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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Struggling To Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer?

We’ve all been there, but when you are looking for something both original and exciting to do with your children over the summer it can be extremely frustrating. 
No matter what you might have tried before, you probably want to try and introduce your children to something brand new - and that is where it can get difficult. 

Something that always works well is to make it vaguely educational, even if only a little. This means that you are happy as the parent, and they are happy at having found something new to do with the summer holidays. 
Let’s have a look at a few examples of the kind of activity you can carry out which suits these particular parameters.



If you think your children have something of a creative streak, you might want to try and bring it out and make the most of ity possible. 
This is a great thing to do at any time of year, summer included, and it will also mean that you are encouraging in your vkids something which can see them through the rest of their life. If you haven't done this before, think about what kind of art or craft your children are likely to enjoy. Whatever you think that is, you are bound to find something that works, and it is well worth doing. To make it more effective, consider getting involved yourself - this is something you could even just do at home if you wanted to, it’s that easy to get into.


Summer is the ideal time for getting your kids into sport, but one of the hardest decisions here is which sport to get them into. If you are bored of the old favorites, why not think about trying something new with the kids? 
You could take them on some kids golf lessons, for example, or you could try and get them into a game like cricket or tennis. It really doesn’t matter what the sport is, as long as you think it is something they will be able to enjoy and which you can easily get them into in your local area. Make sure you are happy with it, too - some sports might be too dangerous for kids of a certain age or disposition.
If you successfully get your children into a sport, you will probably more likely consider it a summer well spent, so this is definitely worth thinking about.


It might be that you want to make the most of the holiday by continuing the education - albeit in an extra-curricular sense.
This is not the ideal option for all children, but for some it just might be. 
If you think your child has a particular gift for something or other, then there is nothing wrong with encouraging them to learn more about that subject over the summer holidays. 
Just make sure that they genuinely want to do it and that they do not feel as though they are pushed into it in any sense.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

The Long Road To Leaving A Legacy

Most parents hate the idea of their kids being left with nothing when they eventually pass away. Instead, you want the money you have worked hard for to go straight into their hands, be it in the form of cash or assets. 
But, with taxes and other fees, it can be very hard to see this happening with your funds. Unfortunately, to ensure that your kids get the most they possibly can, you have to do some work. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the best ways to leave a legacy for your kids. It’s best to start as early as possible with something like. 
In some cases, people will start long before they even have children.

apartment, architecture, balconies

  • Property

One of the best options you have regarding a legacy for your kids is property. Unlike cash, it’s very difficult for a home to be chopped up by the taxman. Instead, your kids will only have to pay a little bit towards their new home
Of course, a home isn’t exactly cheap. But, this shouldn’t matter. Most people will want to own their own property by the time they have a family, anyway. 
So, this will probably fall in-line with your normal goals. 
If not, you can look into other options to give your kids something physical when you pass. Other high-value items include gold and other precious metals or gems. But, these won’t be anywhere near as secure as property or the other options on this list.

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  • Investments

Along with investing in property, you could also consider some other investments. There are loads of methods to store your money which will result in passive income generation.
For example, if you invest in the shares for a business, you will be able to take a slice of their revenue once they’re making money.
Or, if you invest in stocks, they could be sold at a later date for a lot more than they were bought for. Bonds also make great investments to pass down to your children, as they are almost entirely risk-free. These sorts of investments don’t only benefit your kids, though. 
Along with leaving a good legacy, they could also help you to make a little bit of extra cash each month. This will help you to save even more, or spend something on yourself once in awhile.

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  • Life Insurance

This next option is arguably the very best for leaving a legacy for your children because it’s designed to be used in this way. Life insurance is built from payments which are made throughout your life. Then, when you pass, the money will be given to your kids. 
This will be entirely tax-free, ensuring that they get every penny of it. And, it can be a great way to give them more than you’ve saved. 500k life cover will rarely ever cost you half a million, even after years of putting money into it. 
But, through investing your money, the company providing it to you will be able to guarantee that your kids will get the full amount.
It’s best to start this sort of policy early, as you will be expected to contribute a large percentage of the funds. So, the earlier you start, the smaller the monthly payments will be.

  • Teaching

A lot of young people struggle with money. The skills required to balance a bank account aren’t taught in schools. 
So, people have to learn these skills for themselves. This is alright for some. But, for others, more help will be required. From an early age, your kids can be exposed to money and the decisions that come with it. 
You can teach them to look after the small amount of money they have. And, you can help them to be responsible with it when they have more. Very few kids have a true understanding of the value of money. But, this is something which can be taught quite early on. 
A lot of parents encourage their kids to get a weekend job once they’re in their early teens. This will teach them what it takes to earn money, and what money is worth regarding hard work.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working hard on the legacy you leave your kids. A lot of parents don’t put this sort of effort in. But, it can be an excellent way to give you kids a great start in life. And, it means you can rest assured that they’ll be looked after when you’re gone.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Some Days I Wish I Could Sell The Boys On eBay.

The boys are all back at school, and I have an appointment for next Friday to go and view a nursery in the woods for Rupert.

As much as I love the boys, some days I wish I could sell them on eBay!
I know you're probably thinking im a monster for saying that, but hear me out....

