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Monday, 20 March 2017

Nintendo Plush // Mario

We are all massive Nintendo fans and both Jon and I grew up playing the SNES and NES, which we still play on and we also are both pretty addicted to our DS's.

Noah is our new Nintendo geek and is dropping daily hints that he wants to get the new Nintendo Switch!
Jon is also pretty eager to add it to his Nintendo collection.

So when I was asked if I wanted to do a mini review on the brand new Nintendo plushes from Jakks  I jumped at the chance.

Jakks do a whole range of the Nintendo plushes including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Peach.
They are all rather cute and great for kids and collectors alike.
Super soft and would make ideal presents.

Noah was over the moon with his Mario, and as soon as he was out the packaging he ran into his room to hide it from the others!

I managed to sneak him away for Mario to have a little photoshoot / a trip down memory lane with all our old school consoles.

The plushes cost £9.99 and you can find them over on amazon.


The release of these brand new plushes ties in very nicely with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, which is out now!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Sönd Skin Detox Challenge with Dr Isabel Sharkar

At the start of a new year we all go on about how we are going to do a detox of some sort or other or 
try and lose weight and get healthy.

But have any of you thought about doing a skin detox?
After all what you put in shows on the outside...
I certainly haven't but after watching the video below, I think its something I should be doing.
My skin is feeling anything but loved and looking very dull which in return makes me feel less than great.

I have teamed up with Sönd to share some really interesting videos on how great skin detoxes are for sensitive skin.

Dr. Sharkar follows the principal “Let food be thy medicine” and specialises in clinical nutrition, cleansing and detoxification. 
Her knowledge on the benefits of detoxing is so valuable.

Sönd are sharing 3 skin detox videos over the next few weeks, so make sure you stay tuned to the blog to find out more!

Also over the next few weeks, I myself will try the skin detox diet along with trying out some of the Sönd products....

Nourish and plump which is helps restore suppleness and radiance to dry skin, it’s formulated to soften your skin with silica and coconut oil.
Hydrating Face Spray acts as both hydration and a primer for moisturisers, making it ideal for dry skin.
Energise + Activate - Sönd's Energising Mineral Supplements which can be taken daily to help boost your skincare routine.

Would you like to speak to Dr. Sharkar?
If you'd like the incredible opportunity to speak with Dr. Sharkar about your own nutrition or undertaking a detox, then make sure to enter the competition below. 

Upon entry you'll also receive a copy of the Detox Cheat Sheet, which compiles all the top tips you need to know about detoxing.
Detox / Hannah and the Mini Beasts
If you fancy trying any of the Sönd products for yourself you can use MINIBEASTS10 at the check out for a 10% discount.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Weekly Postcards From The Beach #4

This weeks postcard from Touchnote was sent to my gran, who lives in Exeter.

The photo of Ru is actually an old one, as this weekend we were in London visiting Sea Life London and then we were all bar Ru were struck down with food poisoning.

So we didn't quite manage our weekend walk along the beach.

As my gran lives in Exeter we don't get to see her that much, so it's always nice to stay in touch other ways.

Phone calls are great but it is always lovely to receive something other than a bill/junk in the post.

I know my gran will love this postcard of her little Ru, I'm betting she'll call me the moment it turns up.

Single Postcards cost £2.99 (singe credit). Buy a 5 credit bundle (5 Postcards) they cost just £1.99 each. Buy a 10 credit bundle (10 Postcards) cost is £1.80 each.
Free worldwide delivery is included in every order."

Next week I'll be doing another giveaway, where there will be 3 winners.
You can win 5 credits to use on any postcards you wish to send.

**Post contains affiliate links - I will earn some penny's, if you click through and buy.**