Saturday 30 January 2016

Rupert The 'Head Banging' Bear.

As mothers are job is to worry.
We worry about everything, no matter how small it seems to other people we if its our baby we worry.
It doesn't matter if your a first time mum or a tenth time mum that worry never goes away!

Ru has always been a head banger.
He started very early, but lately it's become more violent and uncontrollable.

I had always tried to just think oh he'll stop soon, he'll grow out of it but he's nearly two and it only seems to be getting worse.

So I called the health visitor and she came round the next day, along with discussing his head banging I told her other things I was worried about...
He only says 'Dada' even I am called 'Dada'
(By the time a child's 2 they should know about 50 words!!!) 
He doesn't play with the boys,
He hits, he bites, he's a bit mean not just to his brothers but to me as well.
He shuts his eyes when people look at him or try to talk to him.
He's barely eating,
He hates change,
Some nights he decides sleep is for the weak.
He head bangs, on floors, walls, Windows, paths, trees, tables. Now he's started doing it on corners.
He does it so hard I can hear him from another room.
My tummy flips every time I hear that bang! 

It's feels more  than just your typical "terrible twos" stage.
I've been single mum during the "terrible twos", I've been a twin mum during the "terrible twos" I'm a bloody pro at handling the "terrible twos" stage.

I could go on and on but I won't.
We discussed everything and she booked him in for his 2yr check. 
She decided up do his measurements and weight seeing as she was there and because of his head banging she did his head circumference. Usually they don't do it after they've turned one but she felt better if she did.
Turns out his head was 3 centiles larger than his length. 
She told me not to worry and it's probably nothing but to make sure I take him to the doctors to see what they make of it and to get his hearing test re booked.

Jon took Ru to the doctors Thursday afternoon whilst I went to pick Noah up from school, we both expected him to be in and out, he was in there for about 20 minutes and the appointment ended up with Ru being referred to the hospital to have a head scan.

We should hear next week about when it's going to happen.

My worry 'o meter has gone right off the scale! 
I know he'll be fine but head scan just sounds scary and he'll have to be sedated.

You know when you over think things and just wish your mind would shut up?!

I wish my reasonable side would kick in and tell my dramatic side to take a chill pill. 

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Product Review || Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer (NTF3000)

As a new parent, weaving your way through the maze of advice and information on your baby's health can be confusing and somewhat stressful. Naturally, it's concerning when your child is unwell and has a fever, but with the added worry of accurately measuring and interpreting his/her temperature , as well as struggling to take the temperature of an unwell child, it can be a very difficult time! 

"Making sure that your child gets plenty of rest is really important, not only because it helps them to recover, but it also eases the pressure on the rest of the family. This is especially the case in a younger child when you may wish to check their temperature more often in case it goes too high, but don't want to disturb them too much. With Braun's new No Touch + Forehead (NFT3000) thermometer, parents could get multiple, reliable readings easy without having to wake their child up."
Dr Ranj Singh

The first thermometer with no touch and touch functions
•Unique dual no touch and touch technology
•Clinically proven Braun accuracy
•Patented positioning system
•Fast 2 second reading
•No-sound mode
•Large colour coded display
•Clear back-lit display
•Stylish silver blue design
•Easy access to all functions
•Hygienic to use

When it comes to taking the boys temperature I always seem to be fighting a losing battle.
They hate the ear thermometer, they hate the under arm one.
They squirm, they scream, they run away.

With the No Touch + Forehead (NFT3000) there was no struggle what so ever. They didn't even mind when it was touching them, though they did prefer the yellow dot (no touch). It made having their temperature taken much more exciting!
Its so simple to use that even the twins could take each others temperature.

Knowing  I can use it whilst Ru is sleeping is a great bonus as he really is anti everything at the moment and if he's sleeping and I'm not having to wake him I can check on him without disturbing him and causing WW3.

There is an easy colour code to help you know when the child's temperature is anything but normal.

Green - Normal
Yellow - Elevated
Red - High

Did you know as you grow that the definition of fever changes??

Luckily none of them have been unwell since I was sent the product but I know when it comes to taking their temp when they're unwell it will be a doddle!  

Buy online from Boots

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Giveaway || Rave-A-Roo tickets

Kids. Play. Rave. Repeat
Indoor mayhem for outdoor voices

Imagine an indoor festival vibe with a focus on families partying together and getting their rave on….and you have Rave-A-Roo; a new clubbing mash-up of festival fun for all the family.
At Rave-A-Roo kids can be themselves, dance, let loose, create, watch or chill.
Launching at London’s most iconic club, Ministry of Sound, in February half term, Rave-A-Roo is an entirely new concept. From toddlers to grandparents, everyone is invited to join in the madcap fun.

