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Saturday, 24 March 2018

... Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Twisting Tornado Set ...

If you are followers of the blog you will know Ru is a massive fan of the Thomas Tracks and is always over the moon when we are asked to review a new one.

When we were asked to review the new Twisting Tornado Set I was more than keen to say yes.
Ru has been doing really well at nursery and it was nice for him to receive a surprise in the post.

Key Features

·       Motorised track set
·       Includes unique Thomas TrackMaster engine
·       Connects to other TrackMaster playsets
·       RRP £24.99
Suitable for age 3 years+

The track was really simple to build, it all clicked together nicely and the track layout was really easy to follow.
Ru sat patiently and watched as I built, once it was ready to go he popped Thomas down and giggled away as he sped off.

It took a few goes before he realised he had to move the tornado back before Thomas reached it, but once he got the hang of it there was no stopping him.
The race was on to get it back into place before Thomas had zoomed around the track.

Thomas takes shelter inside the old shed but only to find the Tornado takes him into a whirlwind and spins him across the field knocking down all the powerline poles on its way to the other side of the track.

Fast-paced and full of fun, this is definitely one of his favourite Thomas Track Master sets!

After playing you can unclick the track and place it back in the box.
This track can also connect to other TrackMaster™ playsets for non-stop adventures!
I'd highly recommend this set to any parent with a Thomas fan, it's reasonably priced and will last well and bring endless hours of fun.
You can catch Thomas & Friends over on their YouTube Channel.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Scrapyard Escape Set

This awesome set is inspired by the new film Thomas & Friends Journey Beyond Sodor. 
The film sees new faces help Thomas on his action-packed epic journey, as he travels away from Sodor and across to the mainland, where he sees and experiences adventures that are beyond his wildest dreams. 

One of the locations he visits is the Steelworks, and now little engineers can bring their imaginations to life with this exciting new playset from the Trackmaster range, featuring a motorised Steelworks Thomas engine! 

 Key Features 

  • Inspired by the new Journey Beyond Sodor film
  • Motorised action
  • Includes motorised Thomas, cargo car, two cargo pieces and full track layout with cable bridge crossing, Steelworks shack and cargo grabber
  • RRP: £39.99
  • Suitable from 3 years+

Rupert adores this Thomas & Friends track set and since we built it, he hasn't stopped playing with it.

It took about 5 minutes to put together and Ru even lent a hand.

Once it was all put together Ru started to push Thomas around but as soon as I placed the batteries inside Thomas and Ru saw that Thomas did it all himself, Ru went mad. 
He loved rushing around and making sure the cable bridge was up so that Thomas could slide down it and collect his cargo.

Ru was mesmerised by the motion of Thomas and happily sat their for the rest of the day.
Even come dinner time, he quickly took a bite and then rushed back to sit in front of the track to make sure he put the cable bridge up and put the cargo back before Thomas came around again.

The twins and Noah all sat around at one point trying to have a go, but Ru gave them his "don't touch my toy or I might chop your hand off" look and they just sat and watched.
They all had their go when Ru was at nursery on Wednesday.

This really is one of the best Thomas tracks we have and the boys all love it.
A must buy for any Thomas fan.

Journey Beyond Sodor will be in cinemas from Friday 25th August, and tickets can be purchased here:
 Journey Beyond Sodor will be released on DVD on 16th October.