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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Sports Direct £5 Christmas Challenge

Being a mum of four I'm always trying to keep the cost down at Christmas, otherwise I would need to rob a bank come January so when BritMums challenged me to the #sdfiverchallenge I was more than up for it.

I don't usually shop in Sports Direct for anything other than the boys trainers and never have I used them online.
So I was pretty interested to see what they had on offer for under £5.

I was blown away with the range of Christmas gifts they had and how reasonable the prices were.
I was given a £30 voucher to spend and I had to get at least two gifts for under £5.
Well I managed to do better than that!
Most of my gifts featured were £5 and below!

All the presents featured are suitable to stocking fillers / tree presents*
*tree presents are little gifts that the whole family can play - mainly board games.

First up Ru-Bear.
I spotted these for Ru whilst browsing and knew he'd love them.
The Cars pop up game (£4.99) will be great for all four boys to play on Christmas Day and it is a take on one of my favourite games frustration.
Ru also loves drawing but does make an awful mess with pens so this Paw Patrol magnetic scribbler (£2.10) will be perfect for him.

Next on my list was Noah!
He is becoming tricky to please and is rather fussy about what he asks for now so I wasn't sure what id be buying to fill his stocking up with but whilst browsing the under £5 gift section I came across the following.
Star Wars glow in the dark stickers (£4.75) Noah loves Star Wars and like collecting cool stickers, so I thought these would be perfect for his expanding collection.
He's takes after his daddy and is a big West Ham fan so when I saw this little West Ham beanie (£4.50) I knew he would love it. 
He may be 10 in a few weeks but he still loves a teddy!
And because he is growing up and likes to spend a long time dancing around in the shower this Batman bath set would be suitable for him.
Smellies at Christmas is pretty much a must have!

Last but not least I came across Monkey Tree and I remember playing this as a kid and thought it would be a great tree present, something we can all play whilst waiting for Christmas Lunch.
Family games are always a great way to get everyone cheering and laughing and focusing on each other than rather whats on the telly!

I spent just under £30 and that was with £4.99 standard shipping.
Standard shipping aims to get your delivery with you in 5-6 days.
My delivery took around 3 days to arrive.

I was really impressed with the quality of the gifts and the prices were just amazing.
Really great at helping keeping the cost of Christmas down.

The products seem to change quite a bit, as there is more items up than when I was looking and there really is something for everyone!
I can see myself topping up the boys stockings and grabbing a few bargains for others too.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017


As parents we all have some magic tricks up our sleeves when our babies get sick!
Be it reading them their favourite bedtime Story or cuddling up on the sofa having a nap.

When it comes to my boys, I have a few ways that I know for sure will have them feeling 100% better in a matter of days.

Here are my top 5 magic tricks to getting the boys back to their normal crazy selves!

  1. Vicks VapoRub is my go to magic tool, as soon as I notice they are getting a cough or cold I will start rubbing this on their chests.

I've even tried rubbing it on the soles of their feet at night and popping socks on whilst they sleep, as apparently its meant to draw out the cold.
(I'm not sure it really worked, but they found it very funny and now always ask me to do this when they become unwell.)

2. Dvd and snuggle blanket days, nothing beats cuddling up on the sofa and watching your favourite films, I know I love to do this when i'm not feeling 100% and the boys do too.

3. Stories, we love books and always make sure we read a book or two before bed, but when the boys are unwell and not wanting to watch TV, we will cuddle up in my bed and read all our favourite books until they fall asleep.

4. Warm soothing baths with drops of lavender oil to help calm them, whilst they're in the bath we will make up our own stories and maybe use some of the bath toys to act out the story.

5. Lots and lots of love, kisses and cuddles.

What are your Magic tricks when it comes to making your children feel better!??!


Vicks First Defence nasal spray is mum and dads own trick to stop a cold from taking hold!
Fight against the first signs of a cold or flu. 
Welcome to the last place a cold or flu wants you to be. As soon as you feel one coming, send it packing! Vicks First Defence can reduce the chance of developing a full-blown cold. 
Chances are your cold won’t take hold.

