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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Another Heartbreak.....

It happened again!
Miscarriage number two.
Two in the space of 5 months!

Same time as last time, right before I hit 7 weeks!

Everything this time round seemed so positive....
I was nauseous,
I had extremely tender breasts,
I had the metallic taste in my mouth and I was craving foods that I don't normally crave.

We didn't tell many people as we were scared it would happen again.

But because of all the symptoms I was having it was hard not to tell a few people.
I was excited.
It seemed so right this time.
Just like all the other pregnancies.

I booked a scan for when I was 8 weeks as I just wanted to make sure it was ok and I knew I wouldn't be able to wait till 10 weeks.

But the weekend before I turned 7 weeks I had a bleed.
It was like someone turned a tap on and then turned it right off again.
It seemed to heavy to be spotting but not enough to be a proper miscarriage.

I was confused and not sure what to do.

I phoned up the Early Pregnancy Unit on the Monday and booked a scan for the Tuesday.
I couldn't just wait and see I needed to know what was going on.

The scan showed the pregnancy sack and little tiny embryo but it didn't show a heartbeat and it did show a lot of blood.

They rebooked me in for the following week and told me to be prepared to have a visit to the a&e department once I started to bleed.

So I went away feeling pretty scared and completely torn up inside.
I spent the whole week waiting....
Nothing happened.

I kept being sick, I was constantly tired.
I did nothing but sit on the sofa staring into space.

The waiting was killing me.
By the end of the week I was starting to think They must be wrong and by the next scan the blood will be gone and there will be a heartbeat...

The following Tuesday came and I went back to the little room to hear my fate.
It was a new sister and when she read my notes I could tell by the look on her face it wasn't going to be the news I wanted it to be.

I went in for the scan and the only thing that had changed was the amount of blood surrounding the pregnancy sack.

I was given three choices...
To keep waiting and let it happen naturally,
Take some pills to make it happen and have a hospital stay whilst I bled or have the pregnancy tissue surgically removed.

The sister let me have the evening to decide and then I had to go back on the Wednesday to let them know which I was going to choose.

I knew I wouldn't be able to wait.
The easiest option was to have the op but I'd never been put to sleep before and the thought of it really worried me.

I decided the op seemed like my best option and on the Wednesday I was booked into have it the following day.

Thursday was blur really....
It happened,
I haven't cried yet
I'm trying to pretend it never really happened.
I'm keeping busy but I know it will hit me sooner or later1

My baby making days are over.
I can't do this again!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Panda & Ping

Comfort For Little Ones Peace Of Mind For Parents

As any parent who is lacking it knows; sleep matters. And when it comes to sleep comfort is important, after all with the recommended amount of sleep for children up to six years of age being twelve hours a night, our children spend a long time in their beds. We should therefore take as much, if not more, care about what they wear when they sleep as we do about what they wear during the day. 

Panda and Ping is a unique British children's brand. 
Created in 2015 by Pippa Millington, a mum who knows what it's like to try and find beautiful sleepwear and bedding for her children; their exquisite collection not only looks fabulous, but feels fantastic too.

Made using 100 percent OEKO Tex cotton jersey every product in their range ensures a soft, snuggly bedtime; phalite free comfort for little ones and peace of mind for parents. With all products being ecologically sourced from British manufacturers, customers can be sure of high quality ethically sourced and produced goods. 

Matching Sleepwear From 3 Months To Nine Years

When a baby comes along it's easy for older children to feel left out of the process. Panda and Ping's matching sleepwear provides the perfect solution. With fun vibrant prints in both baby rompers (sizes ranging from 3-24 months) and pyjamas (sizes ranging from 2-9 years) they are one of very few UK companies that make clothes to enable big brothers and sisters to twin with their new sibling.
What makes the range even more special though is that Pippa has really thought about how the needs of babies differ from those of older children, and ensured that they are met. Panda and Ping's rompers have nickel free poppers, an envelope neck, perfect for middle of the night changes, and are footless, making them much more suitable for crawling babies than traditional sleepsuits.

Beautiful Bed Linen

From beautiful single duvet covers with matching pillow cases, to fitted sheets for both beds and cot beds, Panda and Ping's bedding range will have children leaping into bed. Adorned with fun, colourful prints they can't fail to make bedtime fun for both children and their parents alike. 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge

As us mums/dads/carers know, making sure your baby gets a good night sleep is a must.
One it stops them from being complete utter terrors the next day and two you get to have you well earned rest.
Without those precious little bundles of cuteness sleeping, we end up like the walking dead and no matter how trendy zombies are it is not a good look!

Nappy rash is right up there at the top when trying to tick off your bedtime check list.
If the little one has a sore bottom, you know that the little one won't be having a good nights sleep!

Would you sleep well with a sore bum?
No, I don't think I would either.

Babies and routines go hand in hand.
Babies love routine and getting the night time routine spot on can really have you skipping out of your little ones room full of joy.

Ru and sleep have a bit of a love hate relationship at the moment.
I am currently sporting the zombie look and it really isn't doing me any favours!

He used to sleep amazingly, then something switched and he now is completely anti-sleep.
Sometimes I give in battling against him and let him pass out in the lounge, so I can at least chill out a little.
On other days....when I'm feeling stronger willed I will stick to the normal routine and sometimes it works and sometimes it fails completely.
I do think this is all down to his development issues and my concerns over him having ASD.

