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Sunday, 10 December 2017

#MySundayPhoto // Festive

I recently read some Festive photography tips from Motherscuffer over on Jennie's blog  and thought I'd try my hand at trying to get some good ones of the boys.

None of the big boys wanted to get involved and Ru my usual photo happy child wasn't really feeling it either.
So this was the best shot.

I will attempt to have another go when they're all feeling a little more willing to indulge me.


Monday, 23 October 2017

Halloween Nails With Leighton Denny

If you're after shiny witch claws this Halloween then look no further than the Leighton Denny metallic range!

Leighton Denny Expert Nails has you covered with three perfect shades…

  MANEATER (NEW!) - A wet-look glossy black.

  CAUGHT RED HANDED - Iridescent red.

  MISS BEHAVIN – Midnight blue.

 PLUS – to sharpen those claws – THE AWARD WINNING CRYSTAL NAIL FILE!

I was sent Caught Red Handed (RRP £12) and Miss Behavin (RRP £12) to try out and it was instant love!

The red is beautiful and truly perfect for Halloween.
It looks as though liquid gold has been dropped into the bottle to give it that perfect shiny reflection.

Miss Behavin is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of mysterious glamour to their nails.
Lovely and shiny with hints of shimmering particles.
Not only do I love this Ru has become a fan too and is always asking for his nails to be painted with this colour|!

When painting your claws make sure to put a base coat on, as these colours will stain your nails.
Leighton Denny recommend two coats, but you can get away with one coat, as it's still just as shiny as two coats.

For more info check out Leighton Denny's website

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Transformers The Last Knight 1:10 Jumbo RC Bumblebee

Bumblebee is Optimus Primes most trusted ally. 
Now it's up to you and Bumblebee to save the world from the evil Decepticons. 
This 2 channel radio controlled jumbo size Bumblebee has full movement and is 40cm in length.
 It is a perfect replica from Transformers: The Last Knight.

The boys are all a little bit obsessed with Transformers and when I heard about this awesome Jumbo RC Bumblebee from Simba Smoby Toys I knew they would love it.
With a challenge attached to reviewing it, I knew they would be up for it.

As soon as Noah saw the car he was trying to think of all different sorts of tracks for it to do.

In the end we took full advantage of our large kitchen. 
We placed a few obstacles in its way and a track that went all the way round bypassing different things on its way and one we hadn't planned on ..... Little Link the terrifying tiny tiger trying to attack Bumblebee on his way round.

Noah and I both had a few goes at seeing who could do it the fastest and I was winning until Jon came and joined in the fun and out did us both.

The car is made well and no amount of crashing into the wall has ruined its shell .... yet.
The controls are nice and easy to use, even Rupert can operate it.
It does whoever need an awful lot of batteries, so if buying this for a Christmas present I highly recommend you make sure you have a big supply of batteries handy.
The car needs 6 and the control needs and extra 2.

Noah on one of his missions!

Bumblebee is available only from Argos for £29.99

Mummy and Ru Time

Since Ru started nursery at school, our 1 on 1 time has diminished and after thinking about how much I missed it, I gave myself a kick up the bum and made myself do something about it.

Now Jon is on the mend and the wedding planning has died down Im making the effort to make sure on the two days that Ru only has half days to actually go out and do something rather than just sit at home and let him play on the iPad.

Last week after I collected him on the Thursday I took him out for lunch and then off to feed the local ducks and have a play at the park.

As always the ducks were very entertaining and they can never get enough of our tasty frozen peas.
They get so close that you could just pick one up if you wanted.

Ru loves throwing peas to the ducks and could quite happily watch them all day.

As we only had the afternoon to play once our peas had ran out we crossed the road and went into the park.

No one else was there so Ru had full run of the park and even the skatepark.

Ru loved going on the swings this time, usually he stays well away.
Every time we go to the park the skate park is heaving so we never get a look in, but this time it was empty so Ru took full advantage.

