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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Why I've Been So Quiet On The Blog Recently .....

Now the craziness of the wedding planning has calmed down and I've caught up on some blog work I thought I'd fill you all in.

It's been one hell of a crazy month!

The Tuesday after the boys had all gone back at school after the summer holidays started with Jon deciding he was going to clean the kitchen windows at half 7 I the morning .... he managed to do one door before he tore one of his already damaged disks.

Which made his whole body cramp and him fall to the ground.
 (At the time we had no idea what had happened.)

I was upstairs getting ready to get the boys to school and Oscar ran up to tell me 'Daddy had fallen over and he needed me to help'.
So I flew down the stairs to find Jon outside on the patio unable to move.

Now I'm not the strongest person in the world and was completely scared to move him or pull him to hard I wanted to call an ambulance but Jon insisted he didn't need one.

I managed to help him onto his side whilst I stuffed pillows under him and covered him in a blanket. 
I'd called his parents who were still in bed at the time to ask them to help.
I even called Jon's sister to see if her husband was about to help me try and get him inside.

The minutes passed by slowly, with Jon still on the floor and me begging him to let me call an ambulance.

It a fit of fear and tears I rang my mum for help even though she's in Surrey, but she's my go to when I need medical help and I told her what had happened so she gave me some tips on how to help him which I did but none worked.

Jon's parents arrived 20 minutes later and then so did his sister.
As soon as his dad saw him he got on the phone to the ambulance.
Jon was no longer in control and I could slightly relax a little.
I know I should have taken control but I was in a bit of shock myself.

Thankfully the boys kept themselves busy playing on the Wii and Noah hid away in his room.
Noah is the sensitive one and knows when it's best to keep away.
Jon has a long history with his back and unfortunately Noah knows all the nasty side effects it can have on Jon.

The boys were already late for school by now but as the ambulance was on its way and Ken and Helen their to stay with Jon I practically ran all the boys to school and back home again.
The schools were all very supportive and told me they'd keep an eye on the boys incase they became upset.

It took a well over an hour for the crew to get Jon up from the floor outside to a chair just inside of the kitchen, using gas and air.

Once inside he eased up a little and the ambulance crew arranged for our local doctor to come out and see him.

Hours later still sat on the same chair the doctor arrived and prescribed Diazepam.
Jon was starting to get uncomfortable and needed to get to the lounge to sit in his chair which gives him more support for his back.
So it literally took myself and his parents over an hour and a half to help him walk him from the kitchen using chairs as supports to get him into the lounge.

Once their he decided he'd have a sleep on the sofa.... little did we know that when he woke he'd be in the worst pain of his life..

I again left him napping with his parents whilst I went and collected the boys.
Once home I found Helen stood in front of the living room door telling me not to let the boys see daddy.
He'd woken up and his whole body had cramped up.
The only part of his body he could move was one eye.

We re-called the ambulance and then the rest of the night was a bit of a blur.
Two ambulance crews, one car crew and then eventually the air ambulance crew.
Our living room was buzzing with machines bleeping and crews all trying to think what was wrong and how they were going to move him.

They pumped him full of a cocktail of drugs but eventually ended up knocking him out with Ketamine and then shuffling him off the chair and getting him onto the stretcher.
Then it was the slowest ambulance journey ever, even cars were over taking even with the blue lights flashing.
Any sudden movement would send Jon into shock, so they really had to take their time.

Jon spent a further two weeks in hospital after that, having tests and scans done to find out what had happened and drugged up to high heavens on all sorts of pain relief.
It was a hard and stressful week, one that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

(Because the air ambulance crew were being filmed for part of a tv programme which will be aired on channel 4 soon, Jon was filmed. We'll be seeing the footage in a few week .... well Jon will, I won't be able to watch it again and if he agrees it will be aired on TV.)

He's home now but he's still in a lot of pain and can't do much without getting tired.
It's going to take a long time to heal but he's home and he's safe which is the main thing.

Whilst Jon was in hospital he suggested (whilst on a LOT of drugs) we get married whilst my Gramps was down visiting, which I took with both hands and ran with it!

So since he's been home I've been full on wedding planning bridezilla mode.
Which has taken over everything!
But now everything is falling into place and all the big things have been sorted I'm slowly getting back to normal life.

The Church we're getting married in.
We have our second meeting with Reverend tomorrow to tell her the ins and outs of the ceremony.
Then from then its only a month to go!!!

