with the kites, we left them with daddy and headed off to find the sea....
The twins decided they were walking to America!

We didn't quite get to the sea, as it was miles out and I made them turn around before the tides started to come in.

Even though they didn't quite make America they all had fun jumping in the sandy/muddy puddles on the way back.

Once back on dry land we headed back to the van to dust off our feet and grab an ice cream.

Ice cream, Kite flying and Puddle jumping = a perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

South Beach

We've had a few weeks of constant crying and meltdowns from Ru, so to give him a change of scenery we took him for a mid week stroll along the beach.

When we lived in Kent, I always made sure I took Ru to the beach once a week as I knew he liked it and it's always the one place he truly relaxes at.

I'm not sure why I haven't taken him to the beach since moving here.
It's closer....we can actually walk to it, its that close.

His face lit up when he realised where we were, and he was eager to jump out the van.
For the first time, he was interested in looking for shells, rather than just rocks.
So I gave him an empty poo bag and let him fill it up with all the different shells he could find.

The tide was out so we got to have a good walk and look in all the sea puddles.
We tried to find some crabs, but only came across dead ones or really tiny ones...

Ru pretty much had the beach to himself, apart from a few people jogging along the pathways.
He went off exploring on his own and didn't stop smiling.

It was nice to see him finally relax a bit after a couple of crap weeks, he's moved up to the big room in nursery and he seems to be struggling to find his place at home.
He's gone from sleeping well back to not sleeping at all, but thrown into the mix he now wakes up and screams like he's being murder and will run and hide in the most strangest place, then I have to run around in the dark trying to find him. Not something I really enjoy doing in the middle of the night.

I've made a promise to start taking him to the beach weekly, specially now the weather is amazing and if I walked with him in the pushchair, it would take up most the morning.
Beats sitting in front of the iPad or popping to Tesco.