Wednesday 21 December 2022

Bea's First Father Christmas Visit

Just before Bea became poorly, Jon and I took her along to Thursford Santa's Magical Journey 

Last year she joined the boys on the north Norfolk railway but she was too little to really know what was going on, so we wanted to make this one special for her, even though we know she won’t really remember this one either.

We picked Thursford as we had heard great things about it and it wasn’t too far from us, as Bea still isn’t too keen on long journeys in the car we didn’t want to venture too far.

As soon as we parked up it was magical, lights everywhere and staff all dressed up in smart costumes.

We headed straight inside, we were a little early but it was no bother.
Bea loved saying hello to the life-sized teddy at the door, and I’m pretty sure she would have been happy to stay with him for the day.

Once inside we went on a magical walk past giant teddies, Santa elves, penguins and Santas slay.

Bea loved all the elves and waved at pretty much every single one.
I loved watching her face light up every time she saw a new one.

It truly was magical.
As we got close to Santa’s grotto, Jon and I were getting excited. We were hoping Bea would love him just as much as the life-sized teddy at the start of the journey, but unfortunately, she wasn’t too taken on the big man and didn’t want to go anywhere near him.

Thankfully he was lovely and didn’t mind one bit.
We had a group photo and collected Bea’s present from him and then headed off to finish our magical journey.

Once outside we went through the Lantern Light Extravaganza, it was fantastic, Bea loved seeing all the different animals and trees lit up.

It was super foggy and frosty which gave it an extra magical feel, next year we'll definitely be returning to see them in the dark with all the kids, as I know they'll love them.


Bea's favourite was the tiger and she stood roaring at him for a good five minutes. 

We had a lovely day, even though she wasn't too keen on the big man and we cannot wait to return next year to do it all again.


Bea's outfit
Coat, Dress & tights - Next
Boots - Next.

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Saturday 17 December 2022

Why Parents Should Attend School Open Days


Open days are a really helpful way for you and your child to get to know their potential future schools, make their first friends and discover what it means to attend a prestigious school. There’s a lot to handle when it comes to your child’s studies, so getting to go to different private school open days will help you find the right place for your child to develop their skills.

 Here are some reasons why open days are really important.

Helps your child understand what they will be studying

Your child might be joining a new school to pick up new subjects, or your child has moved to a new area. Whichever route your child is going down there are ways your child can develop their skills at different schools or colleges. This International Sixth Form, for example, holds open days across the year to help students discover the many different subjects out there to help your child pick out the right subjects for their future studies.

Parents get to meet staff members

Teachers are a great resource for all parents to take advantage of on open days. There will be a lot of opportunities for you to talk with staff about how students manage their time at their school. There is a lot you can chat with teachers about that help your child settle in better and get used to their surroundings.

Gives you and your child a lot more reassurance

You’re able to get used to the bus route, you get to see all of the school facilities and you also have that chance to get used to your child’s new learning environment. These all help you and your child feel a lot more at ease when it comes to their studies, and it will give your child a lot more freedom with their enjoyment in school.

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Friday 16 December 2022

Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Cultures



With the many different cultures in the world out there to explore there’s a great opportunity for your child to develop their skills. They have the chance to broaden their horizons and guide children in making friendships easily with other people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. In many schools and nurseries, like this Gerrards Cross nursery, different cultures have a big impact on our relationship with food, history, and many other elements.


In this guide, we take a look at the ways you can teach your child to offer respect to people of all different cultures and ethnicities, which allows your child to really understand the world they live in.

Explore different cuisines

A good and easy way of exploring lots of different cultures is going to be by making lots of different foods and trying them all out with your child. There’s a lot your child can try out in the many different meals that are both accessible and exciting for everyone in the home to try. While spaghetti is a classic with your child, you could expand this further to other, lesser-known Italian dishes to keep them on their toes for example.

Get involved in different cultural celebrations

There are so many cultural traditions from each country in the world that there are plenty of ways you can incorporate them into your child’s learning. Look at the calendar and see what pops up in the next few weeks and plan ahead. Your child could get involved in New Year celebrations from China, Thailand, and lots of other countries, or they could try something closer to home, like Burns Night in Scotland.

Get your child’s friends involved

Your child is going to meet a lot of new people in school, many of which will have their own unique backgrounds. This is your child’s opportunity to explore these different cultures and ask open questions about what they could learn about different countries. Let your child become aware of the wider world and build their skills in exciting ways through their friends.

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How to Raise a Hardworking Child


Hard work makes a lot of things move forward, but it can take a lot of time for children to understand how these skills are picked up. But trying out lots of different activities will give your child a heap of different experiences, as well as new ways to develop a good work ethic. 

Here are some tips from pre prep school in London.

Give them a range of responsibilities

If your child isn’t used to the number of different activities they could be picking up to help you around the house then it can make for a lazier, less motivated person. Try to incorporate a number of chores and responsibilities they should be picking up when you need that extra help. The more chances your child has at understanding what you need from them, through helping around the house and other chores, the better they’ll be able to pick up new activities they haven’t tried before.

Role model are good examples of being a hard worker

As adults, we often have to pick up lots of things we have to do in order to keep things clean, tidy and maintained. Show your child what that means by giving them ways for them to help around the house, and in all the little things you do in the home to keep things moving. They could help you clean the car, or help pair up socks after they’ve been washed and dried. The little things can really help provide your child with a lot of skills and experience.

Allow your child to explore different hobbies

Hobbies will help your child pick up a lot of different skills. They also provide your child with experience in handling lots of different responsibilities and being able to work well in teams. Allowing your child to pick up different interests will give your child a lot more development in picking up responsibilities.

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Thursday 15 December 2022

Why Are History Lessons Important for Children?


Of the many compulsory subjects in UK schools, one of them will be History. It seeks to teach children about the many key moments from the past that have ultimately changed the way the world works in modern day society. Like a lot of schools, it’s often a very popular subject taught even from a young age. This nursery in South West London has some key reasons why history is important to teach your kids about.

Teach children about the hardships of the past

If there is one thing history will always teach us, it’s the impact it has brought to many of us throughout our lifetimes. There’s a lot to consider when you have experienced something that has changed the way we work and operate in life today, and it’s often due to what has happened in the past. Big moments in history have defined how we approach a lot of things in modern day, and it will help children understand what others had to go through to get to where they are now.

Helps your children develop complex arguments

Oftentimes history lessons are a time for reflection. They can be seen as ways to help children learn to handle complex theories and issues that ultimately brought about the biggest changes. For example, a lot of reasons why war unfolds can be quite complicated to understand on it's own; history lessons seek to make things easier to understand for children so that they can go forward with their knowledge.

Gives your child a better understanding of the world

A lot of history stems from cultural shifts, developments in technology, and much more. This is the opportunity for your child to really attain plenty of new knowledge and skills that will help them in their understanding of the world. It broadens their horizons as well as helps children see what others hope to learn from regular history lessons.

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