Friday 20 February 2015

Yesterdays shenanigans

Jon took a days holiday yesterday so we could go out and do something fun as a family.

We thought about going to a local farm but were put off by the price ...... Being a family of 6 doesn't half put the price on days out up! :(

We decided to look at chessington zoo ...... Much cheaper than the farm and probably more fun for the boys. 

We started the day with bears on toast ... I thought it would go down well but they boys decided they were to nice to eat!

We saw the seals and the twins loved waiting for them to turn up by the glass

Oscar made friends with the black sheep in the petting farm

All the gorillas were in hiding ..... Like most of the animals at the zoo lol!
So they decided to make friends with the pretend one. 

We did see some lions, but they were fast asleep looking rather cold!

The boys tried to coax the animals out of hiding by playing the bongos!

At the end of the day, all 3 boys were pretty tired and grumpy! 
I think Noahs face sums up his mood.

After the zoo we went to boxhill to get some lunch in Smith and Western.
 This cheered all the boys up.

The day was topped by the boys auntie and cousin come to stay at Nana and Gramps's.
The boys have not left Jenni alone and Sam and Noah have bonded over the Xbox! 

In other news coming up on the blog next week ......

• Mother's Day bakerdays cake review 
• Alfie and Grandma book review
• What I thought about the The baby show  London ExCel 

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