My routine that works for Ru every now and then but worked liked magic on all the other boys (and still does) is:

6pm Bath with bedtime bath bubbles,
6.45pm warm milk
7pm Story, bed, kisses and hugs.

Also after bath time, I rub in a calming lotion on their chests,
Bepanthen nappy rash cream on their clean bottoms;
as applying a barrier cream to their bottoms helps prevent nappy rash from occurring, specially when a nappy is going to be on for such a long period of time.
Lavender bags placed inside their pillow cases (my secret weapon!!)

No screen time after 6, as too much screen time as we all know doesn't help a child calm down.

A great night sleep doesn't always happy but when it does you know the next day is going to be a great one!

Ru does on occasion suffer from nappy rash, but since using Bepanthen after his bath and again in the morning, we haven't had an issue!

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Important Things Most Mums Forget When Expecting A New Baby

No matter how many kids you have, there are still some things that many mums forget about when having another child. These can be little things such as forgetting to pack some baby wipes in your hospital overnight bag. Or pretty big things that can have a big impact on your child’s development. So, to help all your new and not-so-new mums out, I’ve compiled this list of things that we all usually forget when we’re expecting a new baby!

A Traveller Seat

Everyone knows they need a pram and a car seat. But what not many mums know is that they can get a traveller seat which is two in one! This nifty seat can be fixed into your car for all your journeys. And it can then be taken out and snapped into place in your pram. So it makes travelling super easy. Especially if your little baby falls asleep in the journey! There are now many different brands that make these traveller seats, so you will definitely be able to find one that fits your budget.

Life Insurance

It’s not an easy thing to talk about, but you do need to plan for you and your partner’s deaths. Even at such a young age. You never know when it might happen, and the better prepared you are will make things less complicated for your children. As well as writing up a will, you should also consider buying life insurance policies. Get separate ones for you and your partner, as you can now get specialist policies for mums. You can see more about them at this Once you have taken out a policy, you can be happy in the knowledge that your children will have some financial stability after you go.

A Nursing Pillow

Are you planning on breastfeeding your new arrival? Then you could benefit from buying a nursing pillow. This plump, crescent shaped pillow will help to keep your baby in the optimal position for breastfeeding. But once you have bought your pillow, ask your health visitor for advice on how to use it correctly. If you use it incorrectly, you could actually be making it harder for your baby to latch onto your nipple.

Bottles And Formula

If you are only going to bottle feed, chances are you won’t forget your bottles and formula! But these are also important even if you want to just breastfeed your baby. Not all mums find breastfeeding easy, and many will have difficulty getting their baby to latch on in the beginning. So in the first few weeks, it is important to always have some formula milk handy just in case breastfeeding doesn’t go according to plan.

A Set Bedtime

If this is your second or third baby, it can be easy to lose how organised you were for your first baby. And one of the first things that slips is the new baby’s bedtime routine. It is super important that all young babies have a set bedtime routine. This will help them settle and sleep better. And if they are sleeping better, that means that you and your partner will be as well! Even if you have some older children who are demanding your attention, it is always worth enforcing a bedtime routine for your baby. If possible, try and tie it in with your elder children’s bedtime. Getting all the kids to bed early not only gives them enough sleep, but it also gives you and your partner some quality time together before bed!

Digital Thermometer

Small babies don’t have fully developed immune systems yet. So if they become ill when they are only a few weeks old, it is very important to detect the illness as soon as possible. And the best way to do this is to track their temperature with a digital thermometer. The best type to buy is a digital rectal thermometer. Devices used to test temperature of the ears and foreheads are not too accurate for babies. If you notice a change in your baby’s bodily temperature, take them to your family doctor immediately.

Swaddling Blankets

If your baby isn’t settling at night, it may be because they are disturbing themselves with their startle reflex. This is when they accidently hit themselves. There is one easy way to make sure this doesn’t happen when they are trying to get to sleep. You just need to wrap them in swaddling blankets. This is an age-old traditional that many mothers have been doing for centuries. Babies are tightly wrapped in the blankets to help them feel safe and secure. The sensation of being wrapped in the blanket is very similar to the sensation of being in the womb, which helps relax the baby.

A Baby Carrier

Baby carriers have become very popular over the past few years. They give you the chance to be much closer to your baby while you are out and about, so many parents prefer them to prams and pushchairs. However, it is absolutely necessary to try before you buy. Many shops will let you try the carrier on with your baby in it. Otherwise, you may get it home and find that your baby doesn’t fit in it! Don’t try and get away with carrying a baby in a carrier that isn’t 100% right. Your baby could end up getting hurt or injured.

A Breast Pump

If you are breastfeeding, you should invest in a top-quality breast pump. This will help you when you express your milk. You will want a reliable pump that will last you as long as your baby needs milk. You should also look for one that is durable and portable. Normally, this means paying quite a bit of money for an excellent pump. But it will certainly be worth it!

Now that you’ve read this blog post, you shouldn’t have to worry about forgetting some baby essentials. And you’ll find it much easier welcoming your new bundle of joy into the world!

**Collaborative Post**