Wednesday 21 December 2022

Bea's First Father Christmas Visit

Just before Bea became poorly, Jon and I took her along to Thursford Santa's Magical Journey 

Last year she joined the boys on the north Norfolk railway but she was too little to really know what was going on, so we wanted to make this one special for her, even though we know she won’t really remember this one either.

We picked Thursford as we had heard great things about it and it wasn’t too far from us, as Bea still isn’t too keen on long journeys in the car we didn’t want to venture too far.

As soon as we parked up it was magical, lights everywhere and staff all dressed up in smart costumes.

We headed straight inside, we were a little early but it was no bother.
Bea loved saying hello to the life-sized teddy at the door, and I’m pretty sure she would have been happy to stay with him for the day.

Once inside we went on a magical walk past giant teddies, Santa elves, penguins and Santas slay.

Bea loved all the elves and waved at pretty much every single one.
I loved watching her face light up every time she saw a new one.

It truly was magical.
As we got close to Santa’s grotto, Jon and I were getting excited. We were hoping Bea would love him just as much as the life-sized teddy at the start of the journey, but unfortunately, she wasn’t too taken on the big man and didn’t want to go anywhere near him.

Thankfully he was lovely and didn’t mind one bit.
We had a group photo and collected Bea’s present from him and then headed off to finish our magical journey.

Once outside we went through the Lantern Light Extravaganza, it was fantastic, Bea loved seeing all the different animals and trees lit up.

It was super foggy and frosty which gave it an extra magical feel, next year we'll definitely be returning to see them in the dark with all the kids, as I know they'll love them.


Bea's favourite was the tiger and she stood roaring at him for a good five minutes. 

We had a lovely day, even though she wasn't too keen on the big man and we cannot wait to return next year to do it all again.


Bea's outfit
Coat, Dress & tights - Next
Boots - Next.

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