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Friday, 19 May 2017

Win a Family Ticket To Big Day Out - 1st July Mote Park Maidstone

The main stage will be headlined this year by X-Factor star Louisa Johnson, who will be performing some of her unreleased music as well as fan favourites ‘Bad Behaviour’ and ‘So Good’. She will be joined by her X-Factor contemporaries Reggie ’n’ Bollie, Atomic Kitten, and for the kids we have CBeebies’ own Mr Bloom performing in the early afternoon.

 To top all this off we have the UK’s best dance group Diversity returning to Big Day Out with an all-new dance routine that is sure to wow old and young alike.

Big Day Out 2017 will play host to performance classes for everyone to get involved with. 
There is a Circus School for the class and office clowns, and those with a feeling for music and dance can put their best foot forward in our Hip-Hop and Ballet dance classes! 

On top of this, the kids’ favourite characters will be roaming the festival for them to meet, including Fairytale Princesses, Comic Superheroes, Paw Patrol, and Bing & Flop!

All in all, Big Day Out has returned bigger and better with the sole intention of making all family members happy! 

I am giving away one family ticket 2x Adults 2x Children tickets.
All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below.

Winner will be picked at random,
a family ticket is 2xadults 2xchildren
Transport not included
Winner will hace 48hrs to reply before another winner is picked.
Good Luck

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Build a Bear Workshop Mega Let Down

Oscar and Noah have been desperate to visit a build a bear workshop ever since watching Hobby Kids on YouTube visit one.

We thought we would treat the boys before the big move.
They are off to my mums on Wednesday evening to stay until Saturday when she brings them up to the new house.
So we wanted something fun for them to take with them and a memory which showed moving house isn't all that bad!

So off we went to Maidstone Build a Bear.....

We knew it was going to be expensive but thought the experience of it all would make it worth it!

......Well how wrong were we!

We were the first ones in and when the staff opened up we weren't even greeted with a smile!
The boys took no time in choosing their bears and ran straight to the sound board.
No one came to help.

We stood around waiting, eventually a guy came along but didn't even ask if they wanted a sound or a heartbeat he just sat down at the stuffing part and took Rupert's bear from him.

He stuffed his teddy and sewed him right up without asking if he wanted a special smell or a heartbeat.

Another member of staff then came over to help stuff Noah and Alex's bears, she then got the huff with us as the bears the boys had picked didn't have any stitching in the back.
Like that was our fault!

Whilst we waited for the boys bears to be finished I showed Ru over to the cleaning station. I needed to keep him busy.
Once all the bears were stuffed none of the boys were then showed what to do.
They were just left stood by the stuffing machine.
Waiting and wandering where they were to go to next.

Once the lady had finished sewing up the two bears without stitches I had to show the boys how to work the computers.
No one showed the boys any interest and the magic of building their very own bear was no where to be seen!

I'm so disappointed in the whole experience.
I came out feeling like I shouldn't have even bothered.
It's not like it was even busy, if it was I could probably understand.
We were first in, they'd only just opened up.
All the staff were grumpy and very unfriendly!

We ended up paying well over £80 and that was without clothes and extras and there was no "experience of fun" whatsoever.

It also didn't help that Ru had a mega melt down in the middle of the shop too.
To which the staff just looked at him like he was a piece of rubbish on the floor!

Rupert and Noah's teddies

Alex and Oscar's teddies.

Then to add more to my mood, Oscars storm trooper teddy has a hole in his knee!
We aren't even able to take him back as the count down is on to get the house ready before we move next week!

I'm hoping our lovely neighbour Sue can come to the rescue and help sew him up.

The boys were a bit confused as to why their experience wasn't the same as what they saw online, but they do love their teddies and I know they will be loved for a long time to come.

You sure won't catch me running back to a build a bear any time soon!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Table Manners ......

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to Hollywood Bowl in Maidstone to have a game and some food.

Rupert the star that he is, won the hearts of the staff whilst playing nicely with his balloon and enjoying throwing the balls down the alley,
but when it came to dinner time........

He showed them all just how superb his table manners were!

Nice one kid!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fun Things To Do In Kent // Hollywood Bowl Maidstone

I haven't been bowling for god knows, so when I was invited to go along to Hollywood Bowl Maidstone with the boys I was more than up for it.

When I was invited Jon had just had his nose operation, so I had to hold it off for a week or two and then our weekends just became a bit too hectic, so I decide it would be a good idea just to go with Ru and Jon.

Rupert has never been bowling and I wasn't sure how he would deal with it.

Our lane was booked for 12pm on a Wednesday, I thought perfect it shouldn't be too busy and if he does have a massive melt down, there wont be much of an audience to witness it.

Ru was unsure to start with, but he loved his bowling shoes, and took a liking to one of the staff members straight away!

He did have a mini tantrum when he had to wait for his turn, but nothing a balloon handed to him from his new favourite person couldn't fix!

Ru was ace, he loved watching the ball roll down the alley and hit the skittles, he'd do a little happy dance when they fell over.
He even managed to get 2 strikes, I didn't even manage one!
Every time he got a strike a staff member would come over and give him a sticker!

I loved this and thought it was a great idea, I've never had that at any other bowling alley.
Ru loved it too as it meant his "star" would come over and give him a high five.

Ru was of course the winner and completely wiped the floor with us, I came second and poor old Jon with his bad back came last!

After our game was up we went off to the diner and had some lunch.
When we were told we would be having food as well we didn't really expect much.
Bowling alleys and food has never really wowed me before.

We were blown away, we all had burgers and they all came out looking amazing!
Presented on chopping boards with brioche buns there was nothing not to like about them.

Ru even dived head first into his burger!
(For a child who doesn't really eat that is a good sign!)

After we had finished eating we headed to the arcade part as no bowling trip is complete without a go at trying to win a teddy!
Jon came so close TWICE, but right at the last minute the teddy dropped!
I think I was more gutted than Ru was.

I never thought taking Ru bowling would be so fun, but its something we are going to be doing again!
He loved it, we loved it, the staff were AMAZING and Hollywood Bowl has to be one of the best bowling alleys I've ever been too!

With half term coming up its definitely something to put on your to do list!