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Friday, 21 April 2017

Don't Throw Your Kids In The Deep End Of Finances

How do you handle money issues with your kids? 
Do you give them responsibilities with their own money. Or, do you provide them with everything and one day, chuck them in the deep end of financial independence. 

It seems almost logical to suggest the best way is to start them off early and let their independence grow. So, what steps should you be taking? 
 Pocket Money There are plenty of parents who disregard the idea of pocket money. 

Oh, they’re just going to spend it on silly things. But that is that is essentially the point. Eventually, they’ll stop spending small amounts on silly, meaningless, cheap items and save for something they really want. 

Essentially, by giving your child pocket money, you can show them the importance of budgeting and saving at a very early age. Independence You also want to think about giving your children a little independence with any money they save. If they want to buy something you know is a waste of money, consider letting them purchase it anyway. 

Let them learn from their own mistakes rather than protecting them. Again, it’s a learning curve about how they use their finances. Proper Savings Finally, you might want to think about setting them up with their own bank account. 
Doing this, they’ll feel like you trust them and will take pride in their independence. Thus they will not spend frivolously and that’s exactly what you want. 
You can read more about children and finances in the infographic below.
Infographic credit: Cash Float

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Our Easter Weekend In Photo's

With having spent the first two weeks of the boys Easter holidays stuck indoors thanks to the chicken pox, it was lovely to get out for the Easter Weekend.

We went to Jon's parents for a nice lunch and an egg hunt.
Jon's sister and her family came too, so it was nice to spend the day with all the family.

Jon's mum had been super busy organising two egg hunts. 
One for the twins and Ru and one for Sam and Noah.

The younger boys had to run around the middle part of the garden hunting out 8 plastic eggs, then once they had them all they had to piece together the puzzle which was inside the eggs which would then point them in the right direction of their eggs!

Then the older two had a quiz sheet which lead them to different points all over the garden.
They then ended up with a bunch of random letters, which they had to put into a word.
Luckily for them Jon gave the answer away and they didn't have to work their brains too hard!

After the eggs were demolished the boys all went in the pool and hot tub!
Hard life or what?!?!

The boys are little water babies and really enjoy splashing around.

Even Ru loved hopping around in the hot tub!

After all the hot tub fun we then had an amazing dinner and a few glasses of wine.

Our Monday was spent heading into Kings Lynn to get my eyes tested.
Which resulted in me having to order new glasses.

What did you guys get up to over the Easter Weekend.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Our Weekly Meal Plan

Our Weekly Meal Plan.

I'm getting back into meal planning after a few weeks of being rather unorganised.
So I thought I would share with you whats on the menu....

Chicken & Bacon with Pasta in a homemade tomato pasta sauce.
 A mild Chilli and Rice, with green veg on the side.
 Sausages, Mash and peas ( a dinner that Noah hates, but I still keep trying).
 D.I.Y Pizzas,  a fun dinner that the boys all love doing and eating.
 Meatballs and Spaghetti.
 Spanish Chicken with sweet peppers.
 Roast Dinner.

I always find that when I do a meal plan, the boys have more of a varied diet and aren't constantly eating spaghetti Bolognese.

They are always up for trying new things minus Rupert, so when ever I cook up something they haven't had, they usually tend to gobble it all up!

It's always encouraging when they ask for seconds, and it pushes me on to cook up more interesting things for them.

I'm also trying to get the boys to snack more healthily, they love their fruit and veg but having biscuits and crisps in easy to reach places they always tend to reach for them.
So with this weeks shop I've bought more snacking veg and fruit and will put the non healthy snacks somewhere its not so easy for them to reach.

What are you having for dinners this week?

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Feeding The Ducks

Today we decided to test the waters and see how Oscar handled going out for the first time in a few days.
It's back to school tomorrow and we still aren't 100% sure if he's well enough to go back.

A trip to feed the ducks and a play in the park seemed like a perfect way to test the waters.

After we spent the morning breaking up our stale bread we dropped Noah off at Sam's (withdrawal symptoms had kicked in) and we headed off to the duck pond.

The ducks here are really friendly and as soon as you step out the car they are heading towards you to see what you have bought them.

The boys loved watched them gobble up the bread, I'm sure Ru wanted to try and stroke some of them at one point.

Once the bread was gone, we sat and watched them for a little bit longer and then headed off to the park, which is just around the corner from the duck pond.

They all had fun and Oscar handled it well, though he's taken himself off to the quiet room to have a lay down, so we shall see how tomorrow goes!

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Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Lurgy Has Come To Visit

The Norovirus has hit our house

Oscar was the first one down, and that was what hit him when we were on our way to preview the new Lego store.
Then Rupert was sick all over me and then Oscar threw up all over his bed.
Then Noah decided he would do the same, then Jon passed out in the bathroom.
Alex was the last to be hit and he spent most of  yesterday being sick into a sick bowl.

Having only one washer-dryer combo the mountain of washing was too much for it to handle and it would have taken me days if not weeks to get it all done.
So I decided to visit a local laundrette.

I managed to get 3 loads done in the time it took for my washer to be only half way through a wash.

On the new house must buy list is an normal washer and a normal dryer.
So at times like this I wont be in such a pickle!

FYI .... washer dryers are rather pants if you have a large family!

I am still going strong and powering on with what needs to be done!
I don't usually get sick so fingers crossed this passes me by too.
We have so much to get done before the big move, getting sick is just not on the agenda!

Happy Sunday guys!


Sunday, 30 October 2016

No Fear

This little child of mine has no fear what so ever!
The other boys aren't even that keen on going down the slide let alone climbing up it, but ...... Little Ru he doesn't care!

He would probably climb the highest mountain if he wanted too!


Monday, 3 October 2016

Our Weekend

On Saturday morning we decided to get out of the house and go on an adventure.
We knew the rains were coming so we made sure the boys were all kitted out in raincoats and wellies, then we set off for White Horse Wood Country Park near Maidstone.

We saw a fair few cows, that Rupert wanted to go over and talk to, and we discovered the Castle ruins of Thurnham Castle.

The boys were a little disappointed that it wasn't a fully standing castle but me and Jon found it very interesting.

We got pretty wet, so once home we had a nice lunch of cheese and ham toasties with yummy hot chocolate.

In the evening myself and Noah went off to a wedding reception.
Noah scrubs up so well!

Lesson of the night -
5 glasses of wine is a big NO-NO!

Sunday we went off to my mums for a Sunday lunch.
I haven't seen my mum in a few weeks so it was nice to see her, plus she'd dug out some of her clothes that she knew I liked and let me have them!

We had a lovely beef stew and then for afters a yummy sticky toffee pudding, whilst the boys had rather healthy coconut milk lollies.

After we'd come back from the shops we bathed the boys and got them into their new jimjams and then we made the journey home.
We got home at a decent time, so we didn't have to rush around like crazy to get them to bed on time.
We all chilled out and watched some TV before sending them off to bed!

Once the twins and Noah were in bed, Jon and I had some chips and his homemade ketchup for supper.
Rupert didn't fall asleep till 11pm!!!

What did you get up to at the weekend?