Thursday 7 April 2016

Book Review || Fred 'N' Friends - A Woodland Adventure

Fred is a sausage dog, long and lean, He trips people up, he's not easily seen.

Written by a mother and daughter team Angela & Stephanie O'Donnell, who have taken inspiration from their very own pets, Fred and Carrot.
They are constantly seen striding around the Great British Countryside seeking new and innovative ideas to join their wonderful book series.

Illustrations are by Timm Joy

We were very kindly sent a copy of 'Fred 'N' Friends A Woodland Adventure' the first book in the series to read and review.

Join Fred on his adventure in the exciting world of the woods and find out what happens when his owners aren't there! Just who is the Woodland Boss and why did he trample Mouse's house?!?!

The twins loved it straight away as the illustration of little Fred made them giggle, they also said he looked like a small Ray (our dog).

It was an easy read and it flowed nicely, it kept the boys interested and the illustrations caught their eyes.
They were wanting the pages to turn quicker so they could find out what was happening.

Once Fred's owners have gone off to work, he goes and meets his friend Bear and heads off into the woods, along their stroll they keep bumping into distressed little animals. Who keep telling them the Woodland Boss.
So on they go trying to discover who this Woodland Boss is.......

We kept trying to guess but we each had a different answer. 
The book doesn't actually tell you, it just leaves it up to you to decide.

Which is good because it brings up conversations about the book once you have finished reading. Having the kids ask questions and saying who or what they think is a great way to engage with them and shows you that they were actually listening.

The boys loved the book so much, I'll probably end up buying more the rest of the series.

If the boys sit still and hardly make a sound it's always is a sure sign they love the book.

The other books in the series are;
Fred 'N' Friends - A Seaside Adventure
 Join Fred on his seaside adventure as he makes a whole collection of new friends in his search for Mr Crab's missing shell! Just who did steal the shell and can Fred help find it!?

Fred 'N' Friends - A Canal Adventure.
This time his adventures include rescuing trapped ducklings and saving Daisy the otter before disasters strikes?! Do Fred and Alfie succeed?

You can find Fred on Facebook and Twitter
You can buy Fred 'n' Friends over on Amazon £4.99


**we were sent a copy of the book for free in return for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.


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