It’s the ultimate party with top DJs, the Disco Ball Games, a Big Fish Little Fish takeover, LIVE stage performances, hosts Tom and Adam (from Babyhead and Lost & Found), PlayGlow toys, confetti mayhem, neon craft, Glow Chill Room, and a UV tattoo station.

At Rave-a-Roo there is the chance for mini-clubbers and their adults to take on the dance floor with resident artists Go!Go!Go! as seen on Nick Jr. They’ll be debuting  their Electro Set and revealing their brand new look.

For time out from the dance floor and the little ones who can’t party quite as hard, they can take it easy in the Glow Chill Room, with an area for babies, whilst parents watch their little faces light up.
With a fully licensed bar (and tea, coffee and snacks), a convenient onsite buggy park, baby changing, professional security, carefully monitored sound levels and beautifully lit rooms, Rave-A-Roo offers a unique and safe environment for families.

Further dates in iconic venues around the UK, including more dates in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff to be announced

Rave-A-Roo will launch at London’s Ministry of Sound on Friday 19th February 2016. Sessions are 1pm to 3pm and 4pm to 6pm.
Tickets are priced £7.50 (earlybird), £10.00 (advanced) and £12.50 (on the door). Babes in arms go free.
For more information or to purchase tickets, 

I have a family ticket up for grabs 
2x adults 2x children.
If you fancy raving it up with the mini beasts comment below with why you'd like to come and the boys will pick a winner Saturday 30th 12pm. 

Monday 25 January 2016

To the little girl who lived next door.

I know we haven't been neighbours for nearly a year now but ... 

Today I found out what your dad gets up too.
Today I found out you had been taken into care.
Today I watched a video.
It made me sad, disgusted and ashamed.

I am sorry we joked that he looks the sort and never really did anything about it.
It really is not a laughing matter! 

I always thought you were a pain in the bum.
 I never gave you the time of day that you were so keenly trying to get from me.
I didn't see it then, but I do now.
Now it's too late.

I quickly judged you from the moment I met you.
I am sorry, truly I am.

If I could go back in time and give you what you needed, I would!

I am sorry for what your father is.
I am sorry you have become "part of the system".

Hopefully you will get the life you so truly deserve, stability, love, care, and positive role models to look up too.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and holding my breathe that it comes back that he never touched you like that.

I should never have judged you, and I should have been nicer.

You can never tell the battles that people are battling and you should never add to them.
Today that lesson has hit home hard! 

Friday 22 January 2016

Food Review || Ape Coconut Curls

Munch happy with the new coconuts on the block.....

Completely natural 
100% coconut & seasoning
No added sugars or chemicals!!

The U.K.'s first crisp and popcorn alternative made from coconuts. A packet of coconut curls contains no more than 109 calories per packet and even better news for those watching their waste lines this January this delicious snack has fewer carbs than crisps & popcorn.  

I was sent a couple of packets to try, they arrived right at the time I started 
"The new healthy living me!"

Win win!

They weren't anything like I expected
 (I was thinking dried up wrinkly fruit, bland and boring)
Boy was I wrong!

From the first taste I was in love.
I'm not good when it comes to eating healthily but these are far too tasty not to like, they're also rather addictive!
 They don't taste like any other health foods that I've tried.

The salted ones were my favourite, Jon preferred the peppered ones. 
The four bags I were sent didn't last long so I'll be making sure to buy them next time I'm shopping!

The boys decided they didn't like them enough to eat more than one curl....
I'll keep trying them on them! 
They will like them! 

They're the perfect snack for vegans, coeliacs, and those with paleo lifestyles, or any one whose trying to eat more healthily like myself!! 

You can buy Ape Coconut Curls at the following stores -
Planet Organic,
As Nature Intended
Nourish (Ireland) 
Available in 20g portions - RRP 99p

To find out more visit 

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Flab to Fab

Yesterday I kick started my fitness journey.

I wouldn't say I was over weight but I do have unwanted flabby bits.

My tummy has never quite recovered from having the twins and then Ru.
This is the year I get rid of the little over hang it has. (I'm blaming my c-section scar for that)
My back flab well that's just down to eating far too much rubbish and not enough exercise! 

