Monday 19 September 2016

Clearing My Head

I've said before going to the beach always helps clear my head.
Yesterday whilst we had a house viewing we all headed off to the beach.

Jon has just had nose surgery so he wasn't up for doing much walking, so he sat on the wall whilst the twins and Noah ran around trying all the work out machines and I sat on the beach with Ru.

Ru threw stones and ran away from the waves and I sat and let my head clear.
I'm not going to sit around and let myself have a pity party for one, I'm just going to get on with life.
If I sit around in this black hole for much longer, it will be 10x harder to come out.

I made up a list of things that I should do, and told myself just to take one day at a time, yes there will be shit days but that's life, not everything is rosy!

The boys being at school will give me the time to sit back and relax a little and get the stuff I need to get done with out the constant battles going on with them around.
Rupert is at nursery on Tuesday's & Friday's so that will give me time if I wanted to pop out on my own for a coffee and a chill!

I'll be able to put some love back into the blog, as lately its been lacking that and I'm sure it shows.

Yesterday I finally set up my Epson eco tank printer and set about printing off some pintable's that will help me get back on track!

Daily, weekly and monthly sheets that I found from, and from I found 'My life and goals planner' printable.

I've already started putting them to use, I need to get myself a new planner/journal as I packed my other ones away and Jon popped them in the loft so they would be out of the way when we had viewings!

I also printed off my lovely blog header design as I just love it so much and hopefully seeing that every day when I walk down the stairs will rekindle my love affair with my blog!

Coming up soon a monthly round up of the books we've been reading!

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