Saturday 7 February 2015

Box Hill natural play trail

Today we went up to boxhill to check out the natural play trail with the boys and to give me a chance to have a play with my new camera. So all the photos in this post are from the camera.

It was rather muddy but boys and mud go hand in hand!

We went up with Jon's mum, the boys were extra excited to have a walk with nana!

We found some wigwams dotted all over the place, one was big enough that it had a fire pit in it 

The boys had great fun exploring. It was also nice to get some fresh air into our lungs as we have all come down with coughs and colds - yes you probably think going out on a walk when a bit under the weather is madness but I swear it helps! 

After we were all completely muddy we headed back to the car and returned home to have some lunch. 

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