Saturday, 10 January 2015

5 veg Bolognese.....

I always try to make sure the boys eat there 5 a day. 
They are great at it to be honest, Noahs not so keen on veg but he always gobbles up my 5 veg bolengesis. 

What you need :: 
500g lean mince beef
2 carrots 
5 mushrooms 
1 courgette 
1 onion 
1 can of Tinned tomatoes 
2 garlic cloves 
A couple of big spoon fulls of red and green pesto 
Some nutmeg

What to do
Chop up the onion and add it to a hot pan, let that soften up then add in the mince. Whilst the mince is browning, chop up the veg into small cubes (you can feats the veg as this then completely hides the veg from fussy children) 
Add to the meat, then pour in the tinned toms and a little bit of water, then in ho your spoon fulls of pesto then crush in your garlic and herbs! 

The longer it cooks the better.
I usually get mine going at lunch time so that by dinner it is perfect. 
You could pop it in a slow cooker and have it on all day. Your house would smell amazing!

I serve mine with pasta as the boys like that more than spaghetti. 

Sometimes they have garlic bread as an extra treat. 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Moving house part one ....

This evening we are moving in to Jon's parents. Our house is being completed on Friday but we thought it would be easier to be out the house before habd. Packers are coming in on Wednesday and taking our things into storage on Thursday. In the next few days we have our last chances to chuck away unwanted things and pack up things we want to pack.

Tidy and clean so the house is nice for the new owners.

Today my new best friends shall be my Hoover and vacuum pack bags 

Wish me luck as I just can't see the house being empty by Friday! 

London zoo 4-1-2015

A little while ago my mum decided she wanted to take Noah and his cousin Isla to London zoo ..... Little did she know everyone else wanted to go!
So me and my gang, mum and dad, kelly and the girls - (Isla and Esme) all headed towards the zoo on a cold Sunday morning!

Jon has never been to London zoo so he was pretty excited and the boys were extremely excited. 

The night before the twins were doing all their monkey expressions and Noah went on about how he really wanted to see a squid ..... Which I told him was unlikely as it wasn't an aquarium, didn't seem to stop his hopes lol! 

We all met at 11 by the gates, we drove, Kelly and the girls got the tube and mum and dad got the train and tube! 

Isla was the girl with the plans, pen and notepad in hand ready to list everything we had done and wanted to do!!! 

Everyone really wanted to see the Tigers 

and the twins wanted to see the giraffes (giraffes can't dance is one of their favourite books)

We went into the butterfly house and saw lots of beautiful butterflies. One even landed on the twins bobble hats! 

We saw the Penguins at penguin beach, one was rather noisey which made everyone laugh! 

We saw the gorillas, and the new baby gorilla .... Very sweet 

We all brought a picnic, so at lunch time we all sat down and tucked in. Hot coffees and teas for the grown ups as it was just so cold!  

We went to the Rainforest and saw lots more lovely animals there. One little chap even wanted his picture taken! 

We all had a fantastic day and all the kids enjoyed themselves! 

I Love London zoo and will definitely taking the boys back again and again! 

A few more snaps from the day 

I did my first back carry with Ru..which he seemed to enjoy 

Having a chat about pigmy hippos