I'm up'ing my water intake - I used to drink loads but now I just drink my many cups of coffee and sip on a glass of water throughout the day.
I'm aware that's rather crap.

Yesterday I downed 2 litres.
**thumbs up**
We got given 24 bottles of water over the weekend due to a water leak and the island being without water - the water eventually came back on and now I'm putting the bottles to use by making sure I drink at least one a day !!

Pre twins I used to go to the gym pretty much every other day and Noah would either be at nursery or be in the crèche.
I haven't done much exercise since other than running around after the boys. 
So I've bought two work out DVDs as I can no longer afford the gym and have no time to actually go to one. 
Zumba and Yoga for beginners. 
I'm planning to try and do Zumba 3x a week and Yoga twice a week.
If I feel I'm getting the hang of yoga I may try and find a local class!

I also got the Lean in 15 book to see what all the fuss is about.
I have to say it's pretty good and I'm excited about trying the all meals.

I'm aiming for 10000 steps a day.
Yesterday I reached over 11000! 
Hopefully I'll be able to keep it up as usually I only manage to do about 6000.

So ...
More steps,
More cardio exercise (Zumba)
More water
Less junk - more good food
Positive thinking!!!

Saturday 16 January 2016

Max & Nancy Hairydust!!

Natural & Organic Dry Shampoo for Children.

Ru has just gotten over ear influenza!

Who knew you could get influenza in the ear?!?

This ear infection has lasted well over a month and he's had two different types of antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops.
Getting his hair wet was a Nono and trying to pop some cotton wool in his ear like the Doctor suggested just wasn't happening - I put it in, he'd pulled it out, we did that little dance for a while and then I gave in, I clearly wasn't going to win that battle!

After a while his hair was starting to get to me, so I took to Twitter to see if dry shampoo for kids existed!
Blogger Hannah from zombiiemummy pointed me in the direction of MaxandNancy!!! 

Huzzah it did indeed exist!!! 
Before and After Hairydust!!!

After checking out the website I cheekily asked if they would send me a bottle in return for a blog review.
As you can see they were super awesome and said yes! 
I liked them already! 

The packaging is über cute and not gender specific at all, it looks like a little bottle of magic powder .... Which basically it is!
A sprinkle of the white stuff and Ru's hair went from drab and lifeless to shiny and gorgeous! 

I used it in the bath first as I knew he wouldn't be able to run away, he didn't mind it at all and has on occasion brought me the bottle, shaked it in my face and sat down in front of me waiting for me to play with his hair! 

Must be a winner if he's insisting on it being used.

His ear infection seems *fingers crossed* all cleared up but that won't stop me using Hairydust.
 It really does what you need it to do! 

I've used it on the twins after they decided one night wasn't hair washing night as they didn't want to get wet eyes .... So usually I'd put up a massive fight which would end in tears .... Usually Mine and wash their hair! 
Knowing I had the bottle of Hairydust to hand I quite happily said ok then out you get (both boys were obviously gunning for a screaming match as they were both completely speechless)

Hairydust & me 1 - twins 0.
I highly recommend buying a bottle specially if you have a child who hates hair washing time, or just to have just incase your little one's hair needs a bit of a freshen up or to save on time on that odd occasion when everything has got ridiculously busy and you've run out of time for the hair wash fight! 

What's inside this magical bottle??? 
100% Natural Ingredients of course, you wouldn't want any old rubbish going onto your little angels head!!
Tapioca starch,
Sodium bicarbonate,
Cucumis Sativus (cucumber) fruit extract,
Zea mays flour,
Anthemis Nobillis (Roman Chamomile) flower oil,
Paraben free
Not tested on animals!!   

Thursday 14 January 2016

#MYWILDONES week 2 || Dinosaur Day

We haven't been out much this week, and when we did get out my phone got left behind.

On one rainy day we decided to play

Alex went all out and found Noah's Arlo mask. He wore it pretty much all day!
He didn't even take it off to eat!!!


Book Review || What Pet Should I Get?

Dr Seuss is back by popular demand!!!

'Theodor  "Seuss" Geisel is quite simply the most beloved children's book author of all time!!!
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1984, an Academy Award, three Emmy Awards, three Grammy Awards and three Caldecott Honors, Geisel wrote and illustrated 45 books for children.
While Theodor Geisel died on September 24 1991, Dr. Seuss lives on, inspiring generations of children of all ages  to explore the joys of reading!'