The only volume level they play on is EXTREMELY LOUD, no matter how many times I tell them to quieten down it never happens.
Its really like iIm speaking another language when asking them to do so.
They have no idea what sharing is, I know most kids don't but the fights that come from one of them playing with something that belongs to someone else is unbelievable.
Personal space is something they really really don't believe in, they believe I brought them into this world just so they could use me as their own personal climbing matter where or no matter when...
On the toilet,
whilst im on the phone,
whilst out having a coffee,
even at the park ...... come on boys theres actual climbing frames here and yet you still think its ok to cling and climb all over me.
The minute they've finished eating they're hungry again, I literally run out of a weekly shop two days into the week!
Noah's turned 9 so that automatically means he knows everything and should have everything he wants.

I'm only one woman, with two arms I cant perform the miracles that they want me too, some days I out shine myself and not only impress them but impress myself, other days by lunch time I'm wanting to hide away in the wardrobe and hope they don't find me.
So when they go back to school I cant help but break out my happy dance.

My goal for this term was to make sure I was organised and on time and Noah always had his dinner money at the start of the week, rather than paying on the Friday because it always slipped my mind to get the money out....seriously the schools need to do online payments, it would make my life 100x easier.

The two weeks before the holidays that the boys joined their new schools my head was all over the place and I was still running to the old school time table, so I was constantly late for both drop off and pick up. I wanted to start this term on the ball and show that I'm not a headless chicken with too many children, I'm actually a mother in control and in the know!
That all went tits up when I called up the school on Wednesday morning making sure the kids were back at school, as the Internet was telling me one thing and the school news letter said another.
Turns out they actually started on the Tuesday and they forgot to give me the updated newsletter!

The house is an empty shell when the boys aren't around, and I of course I dooo enjoy it but by the afternoon I am missing the noise and cant wait to go and collect them.

How do you survive the school holidays?

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas 2016

Our first Christmas in the new house was pretty awesome!!

My parents came up on Christmas Eve and we spent the day chilling out, my mum baked some cinnamon buns, I did some last minute wrapping and we took the boys to a Chris-tingle service at the local church .... a church that back in the day the one and only Pocahontas used to worship with her husband John Rolfe.

It was a fun service where everyone was encouraged to take part.
The twins spent most of the service giggling away!

The boys all went to bed at normal time, even my little non sleeper was asleep by 9.30!

Rupert woke at 5, but I was able to keep him In bed by laying on the floor next to his bed, the twins and Noah woke around 7.
We waiting until 8 for my parents to turn up before we went into the lounge to see what Father Christmas had left!

All the boys were truly spoilt and they love each and everyone of their presents.
Unlike last year where we kind of over did it and they got overwhelmed and didn't know what to play with.

The day was a full on Nerf war between everyone.
I'm still finding stray bullets everywhere from the fights.
Jon's parents and sister popped over for a little while which was nice.
In our other house that would never have worked but this house is perfect for big family gatherings.

Jon and my mum cooked the dinner and it was AMAZING!
They did themselves proud!

Boxing Day we had a lovely breakfast with bubble and squeak and then my parents headed back to Surrey.
In the afternoon we had Jon's parents over and then a nice relaxing evening.

How was your Christmas?

Monday, 14 November 2016

Daddy's Boy

Does your child have a favourite?
Oscar certainly does!

When telling him I love him, his response is 'I love Daddy'.
It is like he can only love one if us, so Daddy is his choice and nothing will sway him.
Even when I tell him its ok to love both of us, he still responds with I love daddy.
Even if I'm comforting him, he will still sob into my chest that he loves daddy.

When the twins were younger they each picked a grandparent from my side and Jon's side and said that was their granny.
They have only recently just figured out that both my mum and Jon's mums are their grannies and that's ok!
They can have two and they no longer have to pick which one is theirs.

Is it a twin thing?
Do they only think they can have one parent, maybe they don't fancy sharing their special people?

Even though its like a slap in the face every night come bedtime I stay strong and respond with and Daddy loves you too.
There's not much more I think I can do, other than take it on the chin and hope he gets over it and realises its ok to love the both of us.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Twinning Is Winning

During the autumn / winter months you'll most likely find me in a cosy jumper and jeans hid underneath a mountain of blankets!

I've recently treated myself to some new jumpers, one because none of my old ones fit, and two because there are sooooo sooo soooooo many nice ones about!
(I keep telling myself that as it makes me feel better about the dreaded weight gain!)

And when I can get Ru a matching one means its must buy!
I'm really loving our matching Rainbow Bax and Bay jumpers.


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

We're Being Referred

Rupert had his 3rd 2 year check up today and finally because he's now over 2.5 yrs old he can be referred on to the paediatricians.
We also should be getting some Early Help too.

Our health visitor did the normal two year check up test and on some of it he has improved since last time, but on things like his personal awareness he was in the black.
She also did another test, which is pretty similar to the two year check but a little bit more in detail and more about how he copes with things and his behaviour.

At the end of the questions she marked up all the answers and added them up, anything up to 85 is considered normal and no further help required.
Rupert's score was 260.

Which yes is alarming but also great as its more evidence that we need some help with him and hopefully if needed a diagnoses of autism.

It's also great to know it just isn't me over thinking things, that there is something array with Ru and finally it's being noticed by others.

The health visitor said that the Early Help is like a parenting course but it will be more tailored to Rupert and will help me parent him to his needs.
Rather than how I've been parenting the others, as that just doesn't work for him.

He's also on the waiting list for Speech and Language therapy.
It's all starting to look very positive for my little bear.