Saturday 15 August 2020

Book Review // Meee in a family minute: 60 Ways To Improve Your Family Life In 60 Secs.

'Sid Madge is a brand strategist and founder of The Meee Programme. 
His first book ‘Meee in a Minute - 60 ways to improve your life in 60 seconds’ became a best-seller and celebrates the work of the Meee Programme. 
It draws on his knowledge of branding and expertise from neuroscience, psychology, education, business and sociology.'

Family time can sometimes be overlooked or put to the bottom of the to-do list thanks to our busy lives, our hectic schedules and the pull of those damn games consoles that are easier to give into than argue against, so when I was asked if I would like a copy of Sid Madge's 60 ways to improve your family life in 60 secs I was definitely more than willing to give it a read.   

Lockdown started off great as we did so much together as a family but as the weeks went on and the stress of it got to us all, we all kind of slipped into a lazy routine of not doing much and only really coming together on the odd walk in the woods or at mealtimes, so I needed to get back on track and reconnect our clan.

Taking breaths when the boys get too much, has really helped me tackle situations much better.

The 60 mini-chapters only take a minute to read and you can flip through the book and read it how you like, it covers everything from learning how to say sorry to creating family traditions.
Sid also covers how to bring a blended family together - which includes those who foster.

I love that you can flip through the book and will always end up finding something that relates to your family or something that you can do together that will bring you closer and help you bring back the fun in being a family.

Lockdown has forced us to spend more time together and even with that in place we still managed to slightly drift apart.
After reading 60 ways to improve your family life in 60 secs I have now clamped down on screen time and make more of an effort to enjoy time as a family, we are talking more, sharing more and the mood in the house is 100 x better.

One thing we all really enjoy has been bringing back family movie night, the last film we watched was Jaws and even Noah was happy to sit down and watch it with us.
The boys are all into sharks at the moment thanks to Fortnites floods, so it was a winner all around.
I did half expect the younger boys to get frightened but they all loved it and now want to watch Jaws 2.

 With Noah months away from becoming a fully-fledged smelly teenager we are in constant battles with him to do simple tasks like brushing his teeth, taking a shower, stepping out of his room to grace us with his presence that I do often snap at him for no reason and have let him go to bed without me apologising to him then wondering why he's always moody with me. 
So after reading the Learn how to Say Sorry chapter, I make a conscious effort to say sorry after I've blown up at him, he's hormonal I'm hormonal but getting angry at silly is pointless. Gentle reminders about his hygiene work much better than shouting at him.
He is much happier after I've said my sorries, he then also apologises back and the awful mood is broken.

simples really!

The mini-chapters are simple and are something families all set out to do, but along the way occasionally forget so it's nice to have the book around for that little kick up the bum when we have lost our way!

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