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Monday, 20 February 2017

Our Half Term

After Oscar spending the week before half term in hospital we knew we weren't going to be getting up to anything too excited but we tried to make the most of the week.

On Tuesday Rupert had his first full day at nursery so I decided to take Noah and the twins to the cinema to watch the new Lego Batman Movie.
Oscar started out ok, but within 20 minutes of the film starting he wanted to go home, I text Jon to come and rescue him and as soon as Oscar got back to the car he was sick.

Noah and Alex loved the film and have already demanded I buy it on dvd as soon as its out!
Poor Oscar spent the rest of the day asleep.

Rupert had another full day at nursery on the Wednesday, so whilst he was out we stayed in and I practised my face painting skills.
We had Sam round so the boys were pretty busy entertaining themselves after I had finished painting their faces.

Oscar again spent most of the afternoon laying on the sofa.

We also cracked out Noah's Land of Dinosaurs kit which he was sent from Clementoni Toys.
The boys all loved watching the volcano explode and planting up the seeds.
We are now on daily seed watch and noting down any changes that we see.
I will be doing a whole post on the kit so keep an eye out.

Rupert is still being a massive pain in the bum by not sleeping.
He's been getting up at 3am every day since I've been back from hospital and to say I'm running on empty is a little bit of an understatement.

We have met our new Health Visitor and told her all about his issues and she is going to come back in a few weeks with another lady and see if they can both help us tackle it.

My mum sent me this diffuser from far it hasn't had much of an effect other than making his room smell gorgeous.
I will stick with it as it might click in his head that, that scent is associated with bedtime.

I'm also thinking about getting him a single bed, as he won't come and get into our bed, not without a fight anyway and I always end up sleeping on his floor....which is resulting in my hip starting to hurt and me not getting any sleep.
If he had a bed that I could fit in as well as him it might help my lack of sleep and he'll be happy because I'm there with him.

By Friday we did some more face painting and a little baking.
The weather was pretty good over the half term so the boys were all able to play in the garden when they wanted.

Oscar has gone back to school today but he's still not 100% back to normal.
I went in early today to talk to the head teacher and his teachers and they are all happy to see him back and have said if he needs a rest he can have a lay down or they'll call me to come and collect him.


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Some Days I Wish I Could Sell The Boys On eBay.

The boys are all back at school, and I have an appointment for next Friday to go and view a nursery in the woods for Rupert.

As much as I love the boys, some days I wish I could sell them on eBay!
I know you're probably thinking im a monster for saying that, but hear me out....

The only volume level they play on is EXTREMELY LOUD, no matter how many times I tell them to quieten down it never happens.
Its really like iIm speaking another language when asking them to do so.
They have no idea what sharing is, I know most kids don't but the fights that come from one of them playing with something that belongs to someone else is unbelievable.
Personal space is something they really really don't believe in, they believe I brought them into this world just so they could use me as their own personal climbing matter where or no matter when...
On the toilet,
whilst im on the phone,
whilst out having a coffee,
even at the park ...... come on boys theres actual climbing frames here and yet you still think its ok to cling and climb all over me.
The minute they've finished eating they're hungry again, I literally run out of a weekly shop two days into the week!
Noah's turned 9 so that automatically means he knows everything and should have everything he wants.

I'm only one woman, with two arms I cant perform the miracles that they want me too, some days I out shine myself and not only impress them but impress myself, other days by lunch time I'm wanting to hide away in the wardrobe and hope they don't find me.
So when they go back to school I cant help but break out my happy dance.

My goal for this term was to make sure I was organised and on time and Noah always had his dinner money at the start of the week, rather than paying on the Friday because it always slipped my mind to get the money out....seriously the schools need to do online payments, it would make my life 100x easier.

The two weeks before the holidays that the boys joined their new schools my head was all over the place and I was still running to the old school time table, so I was constantly late for both drop off and pick up. I wanted to start this term on the ball and show that I'm not a headless chicken with too many children, I'm actually a mother in control and in the know!
That all went tits up when I called up the school on Wednesday morning making sure the kids were back at school, as the Internet was telling me one thing and the school news letter said another.
Turns out they actually started on the Tuesday and they forgot to give me the updated newsletter!

The house is an empty shell when the boys aren't around, and I of course I dooo enjoy it but by the afternoon I am missing the noise and cant wait to go and collect them.

How do you survive the school holidays?