Saturday, 1 November 2014

Angel Delight Moments

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I have never ever had Angel Delight - I was deprived from it's goodness as a child and since then I've never had the urge to try it. Jon on the other hand loves it and will eat a whole packet to himself from the bowl he makes it up in *cough*piggy*cough*

When I saw the opportunity to try out the new bubblegum flavour I thought why not!!

Jon was put off by all the pinkness but when it came to eating it he was less than impressed that he had to share it with all of us!

Noah wanted to try it in milkshake form but we didn't have any ice cream so he had to make do with the pudding.

It didn't take too long to make up which is always a nice bonus in a busy household.

I added fresh strawberries to decorate it and make it look more exciting and everyone loves strawberries.....apart from me so I took mine off before eating and gave it to Noah.

Everyone including myself really enjoyed it. I was actually really surprised by how nice it was. Noah gave it the thumbs up though he didn't eat it all nor did Alex, I think it was too sweet for them but Jon, Oscar and myself gobbled it up. 

I will be buying more Angel Delight in all the other flavours specially Jon's favourite which is butterscotch when I next go shopping. It will make pudding night that bit more exciting rather than the usual which more often than not is either a muller corner yogurt or a ice lolly.

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Hello November

This year has just flown by! 
November already!!!!!! that's just crazy!!!!!!

As much as I like the sun and the warmth I much prefer the chilly nights and the rainy weather. (Yes some of you may think that's weird)
I'm a winters child at heart. I adore wrapping up warm, having slippers on and enjoy hearty winter food.

This month we are probably going to be moving into Jon's parents house, as the people buying our house want to be in before Christmas. So we have a lot of sorting out to do....

Making sure I pick out the important things we will need at the in laws and decide what can go into storage.

I need to get in contact with new schools and new nurserys in Minster on sea (that is where we are moving tooo)

We need to rid ourselves of everything we don't want coming into the new house. 

We really have to start planning for Christmas. I've started buying already but there is still so much more to get and do.

I'm planning Noah's 7th birthday party / leaving do, I've decided on taking him and a few friends to a laser quest.

This month is pretty quiet on the family birthday front. On the top of my head the only birthday I can think of is my cousin. 
Next month is where it really gets busy's mine, Noah's, Christmas, then my niece Islas bday
Busy busy busy so I'll have to plan ahead and make sure I have presents for all and remind Jon about lovely things I want :)

It's fireworks night soon and my dad has decided he is going to do a display in his garden, so that will be the twins and ru's first fireworks display, very excited about that .

This month I will be reviewing a childrens story book and also doing my first competition by giving away said book, so stay tuned for that.

Is there anything else you as my readers would like to see me write about?