Saturday 26 August 2023

Should I encourage my child to get a job?

 As your child grows older, the question of whether or not it is time for them to get a job may cross your mind. Whilst there are still many opinions surrounding this topic, there are also several compelling reasons why encouraging your child to get a job, even at a young age, can be beneficial for their personal and professional development. 

Below is some advice from this senior school in Wolverhampton, on if you should encourage your child to get a job. 

Building responsibility and a strong work ethic

Encouraging your child to get a job early on, can definitely help them develop a strong sense of responsibility and work ethic, both of which are needed to achieve great success in life. Balancing school, extracurricular activities and a job requires strong time management and organizational skills. By taking on a job, your child will learn to juggle different responsibilities, meet deadlines, and manage their commitments. These skills are widely known for being transferable to numerous aspects of life, including the academic world and future careers.

Real-world experience

Before a person gets a job, the majority of their experiences and skills are attained from school and home life. This means that whilst they may have the knowledge of what goes on in the workforce, they lack the skills and experience. A part-time job can provide your child with invaluable real-world experience. During this time, they will learn about teamwork, communication, customer service, and problem-solving, these being skills that are essential in any profession. They will also get a clearer insight into the working world, which will help them prepare better for future employment. 

Whilst getting a job is fantastic and something that should be discussed at some point in your child’s life, it is also important to consider factors such as their academic commitments and age. 

A job will definitely be a great addition to their life,however, it shouldn’t overpower their studies. Similarly, ensure your child chooses a job that they enjoy and is suitable for their age. 

Best of luck!


Wednesday 23 August 2023

What are the benefits of a specialist drama school?


In a world where creativity and expression have become extremely popular and widely celebrated as key principles of personal growth and success, education surrounding drama has taken the stage. Whilst traditional educational institutions are great for providing a well-rounded foundation in theatre, specialised drama schools are known to offer a unique and immersive environment for future actors and performers to develop and improve on their talent. These institutions are specially designed to provide an intense education that focuses heavily on the performing arts. 

This is great as it fosters a deeper understanding of the artistic world and prepares students for their future careers. Keep reading to find out more on the benefits of a specialist drama school, as advised by this creative arts school in London

Intensive training

Specialised drama schools are known for their immersive training programmes. Unlike traditional schools that offer drama alongside the curriculum, these schools dedicate their focus on the performing arts alone. This intense training allows students to fully immerse themselves into the world of acting and other aspects of theatre. From this, they are exposed to a wide range of techniques that help them sharpen their skills to a professional level.

Experts and connections to the industry

Students who aspire to be professional members of the performing arts, need to be taught and trained by the most experienced members of this profession. Educators in specialist drama schools bring a wealth of knowledge to the classroom, offering better insights and real-world experience to students. Learning directly from professionals who have already overcome the challenges of the industry, provides students with a better insight of the realities of this particular career path. Additionally, these institutions provide higher chances of making valuable connections that can be used to understand and manoeuvre through the industry better. 

Specialised drama schools truly are a great option for aspiring actors and performers. Along with the immersive training and connections to experts, students gain endless benefits that will support them as they work towards a successful career. 


Monday 21 August 2023

Supporting your child with their cognitive development

As a parent, you play a crucial role in fostering your child’s cognitive development. This can be defined as an individual’s ability to reason and think. Cognitive skills mainly surround learning, thinking, problem-solving, and memory, all of which are essential for their overall growth. 

By taking part in activities that stimulate their mind and encourage curiosity, and actively supporting your child, you can help your little one reach their cognitive milestones. Continue reading for some advice from this independent school in West Sussex, on supporting your child with their cognitive development. 

Encourage playful learning

Play is a very powerful tool used for cognitive growth, which is why trained professionals encourage little ones to play consistently. Encourage your child to engage in different activities that spark their imagination and curiosity.Experimenting with artistic materials, taking part in pretend play, solving puzzles, and building blocks, all contribute to cognitive development. As your child explores and develops their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, be sure to ask them questions to encourage them to think creatively as well.

Read together

Once again, this may feel like an activity that doesn’t seem very effective, however, works very well to boost cognitive development. Regular reading sessions provide ample exposure to new vocabulary and help to improve their language skills and expand on knowledge. As you read together, don't forget to ask questions about the story and characters along the way. This alone will help enhance their compassion skills and encourages them to think critically about the content. To make things interesting, allow your child to take the lead in choosing books, as this will nurture their interests and curiosity.

Limit screen time

Whilst technology can definitely be beneficial, excessive amounts of it can hinder cognitive development. Ensure that the amount of time your child spends in front of screens is limited, and encourage a healthy balance between both digital and hands-on experiences.

Supporting your child’s cognitive development is a rewarding journey.

 Remember that each child is unique, so be sure to tailor the experiences to their needs.

Friday 18 August 2023

What should I ask at parent’s evening?

It seems over the school year, parents don’t get many opportunities to have a proper sit down with their child’s teacher to discuss their progress and updates. This is why parents’ evening is a time that most look forward to, given that it is completely dedicated to getting an insight into their child's academic progress ad overall well-being within the school environment. Unfortunately, given that these sessions are short due to the number of parents that attend, it is important to ensure you go prepared. Here is some advice from this sixth form in Devon, on what you should ask when you attend parents’ evening.

How is my child progressing academically?

The main aim of parent’s evening is to understand your child’s academic performance. You can ask the teacher about your child’s strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects and dig deeper into their approach to learning. As well as this, be sure to inquire about any noticeable changes in their study habits or participation in class. This will give you an insight into your child’s learning style and whether any adjustments need to be made to support their academic growth. 

