Tuesday 27 June 2023

Pretty eggs and Sourdough bread.

Back in November, I stepped into the world of sourdough bread.
I found a recipe for the starter and decided to give it a go.

It took a few weeks to get it going and I wasn't making decent loaves until way into February.
I nearly gave up, I re-started the starter many times but eventually, it clicked, and everything started to click into place.

So now we have weekly sourdough loaves and they never stay around very long, the recipe I follow makes two loaves, and the boys absolutely love them. 

I love everything about them, the process, the baking, the scoring, the smell, the taste.
I'm trying to perfect my scouring, so every loaf I do tends to be a little different.

I have a few new recipes which I'm going to try and follow, such as a seeded loaf, fruit, and nut loaf, just to see how they turn out.

I also recently made some rhubarb jam and that goes amazingly well with the bread!
I'll do another post with the recipe for the jam.

We are really trying to do more home cooking and more home baking, with the veggies we home grow and the scrummy eggs our girls lay us daily it really isn't too tricky.

Making the kids homemade treats is much cheaper and the kids all enjoy them more than a bag of sweets, and plus we know what has gone into them.

They often give us requests as to what they'd like made during the week and whilst they're out at school I get busy in the kitchen.

Fresh bread and fresh eggs really are one of my favourite things.
Especially when the eggs look like this!


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