It's just had a local graffiti artist give it a bit of a facelift and it looks brilliant.

Ru had a great time running up and down the ramps. He did slip at one point but after a hug he was laughing again.

He's just received a scooter in the post to review, so ill be taking him back here to take the photos.

Once the boys all go back to school, ill be making sure to do something with Ru on his afternoons off.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Little Life Update...

I feel as though the past week has been super crazy but when I sit back and think about it not much really happened physically but mentally a lot was happening....

Jon had his tester surgery yesterday, so most of last week was spent doing things that he needed to get done as from now for about 12 weeks ish he can't do anything.
For this first 3 weeks whilst he has the trial cords are in he can't even lift his hands above his head let alone lift a kettle.

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the Bure Valley Railway on Thursday which I will tell you all about in another post.

We had a SALT appointment for Ru on Wednesday but when we turned up it had been canceled and no one had bothered to tell us, which resulted in Ru having a meltdown and hitting out at me.
Again Friday we were expecting our Health Visitor and again she never bothered to show up which confused Ru again as stupidly I told him Lucy was coming.

Note to self :: Don't let Rupert in on daily plans!!!

I also found out something BIG, like really really really big but I can't say just yet!
But it is HUGE news and I really can't wait to be able to shout it to the world.

Now I've had time to process everything that happened last week, this week should be easier and I should have more time for the blog.

It's also Ru's 3rd birthday on Tuesday, I can't believe he's three already. Where has the time gone?!
We're going to have presents and cake today as he's at nursery on Tuesday and I want him to be able to have a smooth transition from home to nursery and with presents in the morning that would really throw him.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Num Noms ~ Whats Your Flavour?!

It's Pancake Day!!!!

And to celebrate one of my favourite days of the year, I've teamed up with Num Noms to bring you some Num Noms inspired pancake toppings!

I did plan to go all out and make the pancakes from scratch but due to lack of a non stick pan (thanks to our new oven being an induction hob, none of my old non stick pans work on it.) I did try and use one of the copper bottom plated ones but they just burnt and stuck to the pan.
So I had some ready made scotch pancakes from Tesco, just incase!

Our first Num Noms inspired topping was Chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows after Ru's favourite Num Softy Mallow.

Getting him to not eat the marshmallows was tricky, but I we managed to get some on the pancakes before he scoffed the lot!

Our second inspired toppings were Bounty melted Chocolate and Strawberries inspired by ....
Coco Cali Num and Van Berry gloss up Nom.
We had lots of mini bounty bars left over from a tub of celebrations, so I decided to melt them up and spread them on.
Ru wasn't really a fan but I rather enjoyed this one!

Our last pancake topping Ru picked... Raspberry Jam and Mini marshmallows.
Inspired by Light up Strawberry Snow Num and choco-Razz gloss up Nom.
Ru decided that he didn't care much for the jam and just ate the marshmallows.

Ru had great fun trying to decided what his favourite flavour combination was.
It was nice to watch him getting involved with food....something he isn't really that keen on, maybe if I covered everything in marshmallows he'd be a bit keener lol!

I think the chocolate spread and marshmallows was the over all winner!

Whats your flavour?!?!

**I was sent Series 3 NumNoms and a food voucher in return for this post.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Imaginext DC Super Friends Arkham Asylum Review

The twins are like most other boys and are super hero crazy!

When we were asked to review the new Imaginext DC Super Friends Arkham Asylum playset I had to say yes.

The Toys Features;
Turn bottom Power Pad to open and close jail cell doors,
Turn top power pad to reveal the disk launcher,
Load disks into launcher and press button to fire,
Playset includes 1 Batman figure and 3 projectiles.

The boys jumped for joy when they came home and found the playset on the table, Oscar came so protective over it, he hid it in his cupboard whilst he was at school so that Rupert couldn't find it and put a claim to it!

We found a few of our other imaginext figures and the boys instantly got Batman to put them all into jail.