How is my child’s social and emotional development?

Education truly goes further than academics, it also takes social and emotional growth into consideration. Ask your child's teacher about your little one’s interactions with their peers, their attitude towards learning, and any changes in their behaviour. Looking into your child's emotional well-being can help you identify any signs of anxiety, stress, or other concerns that may have an impact on their learning.

How can I support my child’s learning at home?

If you don’t feel confident supporting your child's learning at home, the best person to get tips from is their teacher. Collaborate with them and discover new ways to extend your little one’s learning experience at home. Ask for recommendations such as books or websites that can be explored together, to support their classroom learning.

Parent's evening is a great opportunity to gain valuable insight into your child's academic and personal development. Keep these questions in mind for the next session, in order to get the most out of the time offered. 


Friday 11 August 2023

Whats on Bea’s Bookshelf This Month

I have a big love for books and always do my best to impart my love for books to the kids. Now Bea is old enough to sit still for long enough we have started bedtime stories, which she loves just as much as I do and it means I've been able to treat her to some lovely new books.

First up is this beautiful illustrated 5-Minute Nature Stories,
Written by Gabby Dawnay and Illustrated by Mona K.

Each read-aloud story celebrates everyday miracles in a woodland. 
A gift to inform and delight the youngest nature lovers.

Perfect for a quick story before bed, Bea is very much an outdoor child and loves everything to do with the outside world.

The Fairy Garden

Written by Georgia Buckthorn and Illustrated by Isabella Mazzanti.

Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2023 Illustrated Books Shortlist. 

It is an enchanting and, beautifully illustrated story of Mimi, a young girl who longs to see fairies in her garden.

Two reasons why I picked this up for Bea were the main character is called Mimi, and my mum's name to the kids is Mimi so it made sense to get it, and it's a book about fairies. The boys were never too keen on fairy books once they got older so of course I am going to push the fairy scene hard onto Bea! 

Bea was named after Beatrix Potter, so of course her bookshelf has some vintage copies of Beatrix Potter's famous works.
The Tale of Peter Rabbit,
The Tale of Squrrile Nutkin,
The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher,
The Tale of Two Bad Mice,
The Tale of Gloucester. 

Next up is one of my favourite childhood books,

The complete book of the Flower Fairies.
By Cicely Mary Barker.

I couldn't find my original copy so I had to get a new one.
I'm pretty sure I love this more than Bea, but I'm sure as she gets older she will love it just as much as I do.

The artist and author of the poems, Cicely Mary Barker, originally published her flower fairies in 1923. Well versed in botanical drawings her florals are surprisingly true to form.

Little Witch Hazel 
A year in the forest.

Written & illustrated by Phoebe Wahl

Another beautiful book that I love picking up. One I feel Bea will love for a long time.

An earthy and beautiful collection of four stories that celebrate the seasons, nature, and life. Little Witch Hazel is a tiny witch who lives in the forest, helping creatures big and small. She's a midwife, an intrepid explorer, a hard worker, and a kind friend.

Some inspirational women stories from the 
Little People, Big Dreams series.

Coco Chanel,
Aretha Franklin,
Astrid Lindgren.

Last but not least some all-time classics that I can enjoy with Bea when she's a little older.
I am a sucker for a beautiful cover so it was really hard to not get these, I am hoping to get the whole collection as they are all so lovely.

Anne of Green Gables,
Alice in Wonderland,
The Secret Garden.



Wednesday 9 August 2023

Back To School With TOG24

Back to school is just around the corner and if you're like me you'll be starting to get stuck into that back-to-school shopping list.

Right up the top of my list along with a new uniform is a good coat to see the kids through the autumn and winter months.

TOG24 has an amazing kids' range for ages 4+, from packable waterproofs to toasty thermals.
All their coats are beautifully made and ready for whatever elements the weather throws at them.

Ru picked out the Peckett waterproof jacket in khaki, he loves a fluffy hood, last year I picked out a coat for him myself and he absolutely hated it. 
He was over the moon when the coat arrived and he tried it on straight away, it was a perfect fit and you can see how well it has been made.

Currently, it is in the sale reduced from £100 to £40!

Here are some of the coats features -
  • Waterproof,
  • Windproof,
  • Breathable,
  • Insulated filling made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Water-repellent coating (DWR)
  • Hood with removable faux fur and velcro adjuster on the back
  • 2 Lower patch pockets
  • Reflective strips on cuffs

With the awful weather we have been having recently Ru has been more than keen to get out and about in his new coat.
The pockets are deep enough for all those important rocks and feathers you find on the school run.
The removable fur trim means that when Ru doesn't want the fluffy hood, we can just pop it off. 

He loves how snug it is, and apparently, he can run super fast in it, as he was more than eager to show me on one of our walks around the local common.
Even the wild ponies were impressed with his new coat.

If you're not too familiar with TOG24 here is a little insight into who they are.
They are a family-run company based in the Spen Valley town of Heckmondwike in Yorkshire, initially produced footwear and branched into sports bags and football kits in the 70s before finally landing on waterproofs and fleeces.

TOG24 stands for “Truth Over Glory Everyday”. 

Ru loves the coat and I think he looks very handsome in it. 
It is the perfect coat for the winter term.

We were very kindly gifted the coat for the purpose of this post, but I only work with brands that I would buy from myself, so I 100% recommend TOG24 when you're thinking about buying back-to-school coats for your children.