The text and illustrations for What Pet Should I Get? were originally completed by Dr. Seuss sometime in the 1950s but lay undiscovered until his wife, Audrey Geisel, and long time secretary and friend Claudia Prescott discovered them in a box whilst cleaning out his office space in autumn 2013!

My brother and I grew up with my mum reading Dr Seuss to us, our favourite was Green Eggs and Ham and I still have the original book which I now read to the boys.
I have a good collection of Dr Seuss books as the boys all love them as much as me. 

When the opportunity came to review a brand new Dr Seuss book I was more than happy too!

Picking a new pet can always be tricky, and this book is all about a child's struggle when faced with so many lovely looking pets at the pet shop.

The children are taking to the pet shop and they have great difficulty in picking a pet, should they get a dog, a cat, a Yent?!?

At the end they both agree on one ...... But you don't actually get to see what they've picked!

Which leads to great conversations. 
I decided they got a dog, Noah decided they got a monkey (yea I know) and the twins couldn't quite decided at first Oscar said they got all of them but Alex quickly reminded him "Dad said only one!!"

A lovely book and I'm so happy that it was published. 

HarperCollins will also be releasing Horton and the Kwuggerbug - a collection of four Dr. Seuss stories first published in the 1950s in magazines - in March 2916!

Monday 11 January 2016

Valentine's gift guide for the Bearded Hunk in your life.

Do you have a bearded hunk Or do you consider yourself to be a bearded hunk?
Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift?

Beards - for those who are unaware take a lot of time to perfect and tame.
That master piece doesn't just happen over night! That beard you lust over takes time, effort, sweat, blood and tears ...... Sort of!

Once you get the beard of your dreams you want to maintain it in the best way.
Beard products give you a helping hand taming the beast!

Jon is constantly on the look out for new beard products and he's getting quite a collection now ..... The fight for shelf space in the bathroom is on.
I'm sure all his beard care out weighs all my make up! 

So if like my bearded one, yours likes to treat himself to some great bearded loveliness, look no further than 
B.I.G Beard Balm!!!!

Out of all the products Jon has used he says B.I.G Beard balm is one of his favourite and I have to agree, the smell is just amazing. 
He likes the way it makes his beard feel and how it keeps the bushyness under control!
For a while he was favouring the wild bush man look but he's come around to my way of thinking and agrees the well maintained beard looks best! 

He was previously using a balm that smelt like lemons but was verging on smelling like toilet cleaner. B.I.G beard balms vanilla scent makes me want to stick my nose in his beard and stay there all day long!!!

Would Jon buy this again?
Yes, he's already popped some into his Amazon shopping trolley! 

B.I.G Beard Balm
Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Grapeseed Oil 
No Harmful Chemicals 
We take pride in having a safe alternative for your beard. There are no fillers, additives, parabens or GMOs. Our Products have NEVER been tested on animals. 

The guys over at B.I.G Company have given you my lovely readers a 10% discount code. So why not go and treat the beard in your life!!! 

10% discount code

You can find the B.I.G Company over on Amazon US  or Amazon UK 
You can also follow them on ....

Sunday 10 January 2016

Last weeks meals ...

As you read last Monday we were giving HelloFresh a try.

We had great fun cooking and trying new things 4 out of 5 meals were fantastic!
The only reason I didn't like the 5th was Jon put a bit too much spice in it! 

My favourite meal of the week was - 
Aubergine 'Al Funghetto' with grilled butterflied chicken!

I love that there is no food wastage, you only get what you need. 
The recipe cards are easy to follow,
You know where it's all coming from as you get a card introducing the farmers.

Every night I was looking forward to dinner, my love for food had been rekindled.

Will we be carrying on with the boxes? 
Probably not forever but long enough so I get some new ideas for my own cooking and then I'll probably try to do it with out the boxes.


Friday 8 January 2016

Tiny Tickers Heart Week 7th - 14th Febuary 2016!!

As many as 1 in every 125 babies in the UK has a congenital heart defect. Only one third of major heart defects are spotted during pregnancy, and another third are picked up in standard newborn hospital tests.

Terrifyingly, that means around 1,000 newborns are sent home from hospital every year in the UK with no one realising they are suffering a life-threatening condition.

National Heart Month is in February and we at Tiny Tickers, the baby hearts charity, are asking you to support Heart Week between 7th - 14th February 2016. Heart Week is a chance to join together to help babies born with serious heart conditions by raising vital funds and awareness.

