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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

House Tour // My Bedroom.

Now I've shown you the boys room, I thought it would be nice to add my room into the house tour blogs.

Our room was last room to be done, as we put most of the unpacked boxes in there until we had worked our way through them.
It's such a big room that it wasn't really an issue, but its sooo nice now all the boxes are gone.

As you walk into our room the first thing to really catch your eye, is the balcony.
Yes we have a balcony and yes I love it!
I often spy on the boys whilst they are playing in the garden.

Having a coffee in the morning sat here really is utter bliss!
We just need to add some plants and maybe a table and it will be perfect.

This is Jon's guitar corner, playing guitar helps him stop focusing on his back pain and slip away into something he really enjoys.
He's not great but he's learning.
The boys love sneaking into our room, just to have a strum on one of his many guitars.

Our view from our bed, we could'nt really decided on what sort of storage to have in our room. 
We wanted something fun but everything we looked at wouldn't fit the space.
So we decided on getting some more KALLAX shelving, as we have these in most of the rooms in the house and they really are great.

We centred them under our VELUX window and blinds, and I think they look rather smart.
They work really well and we can store a lot more than just our clothes in their!
Keeping the room tidy and semi clutter free.

Other than our balcony doors, we don't have any other windows in the room, so the VELUX window helps keep the room looking nice and airy.
We've hung some of our random dangly things off it, only as they have no where else to go at the moment, but we've grown to like them there. So they'll probably end up living their forever or until Rupert has successfully knocked them off.

Seeing the stars through this window at night is lovely, we hardly ever have the blind down.

My Side of the KALLAX unit.
I found these paper hearts in Sainsbury's over valentines and really loved them.
I couldn't find anywhere to hang them so they've just ended up here but it was looking rather bare on my side, so they just fill it up nicely.

I have a big thing for succulents at the moment and when I saw this one for just £1 I couldn't say no!
The pink bottom matches rather nicely with the pink paper heart.
Candle holders are a must in any room (minus children's)

My camera lives on my unit too, as its easy to get when I need it or when I'm running out to an event.
I probably should invest in a bag sooner rather than later, specially now I have a brand new lens.

Jon's side is pretty boring, so I added a few touches whilst he wasn't looking.
Again another plant, you can never have too many plants.
Apparent aloe vera plants are good for aiding sleep.

This red love light is from Sass & Belle.
The wicker basket is from Rice.
Both of which are sold from Island Homewares.

My side of the bed, you'll usually find a mountain of books and nail varnishes.
I had a little tidy up and this was the result.
Some empty Glossy Boxes a chevron basket filled with nail varnishes and nail files and just a teeny tiny selection of my newest books and my favourite perfumes.

My Totoro picture needs a new frame, as the one its in is falling to pieces.
Once I've gotten round to finding a new frame it will be going up on the landing!

This is my Gloomy Bear, I bought him from a toy shop in Tokyo when I visited Japan back when I was 19.
I adore all things Anime and manga and just had to have him.
He's 12 years old and I'm pretty impressed none of the boys have ruined him yet.

As our room is a ridiculous size Jon decided in the corner opposite his guitar corner he would have a Doctor Who corner.
Jon has been collecting Doctor Who bits and bobs since he was younger than Noah, so was over the moon when he could finally put it all out on display.
As you can see we have even more KALLAX units in our room!

He's very protective over his collection and the boys all know not to go near it.

In the corner on the other side of the guitar corner I have my desk.
It's not really being used yet but two of the shelves are done.
I prefer to do my work down stairs on the kitchen table, as the chairs are more comfy and I have a better view!

This is the view from outside of our balcony!

I love that our house isn't your typical house and that it stands out from all the others on the lane.

**In collaboration with VELUX

Friday, 3 February 2017

House Tour // A Peak Into The Boy's Bedrooms

We have been in the house just two months now and we're slowly starting to make it into our own.
The boys rooms are one of my main focus points at the moment as I feel if they love there room they'll feel really settled here.

Rupert's has been the easiest to do, as I already had most of it from his old room, I've just added some Totoro wall stickers and a couple of new pictures and it's looking pretty much how I want it too!

Rupert's Room ...

It's much smaller than his old room, but I really love how its looking.
The size of the room is actually pretty good and he gets everything he needs in there, and once he's bigger it will fit a normal sized bed in it without any issues!

Noah's Room.

I wouldn't really say there was a theme for Noah's room but i guess gaming heaving would fit.

