Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Daddy's In Charge

Last Wednesday I had to pop up to London as i was invited to a round table meeting with Robinsons Fruit Shoots.

It was all very last minute, so I kinda fell out the door and left Jon to it.

Jon treated the boys to a McDonald's lunch and sent me this ......

It's nice to know the boys are just as crazy for daddy as they are for me! 


Tuesday, 2 August 2016


It's world breast feeding this week and....

Dads got this!!!

Over half of Mums would breastfeed for longer if they could share responsibilities with Dad
In fact, 7/10 Mums wished Dad had Breastfeeding abilities too!
The NEW Express and Go system allows Dad to be more involved with those precious breast milk feeding moments with baby 

Tommee Tippee have commissioned a series of photography with real life Dads to capture those moments and picture the bond between Dad and Baby

OK so Tommee Tippee can’t give Dad a Mum’s breastfeeding superpower but they can equip them with the NEW Tommee Tippee Express and Go system. 

Express and Go uses a single pouch to EXPRESS, STORE, WARM & FEED breast milk. There’s no need to transfer milk at any stage so you’ll never lose a precious drop! The experts agree, the system has just won the Prima Baby Gold Award for Most Innovative Product of 2016. 

By taking on the storing, warming and feeding responsibility, Dad can not only give breast feeding Mum some well-deserved me-time but they can be more involved in those precious feeding moments that are essential for parent-baby bonding.

Head of Marketing at Tommee Tippee, Kiera Day, said: To celebrate World Breast Feeding Week we’ve commissioned a photo shoot using real-life Dads to capture honest and intimate feeding moments between Dad and Baby. We all know Dad has a special role to play in baby feeding but it’s understandable if he sometimes feels left out, especially as 76% of mums feel breastfeeding is vital to bonding with their baby. The Express and Go system allows Dad to be more involved with those precious moments of which the photography captures brilliantly.  

Real life parents Lara and Jonathon from Sunderland took part in the Tommee Tippee Dad’s Got This photoshoot. Jonathon said: It’s great that a brand is championing Dads role in early parenting. Both Otto and I have loved being part of the Dad’s Got This campaign and the ease of the Express and Go system means it’s not just nappy changes for me from now on… I’ve got this! 

The full series of heart-warming photography will be exhibited on Tommee Tippee Social Media and on their online retail partner Amazon during World Breast Feeding Week. 

Throughout World Breastfeeding Week Tommee Tippee will be giving away 10 Express and Go Complete Kits and £250 worth of Amazon vouchers. 

To view the photo series visit during World Breastfeeding Week:  

Monday, 1 August 2016

Bing Bunny Magazine Review

We've been lucky enough to have a sneak peak at the brand new Bing Bunny magazine.

We are massive fans of Bing, and the boys always stop what they're doing and sit down to watch it when it's on in the morning.

Even Ru with his very few words can manage to shout out Bing! 

When we heard there was a Bing magazine coming out we were more than excited.
The twins love new magazines, they spends hours colouring in all the pictures and sticking the stickers absolutely everywhere.

Bing magazine didn't disappoint.
It has over 60 stickers!!!
Lots to colour in, and cut out.

We made Froggy's home, which the boys loved putting Froggy in and making him jump all over it.

Ru loved looking at the pictures and pointing to all the different characters and saying all the colours he knows.

Bing Magazine is focused on the Early Years curriculum.

The twins are starting to learn their numbers and letters, magazines like Bing are really helping them that little bit more.
They have more concentration to do all the activities that are in the magazine.
They really enjoyed doing spot the difference on Hoppity Voosh.

So this is our first ever YouTube video, apologies for it being a bit on the long side.
The music makes it better ....honest :) 

The magazine costs £3.99 and is out now.

It's a Bing thing!