Vicks believe that traditional love, fun and laughter are key to comfort your children when they aren't feeling themselves. That's why Vicks have developed a series of sharable #VicksTricks magic videos that are simple, easy and great fun to replicate.

You can find them over on YouTube, just type in #VicksTricks in the search bar.

The Sliced Banana #VicksTricks Magic trick, is my favourite, 
one I'm definitely going to have to try out on the boys!

Some of the Vicks consumer research;
  • Over half (52%) of parents said that rest was the most important thing for making children feel better.
  • This was followed by 'medicine', which 40% of parents rely on.
  • More than a third of parents (36%) believe in the power of TLC.
And when it comes to keeping children entertained:
  • Three out of four (75%) British parents put on the TV or a DVD
  • Over a quarter (27%) read to their children
  • 1 in 10 parents get really creative; either telling jokes (8%) or even do magic tricks (2%).

Family Psychologist Corinne Sweet highlights that "One of the most powerful antidotes to sickness developing further; is parental care and concern.'

**This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign.**

Sunday, 9 October 2016

On The Go With Mamia

Ru may not eat properly at meal times, but give him a rice cake when out at the park and he will quite happily gobble them up.

Aldi's Mamia’s award-winning 100% organic  baby & toddler food range is perfect for on the go!
The baby food pouches are perfect for on the go feeding, when Ru was a baby we used them quite a bit on outing's.
Be it to the farm or just at the local soft play.

As Ru is a bit passed the baby food stage I have passed the pouches and fruit pots on to a neighbour who has a 14 month old.

The rice cakes go in our changing bag and are just perfect for that pick me up after running riot around the park.

Ru's a big fan of the juice and loves pouring it himself into his cup.
Whilst at the park, he made me find a table where he could set up his cup and juice.
(by which point my phone had died I and I couldn't snap a picture.)

Aldi Mamia’s award-winning 100% organic baby food range starts at just 59p
With it being organic you know you're not filling you baby with rubbish!

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge

As us mums/dads/carers know, making sure your baby gets a good night sleep is a must.
One it stops them from being complete utter terrors the next day and two you get to have you well earned rest.
Without those precious little bundles of cuteness sleeping, we end up like the walking dead and no matter how trendy zombies are it is not a good look!

Nappy rash is right up there at the top when trying to tick off your bedtime check list.
If the little one has a sore bottom, you know that the little one won't be having a good nights sleep!

Would you sleep well with a sore bum?
No, I don't think I would either.

Babies and routines go hand in hand.
Babies love routine and getting the night time routine spot on can really have you skipping out of your little ones room full of joy.

Ru and sleep have a bit of a love hate relationship at the moment.
I am currently sporting the zombie look and it really isn't doing me any favours!

He used to sleep amazingly, then something switched and he now is completely anti-sleep.
Sometimes I give in battling against him and let him pass out in the lounge, so I can at least chill out a little.
On other days....when I'm feeling stronger willed I will stick to the normal routine and sometimes it works and sometimes it fails completely.
I do think this is all down to his development issues and my concerns over him having ASD.

My routine that works for Ru every now and then but worked liked magic on all the other boys (and still does) is:

6pm Bath with bedtime bath bubbles,
6.45pm warm milk
7pm Story, bed, kisses and hugs.

Also after bath time, I rub in a calming lotion on their chests,
Bepanthen nappy rash cream on their clean bottoms;
as applying a barrier cream to their bottoms helps prevent nappy rash from occurring, specially when a nappy is going to be on for such a long period of time.
Lavender bags placed inside their pillow cases (my secret weapon!!)

No screen time after 6, as too much screen time as we all know doesn't help a child calm down.

A great night sleep doesn't always happy but when it does you know the next day is going to be a great one!

Ru does on occasion suffer from nappy rash, but since using Bepanthen after his bath and again in the morning, we haven't had an issue!

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