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Thursday, 30 March 2017


I've been a little quiet on the blog for the past two weeks, due to a few reasons. 
One of which is Rupert has chickenpox!

My youngest and first to catch them.
None of the others have had it yet, so now as Ru's start to scab over I'm on spot watch on the others.
I'm dreading Noah getting them as I know he'll be the one to make the most fuss.

Ru was pretty grizzly to start with but if I had a stream of snot running down my face all the time I think I would be too!

I was given lots of suggestions from lots of lovely mummies over on Instagram, I made sure I had some tricks up my sleeve to help deal with the itch when it came!

What I used -
Boots allergy relief for ages 1 and up
Oats, which I made into bath bombs with a pair of old tights. Then every bath time he had an oat bath which is meant to help sooth the skin.
This was amazing, Jenny came over on Monday and suggested I try it as her mum recommended it.
it cost around £8 and I found it in Sainsburys.

Instantly after the first use his spots looked less angry and he stopped itching completely!

Most of his spots are now starting to scab over so hopefully by next week he'll be back to normal and back to nursery.

Even with him having Chicken Pox, I stuck to his new bedtime routine and made sure he was asleep by 8.
Most nights its worked, but he is still getting up at 10 to get into my bed.
A few times I have tried to get him back into his bed, but then that only works for an hour and then he's up again.

Once he's full better I think ill be giving that another go and will be trying my hardest to stick at it.

Monday, 13 February 2017


Sorry I haven't been on the blog in a while, if you don't follow me on Instagram you won't have noticed that Oscar and myself had spent the last 5 days in hospital.

On Friday 3rd Oscar had his second big bump to the head (he had his first just before the Christmas holidays.)
He seemed ok when I picked him up and on Saturday morning, by the afternoon however he was wobbly and complaining of feeling dizzy.
We put him to bed thinking he'd be ok by the morning.
Sunday arrived and he was being sick and looking really pale, we took him up to a&e only to be told he had a tummy bug.

We kept him off school Monday and Tuesday and both those days he spent laying on the sofa looking into the distance talking about random things that he was seeing.
No sickness to suggest a tummy bug.

By Tuesday he was not only distant and in his own little world, he was getting confused to what was going on around him.
Totally not a tummy bug

I booked him an emergency appointment at the GPs and from there I was told to go straight to the paediatric assessment unit.

He was admitted Tuesday evening and hooked up to an iv drip of fluids and strong antibiotics then sent off for a midnight CT scan!
They had no idea what was going on with him but had a list of possibilities.

Over the next few days he had a series of tests which included, 
eye tests, ear test, MRI, Lumber Puncture and endless blood tests.

Oscar had some amazing nurses looking after him, Oscar had them all wrapped around his little finger and would do whatever he asked.
His favourites were Michelle and Chris both of who really did go above and beyond to keep him happy!
So a huge thank you to the both of them.

Thankfully by Saturday they had ruled out everything nasty and ended up deciding it must have just been concussion after all!

We bought him home and everyone was over the moon to have him back.
Sunday morning came and he looked as though he was back to where he was at the start of the week.
We decided to call back the ward and they said to bring him back.
Jon spent the night with him and the doctors told him this morning, its probably the result of his Lumber puncture, as that will leave him groggy and feeling unwell.

So they are both home and we are trying to get Oscar to take it easy.
He's currently on the sofa watching Lego Scooby-Doo.

It's great to be back at home with all the boys under one roof, last week was like we were all on pause.
Now we have the half term to get back to normal and enjoy being together again, before its back to school.
Hopefully by Monday Oscar will be feeling well enough to go back to school.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Drama At London Victoria Station

The boys were filled with excitement and bounced off to school with big smiles on their faces.
They were so excited about a trip to London after school to see the brand new Lego store in Leicester Square.
I waved them off and told them I'd see them soon.

Fast forward to pick up, they were even more excited and their teachers told me how they hadn't stopped talking about the Lego shop.

Even Noah sprinted across the playground when he saw me.

We made great time and managed to get on an earlier train.
Everything was fine and there was no sign that something was going to stop us from getting to the Lego event on time.
We were even planning on meeting up with my sister in law and nieces for some dinner, as they were also in Leicester Square as Isla had a wardrobe fitting for a new TV advert she's going to be in.

As we reached Bromley South and the train became busier Oscar went rather quiet and felt clammy.
I asked if he needed the toilet and he said he was fine.
Mummy instincts kicked in and I got everyone up and headed for the toilet.

Once in the toilet Alex decided actually he needed the loo and hopped on.
In a matter of seconds I saw Oscar turn white and aimed his head at the sink, just in time for him to be sick.

Alex then hopped off the loo and said actually no he didn't need the loo.
We stayed in the loo for a little bit longer incase their was anything left to come out. 

Luckily the seat just out from the toilets was free, so I popped him on that whilst Alex and Noah sat in the one opposite.
Oscar passed out as soon as he was sat down, and the colour drained from his face.

I kept my cool, as I didn't want to worry the other two.
Once at Victoria I headed straight for a member of staff to ask if there was a first aider or a place I could take Oscar.

He took us along to the information desk where he radioed a member of his team.
I was meeting my dad, so as I phoned my dad the tears came and I couldn't stop them.
I was the crazy lady crying and Alex and Noah didn't know why and Oscar was sat on a chair looking distant.

The staff comforted me and my dad appeared which started me back off.
We were then taken to a back office so we could give Oscar some water and see how he was.

My dad gave Oscar his bottle of water which he told him was dinosaur water (My dad works in the Natural History Museum) and this seemed to perk him up a little.
Whilst my dad and I were concentrating on Oscar, the guy who we only know as Lima 2 was letting No and Alex do some drawings on some paper and letting them take his supply of brownies!

We decided we would go back to my parents house, as they only live 40 minutes from London rather than the 1hr30 it would take us to get back from London.
We loaded up with bags and tissues and we were offered the special station bus that beeps but my dad said no as he could walk faster than that and there was a train due.
My dad carried Oscar and pretty much ran to the train were as my little legs and the boys had to work over time to keep up with him.

We got the train and managed to get a seat.
The bags came in handy and Oscar was sick a few more times on the way back.

Once back home I took him to the out of hours doctors for him to get checked over.
He had a low temp and some ketones in his urine sample.

Two days later and Oscar is slowly getting the colour back in his face.
He hasn't been sick since Wednesday evening.
Plenty of rest and lots of fluids seem to be doing the trick.

After seeing posts about the brand new Lego store, which officially opened yesterday afternoon I'm hoping I can fit in a visit before we move up to Norfolk as it looks sooooo amazing!