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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

... Back To School With Spiral Backpacks ...

It's finally here! 
Spiral's Back to school collection is ready to keep your kids
ahead of the pack this term.

Noah was recently sent one of Spiral's superly cool backpacks ready for his return to Year 6!
He's truly going to be rocking his back to school look with this awesome Galaxy Saturn design OG backpack.
RRP £24.99

Spiral is an eye-catching alternative to the outdated idea that backpacks are simply an item to carry your day to day belongings. 
Spiral backpacks are a canvas to make a statement about our character – and make sure we look good doing so!

Bag Features

- Hard wearing premium Polyester fabric 
- Reinforced and adjustable back straps 
- Additional back padding 
- Spacious front pocket 
- Media port 
- Grab handle 
- Custom Spiral labelling

Interior features:
- Large, 18L capacity 
- Hidden zip pouch 
- Inner laptop / book divider

Dimensions - 29 x 14 x 44 cm

As soon as Noah saw the bag he was in love, he's had the same backpack since Year 4 so he was over the moon to get such an awesome bag as a replacement. 
He's usually pretty fussy over bags and every time I show him a new one he'll always decline and say he likes his current one better.

I knew he would love this bag as his favourite colour is purple and he always enjoys looking at the stars with me and now he has all of that to carry around on his back.

There is plenty of space for all his school books and his homework will no longer go in scrunched up as he'll be able to place it neatly in the laptop section.
He also takes a ridiculous amount of reading books into class for what reason I am unsure of, but I know with the Spiral OG backpack he'll have plenty of space to do so.

To see more designs from Spiral why not check out their website & Social sites...

Thursday, 22 December 2016

The boys Festive Wardrobe // Catimini and 3Pommes

We are one of those families that dress up for Christmas!
I think it makes the day that little bit more special and I always feel better for putting in some effort.
I have dressed up for Christmas since I was young, its a tradition that I've kept and now I always make sure the boys are looking top notch on Christmas Day.

Usually we go off to one of our parents house but this year we are hosting our first ever Christmas!
The new house is stunning and big enough, so it makes sense!

Even though we aren't going anywhere, the boys will still be dressing up!

This year the boys were sent some gorgeous clothes from the brands 

Catimini - children's fashion with passion for more than 40 years! 
This charming brand was founded in 1972 by Monique and Paul Salmon. 
The company can be found in more than 40 different countries, from Belgium to Australia, from Mexico to Tahiti, and can therefore truly be described as an international brand.

Noah is wearing a "Hipster" long sleeved t-shirt and Knitted denim trousers in indigo.
The jeans are drawstring, which are great if you need to adjust the waist size.
Noah is pretty skinny, so this came in handy as otherwise they would have just slipped right off.
I love the look and he looks stylish and comfy!

Rupert is wearing a Jacquard Cardigan and Skinny Jeans.

Ru and I both love the red skinny jeans and cardi look, its a perfect Christmas Day outfit.
His Jacquard cardigan is nice and cosy, just perfect for cold winter days.

Oscar is wearing a sweatshirt cardigan  and Resin treated demin skinny jeans.
The jeans are lined with a tartan fabric, so when you roll up the bottoms, you get a little festive feel from them!


Alex is also wearing resin treated demin jeans and a stitched polo shirt, which has some cool embroidery badges. 

I love the details in the clothing, they are well made and completely worth spending that little bit extra.

All the boys look amazing in their outfits and they all love them which is a bonus.
As usually when I dress them up they always have something to moan about!

Rupert looking nice and festive next to our tree!

The French brand 3 Pommes is a whole world of fashion and play for children! 
With a rich clothing design history, which began in Normandy in the 1970s.

Oscar really rocks the checked shirt and skinny jeans look!
He looks so smart and handsome!

Alex is looking casual in his freestyle T-shirt and faded skinny jeans.
This is a perfect outfit for Boxing Day.

Ru certainly is Captain of the Ship in this long sleeved tee.
Simple but cute, the blue in the design matches perfectly with his blue skinny jeans .
Ru teams his outfit with his beloved yellow welly boots and it all goes very nicely!

Noah is rocking the 3Pommes Teddy Jacket along with his Catimin outfit.
The jacket is perfect for popping on if heading out for a Boxing Day walk.
It's nice and cosy and will help Noah keep nice and snug!

The boys all collecting wood from the garden from for our fire.

The boys all had fun modelling their festive outfits for you.
I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into what they'll be wearing come Christmas.

Do you dress up for Christmas or do you keep it Casual?

Ready to go and visit Nana and Gramps!

*I was sent the outfits for the purpose of this post.