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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bure Valley Railway And Broads Tour

Last week we headed off for railway adventure!

We got on a Greater Anglia train at Sheringham and headed to Wroxham, where the Bure Valley Railway is.

Ru hasn't been on trains much, so it was all very exciting for him.
It was also great for Jon and I too, as since moving to Norfolk we haven't actually seen a great deal of the gorgeous country side. 
So sitting on the train to Wroxham meant we could sit back enjoy the ride and take it all in.

Once at Wroxham we walked round to the back of the train station to the Bure Valley Railway.
We were greeted in the station shop with our tickets. 
The staff were very helpful and pointed out each bit of our adventure.

We were booked on the 11.10 train to Aylsham, where we could have a quick bite to eat before heading back on the 12.40, so that we could get over to the Broads for our 2 hour boat trip.

The Bure Valley Railway is a major tourist attraction within Norfolk and welcomes over 100,000 visitors a year. 
With a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers the railway operates on a not for profit basis. Husband and wife team, Andrew and Susan, head up the management team. 
Andrew’s love of railways from a little boy drew him to Norfolk and he became involved in the railway as a volunteer in its infancy and subsequently gave up his job in London a few years ago to work at the railway full-time.

The Railway is built on the trackbed of the former Great Eastern Railway between Wroxham and Aylsham. 
Originally opened in 1880 the line survived for passenger traffic until 1952, eleven years before the infamous Beeching Report! 
The line did, however, survive for the purpose of carrying freight, a role it performed until the line was formally closed by British Rail in 1982.

 Ru cracked into a pack of mini cheddars whilst waiting for the steam train to arrive.
Once he heard the whistle blow he was off the bench looking in all directions for what had caused the noise.

The moment he saw the train in the distant he stuck his hand out flagging it down!
He then jumped around the platform with excitement.

As the train got closer you could see the smile spread across his face, he's never seen a steam train before and had no idea what we were about to do but you could see he was loving it already.

We got on the very first carriage and were able to watch the locomotive attach itself back to the carriages and prepare for the next journey.
It was all really fascinating and Ru for once in his life actually stopped and took it all in.

Once we'd set off Ru was bouncing all over the place with excitement.
Looking out all the windows and waving at people we passed.

The views from the train were stunning and we saw lots of farm lands and some very beautiful houses.

The excitement all got a little too much for him and he had to have a quick power nap.

Once off the train at Aylsham we found a little G scale Thomas The Tank!
Ru would have happily stayed there for the rest of the day pressing the button to make him, but we were hungry and it was starting to rain so we managed to pull him away into the cafe.

Everything in the cafe was reasonably priced and again the staff were all very friendly and helpful.

After lunch Ru decided he wanted a play on the pretend steam train which doubled up as a picnic area, as before when he spotted it he was still slightly grumpy from waking up from his power nap.

He made up sit on the back and drove us to the moon and back, then it was my turn to be the driver.
After a short play it was time to get back on the train.

After we arrived back at Wroxham we headed off into the town to hunt down our boat.
It was a 15 minute walk, so Ru jumped on my back and we decided to follow some people who got off the train before us as they looked like they knew where they were going.
Lucky for us they were going to the same place we were going or only god knows where we could have ended up.

Once at the docks, we boarded our boat the Belle of the Broads and sat downstairs, as all the seats on the upper deck were taken.

I thought the boat trip would be the highlight for Ru, but he found it so relaxing that he slept on me for the whole two hours we were on board!

In a way it worked out for the best, as Jon and I were able to take in everything the guide was saying and enjoy a coffee without having to make sure Ru was entertained.

We saw some beautiful sites and found out a lot of things we didn't know about the broads.

It has made us keen to return for another trip.

On board they had handy children activity packs, which a lot of the kids on board were doing.
They were all on the hunt for different sorts of birds and wildlife.
I know if the twins and Noah had come along they would have loved that.

Every time you passed another boat everyone waved at each other, it seemed as though it was the law of the broads!
It was fun and you could tell everyone there was having fun.

We had an absolutely lovely day and were all extremely tired by the time we got home.
Everything went to plan and all 3 of us had a fab time.
We can't wait to go back with the other 3.

Just as we were heading back to the docks he woke up!
Ticket Prices:

For the Steam Train & Broads Cruise -
Adult (16yrs +) £20
Children (5-15yrs) £12.50
Under 5's Go Free.

