Friday 30 April 2021

Baby Bea

 So it's been a while since I last posted.

Things got a bit ugly towards the end of my pregnancy and at 37 weeks baby Beatrix was brought into the world early. 

I was diagnosed with Hellp syndrome and I became very poorly, Bea was brought into the world via an emergency C-section under general anaesthetic, she had to have a little resuscitation but otherwise, she was fine. I had to have a blood palette transfusion right before the section and was monitored for blood loss afterwards.

We were in the hospital for a few days and as soon as I was back up and feeling human again we were allowed to go home. 

So fast forward nearly 12 weeks and life is getting back to normal, the kids are all at school, Jon's back at work and I'm sat around thinking what the hell do I do with a baby! 

I'm pretty sure I've completely forgotten everything. I even think I should have bought some baby books to refresh my mind but haven't yet seen any that shout out to me. So I'm still winging it daily.

Bea is amazing and we are all completely obsessed with her, she is a pro at breastfeeding and has been since the first time she was placed on me! So it's nice to finally be able to have a baby and not all the extra fuss of making bottles throughout the day and night.

I always hated myself for giving up breastfeeding with all the boys so I am really happy I'm able to do it with Bea and every day is an achievement. I have also pumped a few times just to see if I could and to get a little collection going in the freezer - for what I'm not really sure as I'm not looking at giving her a bottle anytime soon.

She does however want to be attached to me 24/7, she doesn't like to nap or sleep unless I hold her. She has spent a grand total of 3 hours in her crib. 

So I am rather sleep deprived but trying not to complain as she's just so lovely.

We started an online zoom massage course the other week and this week attended our very first in-person baby group, I did attempt to go last week but ended up getting lost and crying in my car for about ten minutes. Postpartum hormones are real crazy at the moment!!!

Bea has recently discovered her hands and that she can now stick her tongue out.

She has a love-hate relationship with the car, and I have been trying her with dummies to use whilst in the car but she hasn't taken to any of them. I was also hoping she'd take to one to aid with nap times but I'm going to have to learn a different trick with her. 

Now that she is coming up to 3 months old I am planning to try and get us both into a routine, as the only routine I have at the moment is my day time tv viewing habits.
I want to get out on a walk to the beach on the days I don't have groups with her, I have been saying this since the boys went back to school but I haven't done it yet, I keep putting it off even when I know it will do us both the world of good.

I had forgotten how hard babies are but I wouldn't change her for the world and she was worth the wait and all the heartache we had with all our previous miscarriages.