Tiny Tickers is a small national charity that aims to improve the detection, care and treatment of congenital heart disease (CHD) in babies.  
Tiny Tickers provides specialist training to health professionals and sonographers so they are better equipped to identify a heart defect during a pregnancy scan. We support parents and families dealing with a diagnosis, and we raise awareness of heart defects in babies so that parents know what signs to look out for.

When heart problems are detected during pregnancy, babies get treatment from the first possible moment – and early detection is shown to greatly improve their chance of survival and long-term quality of life, and lowers the risk of side-effects of heart failure such as brain damage.

Heart Week will help raise vital funds and awareness for the 1,000 babies who are sent home from hospitals every year with an undetected heart condition.
Martha’s condition was thankfully picked up during pregnancy. Her story perfectly explains how lifesaving early detection can be. Meet Martha here. (Martha's story )

We have lots of ideas in our Heart Week pack for what you can do to raise vital funds – such as Take Tea for Tiny Tickers and, courtesy of our friends at Swizzels Matlow, the 'Guess How Many Love Hearts in the Teapot' game. Our Heart Week 2016 toolkit has everything you need to get you started and remember - every penny counts so anything you can raise will be gratefully received.  

By taking part in Heart Week, you will be playing a vital role in this work so thank you! We are only a very small charity so the impact you can make is huge.

If you are worried your baby is one of these 1,000, these are the 5 signs that will help you protect your baby.
Think HEART points to a range of symptoms that, although non-specific, may be signs of an underlying heart defect - reducing oxygenated blood flow and needing urgent attention:

♥ Heart rate: too fast or slow? (normally 100 to 160 beats per minute)
♥ Energy & Feeding: sleepy, quiet, floppy, too tired to feed or falling asleep during feeds?
♥ Appearance: a pale, waxy, dusky, blue, purple, mottled or grey colour may mean that not enough oxygenated, red blood is getting to the body (normal oxygen saturations are 95-100%)
♥ Respiration: breathing too fast or slow? (normally 40-60 breaths per minute)
♥ Temperature: cold to touch - particularly hands and feet?

To get your free Heart Week pack, including your Love Hearts 'Guess the Number of Sweets' game,    REGISTER HERE 

What your support can do…
Here is how Tiny Tickers can use the money you raise:
£100 - Provides specialist on-site training for a sonographer to be able to detect heart problems during a pregnancy scan.
£500 - Lets us put information materials about heart conditions in 850 baby clinics and GP surgeries.
£2,500 - Produces a training video into one of the most common forms of heart defect for sonographers to refer to during scans.

 For more information please contact Jenni Cowlishaw – Senior Fundraiser;
Tiny Tickers Registered charity number 1078114 – 76, Chiswick Lane, London W4 2LA

Thursday 7 January 2016


Hannah over at
Has a new weekly linky and I shall be trying my hardest to make sure I link up every week!!

This weeks photos are from a walk at the Beach.
Noah didn't want to come, so him and Jon stayed home and myself and the mini people went and braved the cold weather.

Hope you enjoyed looking.
See you next week


The Imaginary •• Book Review ••

Rugder is Amanda's best friend. He doesn't exist, but nobody's perfect. 

Only Amanda can see her imaginary friend – until the sinister Mr Bunting arrives at Amanda's door. Mr Bunting hunts imaginaries. Rumour says that he eats them. And he's sniffed out Rudger. Soon Rudger is alone, and running for his imaginary life. But can a boy who isn't there survive without a friend to dream him up?

Written by A.F Harrold - "A.F Harrold is an English poet, and author of the Fizzlebert Stump series, who writes and performs for both children and adults. He is the owner of many books, a handful of hats, a few good ideas and one beard."

illustrated by Emily Gravett - "Emily was born in Brighton. After leaving school with few qualifications, she spent 8 years living on the road before getting a place on the BA Illustration course at Brighton University."

Myself and Noah loved this book, me more so than him, I found myself reading on once he had gone to bed. I never like ending on a cliff hanger!

It's moving, scary, funny, filled with tension! You can easily fall into the book and connect with the characters.
Mr Bunting is the man of nightmares, eating imaginarys or there 'Reals' just so that he can keep on seeing his own imaginary.
Noah wasn't too keen on him but it didn't put him off wanting to keep reading. 

I absolutely loved the illustrations, they are well drawn and really bring the book to life!  

I would recommend this book to parents with children over the age of 8 or who can handle a bit of tension in a book.
It would make a perfect gift.

You can buy the book over on Amazon for £12.99