The launch pad is hidden behind the bat signal so those sneaky criminals won't notice if they are trying to escape the Asylum.
With an easy push button the disks launch into the air shooting down the unsuspecting criminal, ready for Batman to go and get him and drag him back to where he belongs.

The twins took it in turns to be Batman, they each fought the baddie and got him locked up in the asylum.

Sometimes the bad guy would have robbed the bank, or even stolen the worlds most famous jewels from jewel tower, one time Batman caught the baddie stealing his favourite snack!

They would battle it out and if Batman won he would get to take the baddie back to Arkham and lock him up for good!

We even had poor Scooby-doo locked up in the Asylum at one point, goodness knows what he'd done to get there!

Imaginext playlets are great for letting their little imaginations run wild!

You can find the Arkham Asylum Play-set at Smyths Toys for £36.99.

Here's a little clip of the boys having a play with the playset, as you can tell by their excitement they are thrilled with it.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Breaking Screen Time With Clementoni Toys

Im back with some fab Clementoni toys that are guaranteed to get your kids away from their beloved tablets and get playing!

First up is the Tumbling Car
aimed at 2-4 yr olds,
Simple controls,
Car can do somersaults,
 It is ideal for learning numbers, space perception and for stimulating recognition of the relationship between cause and effect.
You can buy it from amazon for £18.15.

Rupert absolutely loved the tumbling car, I haven't seen him so taken with a toy in a long while!
He found the controls easy to use and loved watching the car take tumbles.
It was great watching him figure things out, such as when he drove the car into a wall, he had to press the other button to make the car move away.

A really great toy and I know it will be played with endlessly in the mini beast household!

Next up is an Interactive Quiz Puzzle....
I didn't even know you could get interactive puzzles, so imagine my excitement when I opened up the box.

I had to explain it to the twins, they were nearly as impressed as I was.
Oscar though did love the magic pen you use to answer the questions.
The boys all love Blaze and the Monster Machines, so were keen to get the puzzle out.

The boys took no time building it, we all worked together and even Rupert placed a few pieces in the correct spots.

Puzzles are a great way of having fun with out a screen being involved.
Doing a puzzle in a team or on your own is just as enjoyable.
The twins love sitting at the table and cracking on with a puzzle and you can see how proud they are of themselves once they've finished one.

Having an added bonus of the puzzle being interactive was great, they spent ages trying to figure out the right answers to the questions and then they quizzed each other.
Most nights before dinner they know would rather get the puzzle out than sit and watch the telly.

You can get the puzzle from amazon for £15.99

**I was sent the products as part of my brand ambassadorship for Clementoni toys, 
All thoughts are my own!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Bathroom // Yellow and Grey

I love yellow and grey together and have always rather fancied a bathroom in that theme.
As soon as I saw our new bathroom I knew I could have my way!
Even if Jon never really understood my obsession.

I popped out to Next yesterday to spend my a Christmas voucher and whilst browsing the homewares, I found myself in their bathroom section, I fell in love instantly and knew this is what our bathroom needed.
I ran to find Jon hiding out in the mens section and dragged him over to have a look.  

Jon pretended to look interested (or so I though) and just said yep its a possible we could look into having a yellow and grey theme and then took me off to Costa for a coffee!

So imagine my surprise when all this turns up on the doorstep,
he was actually listening to me and taking in all my bathroom decor jibberjabber!

So we have brand new towels.....our usual bathroom local is a mismatch of towels and hand towels and nothing really ever quite goes together.
I'm still playing with the idea that these towels might find their way up to my bathroom and I save two for guests and get the boys a different coloured towel, just so they know whose is whose.

Then a new laundry bag, bathmat, loo brush, bin and a knitted basket because you know they always come in handy!

How it looks ....

The yellow really goes with the grey tiles.
My yellow and grey theme is pretty much complete!

All these items can be found on the Next bathroom section of their website!

Do you have a theme in your bathroom?!