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Monday, 3 April 2017

The Last Two Weeks // Solo Parenting // Mother's Day // Family

The last two weeks Jon has been in London learning about the new device that is going to be fitted into his spine to help him deal with his pain.

He's had to do lots of therapy around how he already deals with his pain and be taught other ways which are better.
Once this week is over he'll then be waiting to hear when his trail will be going ahead.
Fingers crossed by the end of this year, he will be well on his way to be able to deal with his back pain and be able to live again and enjoy his boys.

Last week he was doing so well but then his biggest fear happened and he was right across the road from the awful terror attack that happened and he pretty much went into shut down mode.
As the victims were all brought in the hospital right in front of his very eyes, he's found that hard to deal. He was then escorted back to his accommodation by an armed police escort.

He's always hated me going up to London with the boys incase something like that happened and we've always told him not to be so silly, thats highly unlikely to happen.

This is going to take a long time for him to get over but I'm hoping he will talk to a professional about it, as otherwise he will just keep it in and it will fester inside him making it 100x worse.

He came home at the weekend, and tried to enjoy the boys but it was plain for all to see he was reliving the terror and spent most of the weekend hiding away in the bedroom.

My parents and Gran came up for the weekend and we went to Snettisham Park Farm to go on the Deer Safari. 
We persuaded Jon to come along and he was a bit hesitant to start with but in the end rather enjoy seeing the boys have fun.

We met some lovely animals and all the boys really enjoyed feeding the Deers on the safari.

Sunday was Mother's Day and my mum got busy in the kitchen cooking up a beautiful dinner with the help of the boys.

I was given some lovely hand made goodies from all the boys, along with my very cool Maker of Boys t-shirt.

Noah decided he didn't want Daddy to miss out on the fun of Mother's Day, so wrote my card to the both of us!

My parents went back after the Sunday Roast and Jon left early Monday morning.
My Gran stayed on to keep me company and then just before the school run Jenny arrived.

The second week with Jon being away was a lot easier as I had two helpers around.
We did lots of shopping and drank lots of coffee.
Rupert had chicken pox so wasn't at coffee, but Nana and Gramps came over to babysit so we could go shopping child free.

Jenny and my Gran left after the school run on Wednesday and I spent the day cleaning up ready for Jon's return on the Thursday.

He came home with lots of exciting news and seemed like he had a spring in his step.

The operation that he's now waiting for may happen within the next month, so by summer time he should be ready to start a fresh with next to no pain at all!

Now its the half term, we have lots of plans.
Mostly to enjoy the garden and no to stress out, but next week we have a fun day out planned thanks to Great Anglia railways!

After School Fun With Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Noah has been a big Lego fan since he was 3/4. 
My brother handed down his old box of Lego to him and it was instant love.

His room now boasts a mighty collection of Star Wars & Minecraft Lego and a array of mini builds.
He's even got a Lego Poke-ball which he made using a YouTube tutorial.

Also many other sets that have been long destroyed over the years are now in big lego heads waiting to be re-built.

Noah was sent some super cool Mighty Micros sets, which are now taking over his room.
The Mighty Micro sets come in a nice range of heroes
from Iron man to Wonder Woman.

I'm always trying to think of ways to get Noah away from his PS4 and to spend some time with me.
Lego is always the number one winner.

He will happily switch off the playstation and get stuck right into building.
I've always loved lego and will happily sit in his room having a build off.
Its a great way to spend some quality one on one time with him.

Noah took no time at all building his Mighty Micros.
They have an RRP of £8.99 which is pretty perfect if your looking for a birthday present for someone.
You get two mini figures & two vehicles in each sets.

Rupert even took a shine to the superman one and made my dad build it for him when he was up visiting.
I used to love sitting with my dad building Lego, so it was lovely to see him doing it with the boys.

Noah couldn't wait to dig into the Hulk lego set.
I dont blame him as it looked pretty epic.

We decided to make it a little more entertaining and have a race to see who could build their car the fastest.

Noah built the Green Hulk car and I built the Red.
We both finished around the half hour mark.

I love how when building the bigger sets, the bricks are nicely arranged into different bags, so you don't have to empty them all out over the table and risk losing the tiny important bits.

This Lego Marvel Super Heroes Hulk Vs Red Hulk set has an RRP of £49.99
The set comes complete with a She-Hulk and a Red She-Hulk mini figures, plus Hulk and Red Hulk big figures.

After the build we took them into the garden and had a little battle!
Who do you think won?!?!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes sets can be found in most Toy Shops.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Reaping The Benefits Of Outdoor Play.

When it comes to outdoor play I pretty much enforce it (in a nice way) on the boys.
They all have so much energy, that there really isn't a better way than getting rid of it by being in the great outdoors.
Wether that be out in the garden, on a woodland walk, down by the beach or at the local park!

My most wild child is Ru, and every time he goes out the benefits of outdoor play are so clear to see.
He's happier, he's speaks more, he's confident and he takes a keen interest in what the other boys are doing around him.

Compared to when he's stuck indoors all day.
Where meltdowns are more likely to happen and less play is done.

Even his nursery teachers tell me the difference in him once he's been outside is amazing.
He is lucky enough to go to a little nursery right in the middle of the woods, just down from Sandringham.
When they aren't out in the woods, they are encouraged to go into the garden and play on the outdoor play equipment.

The twins have always been outdoor boys and love nothing more than playing at in the park.
Running around and throwing themselves down the slide.

After their first day at their new school, they came running out with huge grins on their faces to tell me all about the cool playground equipment they had.

The equipment is was built like a castle and has all these different walls to climb over and under.
The fun they can have whilst playing on it is endless!

At their previous school there was nothing like that, so for them to be so pleased over something that should be common in most schools, made me think why do some schools not promote being active?

 independent research commissioned by ESP and carried out by Liverpool John Moores University, we discovered that the average amount of physical activity taking place during PE lessons was remarkably low. The report demonstrated that “68% of a child’s PE lesson is spent stationary”

That to me is unacceptable and makes me think no wonder 1 in 3 children are overweight!

The schools should play a part in keeping children active as well as the parents!

When the boys aren't in the garden wrestling each other or playing football, I love taking them up to the woods for a bear hunt and tree climbing.
They usually return home covered in mud but they are always smiling!

Not only does it do them the world of good, it helps me clear my head specially if they've been bickering most of the morning.

Outdoor play is also great for encouraging children’s creativity
Away from the constraints and confinement of indoor play, being outside children’s imaginations are often stimulated by the objects around them and they quickly tap into their creativity.

I certainly see a lot more creative play when the boys are outside.
There are less boundaries and that gives them the freedom they need to really challenge their imaginations!

**In collaboration with ESP Play.