Monday 11 December 2023

Spring Bulbs, Pretty eggs and Free chickens

I have been collecting spring bulbs since September, in the end, I had around 600.

The plan for the garden is to get rid of the raised beds that were here when we moved in, extend the border that we made last year, to all along the outside of the garden, and turn it into a cottage garden. 
Re-turf the grass, to get it looking lush again and add a few more seating areas, as well as a little play area for Bea.

Bea is forever my little helper and was very keen to get her hands dirty.
I dug the holes and she popped in the blubs.

Some of the Bulbs that we planted;
  • an array of different types of tulips
  • Alliums,
  • Daffodils,
  • Iris,
  • Hyacinth,
  • Spanish bluebells,

I still have a few more to plant but I'm very hopeful that the new borders are going to look amazing in spring.
Once winter is over we will get onto the turfing and other bits in the garden.

This year my advent calendar is a seed advent from the Rose press garden.
 24 packets of seeds that I can add to my spring and summer borders.
I cannot wait to get sowing them in the greenhouse.

The chickens are nearly all out of their autumn molt and some are back laying.
Ivy my olive egger hasn't laid in months and she is back giving me the most gorgeous olive eggs.
Lilith my dark brown egger has even started to lay again, she had a really hard molt and I wasn't expecting to see her eggs till spring.

This time last year they were all locked up due to bird flu, so it is lovely to still have them out and about in the garden, they are all looking really good and I'm keeping my fingers crossed we won't have to deal with another flock down.