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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

-- Happy Halloween --

Happy Halloween!!!

The boys went off to a four hour Halloween party at martial arts last weekend, they all love dressing up and I secretly love getting arty with the face paints.

Sunday we got stuck into carving the pumpkins that we picked up from the pumpkin patch.
Jon and Ru attacked the massive white one and the boys all did their own, we're going to have to buy Alex a new pumpkin today as his had gone a little mouldy.

I turned mine into a vase and bought some autumnal flowers from Tesco's.
I also bought some bunting which I've been able to cut up into three different banners as it was so long and I've popped it up over the fireplace, in the hallway and in the kitchen.

I also found a recipe for Pumpkin spice latte cupcakes.
I wasn't too keen on them to start with, but the taste grew on me and I rather enjoyed them.
Even the boys loved them!

It's not really Halloween without some Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

I'm not sure if we are going trick or treating this year as Noah has parents evening on Thursday and we're away on Friday so probably we'll just get some Halloween themed snacks in and watch some family-friendly Halloween films after school.

Halloween is not complete without the yearly Halloween snap chat filter fun!

Hope you all have a fun Halloween.

Friday, 18 October 2019

... Pumpkin Patch Fun ...


Yes, I know I've been away for well over a year, but I'm back now!

I had a break from the blog as life got a little bit hectic with work, Uni and family life.
A lot has happened in the past year and I will write a proper catch up about all of that in another blog post.
But for now, this is just a short one about our fun at a pumpkin patch over at Undley Farm in Suffolk.

The boys have always enjoyed visiting Pumpkin patches and we did it a few times when we lived in Kent but have never done it since we moved to Norfolk.
Last year we grew our own in the garden so there was no real need to go and buy them.
 This year however only two grew in the garden, and after seeing a friend post some pictures I knew the boys would enjoy it. 

It only took an hour for us to get there, most of the drive it was chucking it down, but fortunately for us, the weather dried up as we arrived.
The inflatables weren't on as it was too wet but the boys weren't really too bothered by that, as there was plenty of other things to do once we had finished pumpkin hunting. 

We each picked a pumpkin each and then we decided to get a massive white pumpkin for the whole family.
I think it will look pretty awesome once it's carved.

In total we spent just under £30 on a ridiculous amount of pumpkins as Ru sneaked in some diddy ones towards the end.

I now need to think up lots of uses for the pumpkins we aren't going to carve.
If you have any good pumpkin recipes I would love to know.

Happy Pumpkin Picking if you're heading off to a patch this weekend.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Halloween Nails With Leighton Denny

If you're after shiny witch claws this Halloween then look no further than the Leighton Denny metallic range!

Leighton Denny Expert Nails has you covered with three perfect shades…

  MANEATER (NEW!) - A wet-look glossy black.

  CAUGHT RED HANDED - Iridescent red.

  MISS BEHAVIN – Midnight blue.

 PLUS – to sharpen those claws – THE AWARD WINNING CRYSTAL NAIL FILE!

I was sent Caught Red Handed (RRP £12) and Miss Behavin (RRP £12) to try out and it was instant love!

The red is beautiful and truly perfect for Halloween.
It looks as though liquid gold has been dropped into the bottle to give it that perfect shiny reflection.

Miss Behavin is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of mysterious glamour to their nails.
Lovely and shiny with hints of shimmering particles.
Not only do I love this Ru has become a fan too and is always asking for his nails to be painted with this colour|!

When painting your claws make sure to put a base coat on, as these colours will stain your nails.
Leighton Denny recommend two coats, but you can get away with one coat, as it's still just as shiny as two coats.

For more info check out Leighton Denny's website

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Pumpkin Picking

A heavy picture post I'm afraid.

Today we loaded the boys up into the van and headed off to

We went last year and got so carried away that we ended up spending well over £20 on all sorts of different pumpkins.
We did eat a fair few and had pumpkin carving competitions but still had lots left over that went to waste.
So this year we said the boys that they could only pick one pumpkin each.

Well that was the plan, I left Jon to it as Alex needed the wee which was right back by the car so by the time we returned Jon and the boys had filled up the wheel barrow.

Rupert has developed a strange love for pumpkins since he spotted one back in Morrison's at the start of the month, so he was in his element seeing all the pumpkins.
He is probably the main reason we have more than 4 pumpkins!

After finishing at the pumpkin patch we decided the best way to end the fun was to take a pit stop into Krispy Kreme's and get some spooky doughnuts!

Now to decide what we are going to do with all these pumpkins!