His room is probably slightly larger than his previous bedroom, so we didn't have any issue with his bed taking up too much room.
He still has more than enough room to play, do his art and play on his beloved playstation!

I've just ordered him another Pokemon wall sticker, so once thats arrived ill be sure to post a picture of it on Instagram!

Lego to keep him going till Christmas lol.

The Twins Room,

We've gone for the typical superhero theme for them, as they are hero bonkers.

This is the room I think I need to work on the most, its ridiculously big and feels a bit on the empty side.
They have their beds on one side and their unit on the other, and a large empty space in the middle.
Im thinking a nice rug might do the trick.
They also have more superhero wall stickers coming in the post.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into their rooms, like I said they aren't completely finished and I'm sure to do an update once they are.

Stay tuned to the blog for more House Tour posts!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

“To-to-ro? You're Totoro!... I bet you're Totoro...”

The house is starting to feel less holiday home and more homey now.
I'm slowly getting the boys rooms to how I want them to be.
The twins and Noah are a bit more picky than Ru, so when it comes to his room I get to have a little more fun and I'm able to put my stamp on it rather than be told it must be Pokemon or some sort of superhero.

One of my favourite films is My Neighbour Totoro.
After browsing amazon late one night I came across some Totoro wall stickers and instantly knew they would be perfect for Rupert's new room.

One has finally arrived and I couldn't wait to put it up!
Ru himself wasn't too fussed but I love it, and I'll have to keep showing him film in hopes he finally clicks and loves it as much as I do.


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Our Second Week In Norfolk

We're all finally over the flu and all 3 boys had a full week at their new schools!

Noah has settled in so well, and has even been invited for a playdate at his new friends house!
The twins are finding it a bit harder to settle, but they've made friends and do enjoy going to school.
This past week has been a fun filled week for them all.
They've had their very first nativity play - Oscar wasn't so keen on getting up on stage, but by the end of it he got up and sang along to the last song!

Noah had his Christmas Carol concert at the local church, which got me feeling very festive!

Walking down our road on the way to school.
We took Rupert to the local soft play, where he had fun going down all the big twisty slides.
The food was amazing and both Jon and myself can't wait to go back.

Rupert has also been enjoying some muddy puddle walks down our road.
The village we live in is so quiet, but everyone we meet is super friendly and always say hello!

The boys in their play

The Church where Noah had his Christmas Carol Concert.
We are finally starting to feel more settled, we still have a mountain of boxes in our room but we are slowly working our way through them.
This week will be where we really attack them, as we want more of it done before Christmas arrives and my parents come to stay.

Our Kitchen

I turned 31 yesterday so Jon treated me to a Costa Coffee, our first since moving to Norfolk!
We also managed to get some last minute Christmas shopping done, as Jon's parents came over to look after Ru, even though Helen is still getting over the flu that I so kindly passed on to her!

As well as a Costa Coffee Jon also bought me a new laptop .... a MacBook Pro!

I received some lovely gifts and beautiful cards, we did have a Chinese for dinner, but we weren't too impressed with it!

Tomorrow is Noah's birthday and Jon is taking him out, so today will be spent wrapping his presents and trying to figure out if we have everything we need for Christmas!
I can't believe its only a week away!!!!

Friday, 9 December 2016

We're Here

So we're finally part of the Nor Folk!

We moved in last Thursday, it wasn't too stressful as we only had Rupert with us, the others had gone to stay with my mum till the Saturday.

We spent a good few days trying to get the boys rooms all sorted for their return and getting the kitchen up and running.
With no cooker or fridge it was a bit tricky but we managed.

The boys returned Saturday afternoon and we all had a nice lunch which me and my parents picked up from the local Tesco's.

By the end of Saturday I was feeling pretty awful and headed for bed pretty early thinking id be ok in the morning.

Not quite, the flu had hit me hard. I was in bed for the next 3 days.
I managed to get up Monday to get the boys off to their new schools but I sure as hell paid for it the second I walked in the front door.
I wasn't seen again till Wednesday!!

The house is amazing and we're still all getting used to being in such a lovely house.
It's so surreal, like living in a holiday home and thinking any day now we're going to have to pack up and head back to Kent!

Now I'm finally better I'm hoping to get the rest of the boxes unpacked and our room in some sort of order!

The kids are settling into life here but the flu really has knocked us for 6.
Hopefully next week will be a better week!

Noah has a Christmas concert at the local church and the boys have their nativity on the Tuesday!

I will write more about the house and how we're getting on in Norfolk and I'm also planning a house tour once its looking spot on!