Little Link has really settled into family life and is getting on really well with Ray and has just started playing with Indie.

As a little treat I finally got one of my worst tattoos covered up.
10 years ago I got some Hebrew lettering on my wrist in black with some sort of uber crappy shading in red around it.
 It was was meant to say Noah (but it probably didn't) and it was just 100% awful.
It only cost £10 so you can kinda guess how shocking it was.
I have been wanting to get it sorted for years but never really knew what I could cover it with as I knew red ink is a pain to cover.

I recently decided I really needed t get it covered as it was just making me unhappy, so I did a bit of research and finally decide on a black rose with a hint of red and after speaking to my tattooist he agreed that it would work.

So here it is....and I'm in love!

It's so much nicer and I no longer feel embarrassed about having my wrists on show.
It's healing nicely and I love how the leaves pop out of a long sleeved top!


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Sönd Skin Detox Challenge with Dr Isabel Sharkar

At the start of a new year we all go on about how we are going to do a detox of some sort or other or 
try and lose weight and get healthy.

But have any of you thought about doing a skin detox?
After all what you put in shows on the outside...
I certainly haven't but after watching the video below, I think its something I should be doing.
My skin is feeling anything but loved and looking very dull which in return makes me feel less than great.

I have teamed up with Sönd to share some really interesting videos on how great skin detoxes are for sensitive skin.

Dr. Sharkar follows the principal “Let food be thy medicine” and specialises in clinical nutrition, cleansing and detoxification. 
Her knowledge on the benefits of detoxing is so valuable.

Sönd are sharing 3 skin detox videos over the next few weeks, so make sure you stay tuned to the blog to find out more!

Also over the next few weeks, I myself will try the skin detox diet along with trying out some of the Sönd products....

Nourish and plump which is helps restore suppleness and radiance to dry skin, it’s formulated to soften your skin with silica and coconut oil.
Hydrating Face Spray acts as both hydration and a primer for moisturisers, making it ideal for dry skin.
Energise + Activate - Sönd's Energising Mineral Supplements which can be taken daily to help boost your skincare routine.

Would you like to speak to Dr. Sharkar?
If you'd like the incredible opportunity to speak with Dr. Sharkar about your own nutrition or undertaking a detox, then make sure to enter the competition below. 

Upon entry you'll also receive a copy of the Detox Cheat Sheet, which compiles all the top tips you need to know about detoxing.
Detox / Hannah and the Mini Beasts
If you fancy trying any of the Sönd products for yourself you can use MINIBEASTS10 at the check out for a 10% discount.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Keeping Our Immune System Tip Top This Winter With Sambucol

Sambucol is a great tasting food supplement packed with Black Elderberries.
Black elderberries contain naturally occurring flavonoids. Sambucol Immuno Forte also contains Vitamin C and Zinc, which are well known for their ability to support the immune system.
Sambucol is made from Black Elderberries which have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and more than 50% the overall antioxidant capability of cranberries.
Antioxidants strengthen the immune system by helping neutralise the harmful effect of free radicals.

We were recently sent some Sambucol kids and extra defence to try out.
My boys are always getting one bug or another, so I'm always trying to keep them as healthy as possibly by making sure they eat right and stay active.

Rupert has to take vitamins daily as he is such a poor eater.
Ru really isn't a massive fan of his usual vitamins and puts up a fight when its time for him to have them and the twins will run a mile when I ask them to try some, but when it came to taking their new Sambucol they lined up willingly.

The literally jumped for joy when we were sent an extra bottle, as they had finished the first bottle within a week!

I can see Sambucol being well worth the money and making its way on to our weekly shopping list!

Helps support the immune system

- Suitable for 1-12 years
- Antivirin® action
- High antioxidant Levels
- Great tasting berry flavoured syrup
- No artificial colours or flavours
- Non drowsy
- Scientifically tested
- Alcohol free
- Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
- Gluten free

They may have stopped some of the pain but have ruined his insides and if someone is going to get sick, it's going to be him.

So anything that's going to offer him some extra defence against bugs this winter is always a bonus.

Sambucol extra defence tastes nice and isn't a chore to take.
Taking Sambucol has become part of our morning routine, we all have our shot one after the other and then are ready for what the day is going to bring!