One way Steam Train ticket -
Adult (16yrs +) £8.50
Children (5 - 15yrs) £5
Under 5's Go Free

Return Steam Train ticket -
Adult (16yrs +) £13
Children (5 - 15yrs) £6.50
Under 5's Go Free

To find out more visit the Bure Valley website

Greater Anglia Children's tickets are £2, wherever and whenever you travel.
You don't need to buy them in advance either!

Below is a little video of Ru enjoying the ride on the steam train.

** we were gifted tickets for the purpose of this post.
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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Little Life Update...

I feel as though the past week has been super crazy but when I sit back and think about it not much really happened physically but mentally a lot was happening....

Jon had his tester surgery yesterday, so most of last week was spent doing things that he needed to get done as from now for about 12 weeks ish he can't do anything.
For this first 3 weeks whilst he has the trial cords are in he can't even lift his hands above his head let alone lift a kettle.

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the Bure Valley Railway on Thursday which I will tell you all about in another post.

We had a SALT appointment for Ru on Wednesday but when we turned up it had been canceled and no one had bothered to tell us, which resulted in Ru having a meltdown and hitting out at me.
Again Friday we were expecting our Health Visitor and again she never bothered to show up which confused Ru again as stupidly I told him Lucy was coming.

Note to self :: Don't let Rupert in on daily plans!!!

I also found out something BIG, like really really really big but I can't say just yet!
But it is HUGE news and I really can't wait to be able to shout it to the world.

Now I've had time to process everything that happened last week, this week should be easier and I should have more time for the blog.

It's also Ru's 3rd birthday on Tuesday, I can't believe he's three already. Where has the time gone?!
We're going to have presents and cake today as he's at nursery on Tuesday and I want him to be able to have a smooth transition from home to nursery and with presents in the morning that would really throw him.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Don't Throw Your Kids In The Deep End Of Finances

How do you handle money issues with your kids? 
Do you give them responsibilities with their own money. Or, do you provide them with everything and one day, chuck them in the deep end of financial independence. 

It seems almost logical to suggest the best way is to start them off early and let their independence grow. So, what steps should you be taking? 
 Pocket Money There are plenty of parents who disregard the idea of pocket money. 

Oh, they’re just going to spend it on silly things. But that is that is essentially the point. Eventually, they’ll stop spending small amounts on silly, meaningless, cheap items and save for something they really want. 

Essentially, by giving your child pocket money, you can show them the importance of budgeting and saving at a very early age. Independence You also want to think about giving your children a little independence with any money they save. If they want to buy something you know is a waste of money, consider letting them purchase it anyway. 

Let them learn from their own mistakes rather than protecting them. Again, it’s a learning curve about how they use their finances. Proper Savings Finally, you might want to think about setting them up with their own bank account. 
Doing this, they’ll feel like you trust them and will take pride in their independence. Thus they will not spend frivolously and that’s exactly what you want. 
You can read more about children and finances in the infographic below.
Infographic credit: Cash Float

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Our Easter Weekend In Photo's

With having spent the first two weeks of the boys Easter holidays stuck indoors thanks to the chicken pox, it was lovely to get out for the Easter Weekend.

We went to Jon's parents for a nice lunch and an egg hunt.
Jon's sister and her family came too, so it was nice to spend the day with all the family.

Jon's mum had been super busy organising two egg hunts. 
One for the twins and Ru and one for Sam and Noah.

The younger boys had to run around the middle part of the garden hunting out 8 plastic eggs, then once they had them all they had to piece together the puzzle which was inside the eggs which would then point them in the right direction of their eggs!

Then the older two had a quiz sheet which lead them to different points all over the garden.
They then ended up with a bunch of random letters, which they had to put into a word.
Luckily for them Jon gave the answer away and they didn't have to work their brains too hard!

After the eggs were demolished the boys all went in the pool and hot tub!
Hard life or what?!?!

The boys are little water babies and really enjoy splashing around.

Even Ru loved hopping around in the hot tub!

After all the hot tub fun we then had an amazing dinner and a few glasses of wine.

Our Monday was spent heading into Kings Lynn to get my eyes tested.
Which resulted in me having to order new glasses.

What did you guys get up to over the Easter Weekend.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Thomas & Friends Adventures Shark Escape

The boys all love Thomas the Tank and were over the moon when this Thomas & Friends train set turned up at the door.