The immune system is designed to defend the body and fight infections. Some people’s immune systems function better due to diet, lifestyle choices or genetics, and some people will be more susceptible to infections than others. Poor dietary choices such as a diet low in fresh fruit and vegetables (rich sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), and high in sugar and processed foods, can negatively impact the immune system.
A lack of exercise and a stressful lifestyle can also play a role in a lowered immune system.
Keeping your immune system strong is important throughout the year. Nobody likes to feel under the weather.

Do your family take any immune boosting vitamins?
If so have you seen any benefits from them?

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Early Years Nutrition Partnership sets out goal to improve standards of nutrition practice in early years settings through provision of ‘hands-on’ help

Unique social enterprise brings together network of registered nutrition professionals offering localised, tailored support within early years settings.

The Early Years Nutrition Partnership (EYN Partnership) has brought together a unique network of self employed, registered nutritionists and dietitians, each with extensive experience in the early years. They will work alongside and within early years settings, to help them achieve accreditation with a new EYN Partnership Quality Mark. The support provided by the nutrition professionals will be tailored to meet the individual needs of each particular setting and community in which it operates.  

Early years settings that sign-up to the EYN Partnership will also be able to upskill their team with opportunities for professional development. The EYN Partnership will provide study places for a Level 3 CACHE award in nutrition and hydration in the early years, and early years setting chefs and cooks will be able to study for a Level 2 CACHE award in the preparation of meals to meet relevant nutritional standards in an early years setting. 
If early years settings choose to do so, they can also access additional services from their EYN Partnership nutrition professional, such as the delivery of bespoke classes for parents, children or practitioners.  

Integral to the EYN Partnership model is a commitment to support settings with the highest social deprivation needs, with an ambition that in the first year of the programme at least 10% of the settings registered with the EYN Partnership will benefit from subsidised access. A measurement framework and evaluation strategy has been developed to analyse the success of the programme in delivering demonstrable and sustainable social change.

Neil Leitch, Chief Executive Officer of the Pre-school Learning Alliance and Chair of the EYN Partnership Board, says: ‘Childhood obesity is one of the biggest public health challenges of our time, and we know that eating a healthy diet during the early years has a significant impact on health outcomes later in life. Early years settings have an essential role to play in helping to establish good eating habits and positive learning about healthy eating.

The Early Years Nutrition Partnership model, with its frontline help for practitioners from registered nutritionists and dietitians, offers a more collaborative approach to change at the local level. The Early Years Nutrition Partnership will bring about significant change that will have an impact on the future health of a generation.’

According to the National Child Measurement Programme, one in every five children starting reception in England is either overweight or obese.
1 Obese children and young people are more likely to become obese adults, and have a higher risk of morbidity, disability and premature mortality in adulthood.
2 Amongst other issues associated with poor nutrition in childhood, twenty five per cent of five year olds are reported to experience some tooth decay.
3  Catherine Lippe (RNutr), is one of the first EYN Partnership nutrition professionals and is working with settings in London, Surrey and neighbouring counties. She says: ‘Many early years settings are fully embracing the nutrition challenge and are determined to deliver good standards for the children in their care.
They have of course previously had access to guidelines, but until now haven’t had an option to be supported in implementing the changes they need to make. We can support them on a journey to make real changes in menus and food related activities, help them achieve recognition for what they are doing, and train practitioners helping them to develop their nutritional expertise.
It’s a different way of approaching things that could result in real and lasting changes, and that’s really exciting.’ 

For more information about the EYN Partnership, visit:   Twitter - @EYNpartnership

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Ru // Asthma Pump

Over the weekend I noticed Ru had a really nasty cough.
Which was worse in the evening and morning.
I decided to call the doctors first thing on Monday to get him check out.

I was thinking beginnings of a chest infection or something viral.
I got to our doctors with not a lot of hope as usually they are so rubbish.

I explained what was up and the doctor had a good listen of his chest and looked in his ears and mouth and she said it wasn't a chest infection and she though it sounded a bit like asthma.

So she prescribed him a blue pump and spacer.
I'm completely in the dark when it comes to asthma but Jon has it and wasn't too surprised when I came back with it.

He's to take it every time he has a coughing fit.
He isn't too keen on it and I can manage about one pump before he pulls the mask away.

He hasn't fully been diagnosed with asthma and the doctor didn't say much after she told me how to use the pump.

So I'm still slightly confused as to whether this is something that's going to be long term.
Has anyone else's toddler been given a pump?