  Key features of the product:

o    Lift the crate to send Thomas down into the loop-de-loop, translucent wave track
o    Shark jaws chomp as Thomas zooms past
o    Helps develop gross motor and sensory skills, and helps inspire imagination
o    RRP £29.99
o    Suitable for ages 3+

It was nice and easy to assemble and took me about 5 minutes to put the track together.
No batteries were needed which meant play could happen as soon as it was built!
Always a bonus point for the twins!

Before I even had a chance to show them how to do it the twins took over as they already knew what they were doing thanks to seeing an advert on TV.

The twins tried their hardest to show Ru how to get Thomas to Loop de Loop, but he was having none of it and kept opening the crate before the ramp was fully lifted in the air.
Which resulted in Thomas just making it to the start of the loop.

When he eventually let the twins have a go, they showed him again and eventually he got the hang of it.

Watching Thomas loop de loop all sent them in to giggling fits and they were sure the shark was going to get him.
I think they secretly wanted Mr Shark to chomp on him every time! 
A few times the shark won but the other times Thomas was way to fast for him.

The twins played really nicely together and even made a little game that involved Harold leaving the crate and coming to Thomas's rescue.

This would make a wonderful present for any Thomas Fan.

Keeping The Worries At Bay With A Little Help From The Fairies.

Since Ru has started to go to sleep in his room, he has developed a slight fear of the dark and having his door shut, so when asked if I wanted to review some the new arrival items from the The Irish Fairy Door Company I was instantly drawn to the 3-D toadstool nightlight!

This beautiful Night Light provides a warm and reassuring glow which helps children fall asleep. 
The Night Light operates on a timer and switches itself off after 30 minutes, making it easy for everyone - nobody needs to remember to turn it off.
A gentle touch of the fairy door illuminates the light beautifully, helping little ones have a peaceful slumber. 
Banish any fear of the dark with this magical, glowing companion for your child

I love that you can attach the light to the wall, and it fits perfectly in with his room theme.
Ru was in love with the light the moment he saw it.
It lights up his room just the right amount and gives off a nice warm glow.

He can turn the light on himself if he needs too and he often does.
I leave it on whilst we do our bedtime singing and then he's usually asleep before it turns it's self off.

The Worry Plaque

Give your worries to the fairies with this interactive Worry Plaque! 
Fairy magic can take your worries from you with just one touch, leaving you worry-free.

The plaque glows red when you place your hand on it and think of your worry. When the fairies have heard it, the plaque glows green, signifying your worries have transferred to the fairies successfully.
Did you know fairies use human worries to grant wishes? 
The energy in worries is ground down to make perfect wish-granting dust!

I love love love loooove the idea behind the Worry Plaque, unfortunately Jon's anxieties have rubbed off on the boys and they worry about everything and anything.
So with this I'm hoping they will let their worries drift off to fairy land and be a little more care free.

After watching the BFG Oscar no longer wants to have dreams as he's positive the BFG is going to come to his window and that terrifies him.
So each night I have to say "No Dreams For Oscar Mr BFG" and that often works until the morning and he remembers he had a dream.

So with the worry plaque Oscar has been using it just before bedtime to rid himself of his worry about the BFG.

Even Noah has been using it, he's always been a worrier and it's nice to see him letting them go.
All the boys come away looking happier!

You can buy both the 3-D Toadstool Light and Worry Plaque from The Irish Fairy Door Company's website

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Feeding The Ducks

Today we decided to test the waters and see how Oscar handled going out for the first time in a few days.
It's back to school tomorrow and we still aren't 100% sure if he's well enough to go back.

A trip to feed the ducks and a play in the park seemed like a perfect way to test the waters.

After we spent the morning breaking up our stale bread we dropped Noah off at Sam's (withdrawal symptoms had kicked in) and we headed off to the duck pond.

The ducks here are really friendly and as soon as you step out the car they are heading towards you to see what you have bought them.

The boys loved watched them gobble up the bread, I'm sure Ru wanted to try and stroke some of them at one point.

Once the bread was gone, we sat and watched them for a little bit longer and then headed off to the park, which is just around the corner from the duck pond.

They all had fun and Oscar handled it well, though he's taken himself off to the quiet room to have a lay down, so we shall see how tomorrow goes!

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