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Products I use everyday

These are my everyday beauty products, I have quite sensitive skin so I tend to stick with what I know. 
What I use is -----
Garnier Micellar cleansing water Garnier miracle skin cream Benefit it's potent eye cream Norwegian formula nourishing body lotion with Nordic berry for normal to dry skin Rimmel wake up foundation in Ivory Benefit dandelion blusher Kohl pencil eyeliner  Bourjois mega felt tip liner Bourjois 1 second mascara ultra black Benefit dandelion lipgloss Dove go fresh pomegranate and lemon deodorant  Jimmy Choo perfume 

Since having the boys I've had to perfect (try to anyway) getting ready in 5 minutes. I used to wear a lot more eye make up but that always used to take a lot of time so I've had to scrap that from my daily routine and just leave that look for nights out. Which is probably once in a blue moon.

3 years ago to this day.....

We were told the Twins had a one in three chance of surviving!
They had twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I had to have laser ablation on my placenta to shut some vessels up so that Oscar would get fluids and that Alex would stop getting too much! Oscar was starving to death and Alex was drowning! 
If I didn't have the laser ablation they would have both died. I had to take the one in three chance. There was no doubt in my mind!
Three years later and they obviously survived, they were born 7 weeks early and spent two weeks in the ICU.
They took a little longer to walk just because I think they were lazy, other than that they hit all their milestones on time!
Alex can count to ten and is great with his colours, Oscar is getting there, he just a little behind Alex. 
Having twins is something I never thought about. There is no twins in either of our families. So it never even entered my head that I would ever possibly have twins. I had always found twins at school pretty weird.
When I was to…

The Affordable Art Fair Battersea! A fun and quirky Mother's Day gift idea / day out

The AAF ( Affordable Art Fair) is at Battersea Park from the 12 - 15th March

Perfect for a Mother's Day outing!!
The March event encourages visitors of all ages through its doors and little ones won't be short of things to do. Kids aged 2-10 can be dropped off at the "outstanding" ofsted rated crèche complete with arty activities!! With the little ones taken care of, that leaves you to wander around and browse at your own leisure! They also have activity packs and a packed programme of hands on work shops to keep children aged 4-11 entertained!! 
The fair, which showcases a huge array of paintings, original artist-made prints, sculpture and photography is the ideal place to start or build an art collection.

Now into its 16th year with 111 events across 11 countries, 1,300 exhibiting galleries and 232,000 visitors, the Affordable Art Fair is as vibrant and diverse as ever! Priding itself on making art accessible for everyone, the fair offers the chance to find art tha…

Ru is 10 months old!!!

My very own Rupert the bear turned 10 months yesterday!!These past months have really flown by. He's no longer my teeny baby that just like to sleep all day, he'd rather be trying to chase his brothers around and make them play with him!
He's in 12-18 month clothing  He crawls like a race car He took his first few steps yesterday He has 5 teeth, with more about to pop out. He says egg a lot  He likes to dance He loves to clap hands  Has just learnt to wave  He likes my awful singing His eyes are turning green!
We still use cloth nappies I still baby wear - but I am thinking about buying him his first ever pushchair. We co-sleep if he wakes, otherwise I leave him be He loves blueberries  We are BLW (baby led weaning) he hates me trying to feed him now. I can just about get away with giving him his breakfast! He loves the swings at the park
He's still very very smiley! I love watching him babble about to himself! 
The newest fluff in Ru's life -  3 from Baba and boos new collection  1 fro…

The Baby Show .... My experience

I was contacted by  Emma's diary and they asked if I fancied two tickets to The Baby Show! Which of course I was very happy to say yes too.
My plan was to go with my mum - a home birth midwife, but when saturday came she was unable to come as something else had come up!
Emma's diary is a parenting advice diary that covers everything from pregnancy to toddlers, as well as advice for mums and mums to be! This year they teamed up with The Baby Show.
Saturday arrived and I was greeted by a winter wonderland
I was a little worried I wouldn't make the show but everything cleared up by 9 am.
Ru and myself went off to London to have a wonder round the baby show! 
This was Ru's first train experience, and he found it so thrilling he slept all the way into London! 

Once we arrived at the ExCel centre I was rather over whelmed by the sheer size of it! 
I "man'd up" and got stuck in 
I had done a bit of research before I got there so I knew where I wanted to go first .…

Never work with babies!!!

Trying to take some shots of my new wrap but all Ru is interested in is trying to rip my glasses off my face 
Photo fail!!!! 

Alfie and Grandma - book review

Alfie and Grandma is another book from the Alfie series written by Shirley Hughes
The book offers a special collection of stories celebrating grandmas and grand children - 
• Looking for Winnie • A journey to the North Pole • Lost sheep 

The boys really loved this book, their favourite story was 'A journey to the North Pole'  It really captured their imagination and made them think of their own granny's.
Reading it takes me back to when I used to visit my great gran and we had our own special little game of shops that only we would play.  Noah now has his own special game of 'buses' which he makes my gran play with him when she visits and now the twins are older the boys all play too. They love it and she also loves it.
The illustrations are beautifully done and really capture the love between a grandma and her grandchildren 
The bond you have with your grandparents is unbreakable. I think this book would make a lovely Mother's Day present for your children's…

Point+shoot! 24th feb

This weekend was a good one.

On Saturday Ru had his first train journey as he accompanied me to the baby show up in London ExCel! 

You'll hear more about what we got up to at the baby show in a later post! 
Ru wore his newly purchased little bird pjs that he made me buy Saturday evening and looked very handsome!!!

We took the boys to the park in the morning, to let them run around like wild animals 

After lunch I had a play with my new woven wrap, all the boys were happy to help try and break it in ... 

Noah was going to have a go but Alex leaked and the wrap had to go back into the wash!!!

Then after that we all chilled and watched Toy story 3 which is always a firm favourite!!

Stain busting!!!!

Stains are my arch enemy!
Baby and stains go hand in hand!Boys and stains go hand in hand! As you've probably guessed... I have to deal with stains on a daily basis!
One thing I really really hate is grubby highchair straps, Ru is BLW so feeds himself and the food doesn't just go in his mouth, so every few weeks i pop his orangey looking straps into the wash to make them nice and white again!
How I do this I hear you say?!?  Well.... These are pictures from after last night

He had beef chilli for dinner! 
After I had cleaned up all the mess and wiped away his Essex's tan I got out my best pals ....

I like to soak really grubby stuff over night as I'll getca better result, and it's more of an attack on the stain. I'll use the bar on it first as this really helps get rip of stubborn stains 

Then I'll fill the up the basin with hot water and a scoop of vanish

Leave it over night, then in the morning pop it into the wash with another scoop of vanish and my usual washi…

Mother's Day BakerDays cake - review

I follow the BakerDays on Instagram and Twitter and so I thought I'd try my luck and see if they wanted another blogger to review their fabulous luck was in and they said I could review a Mother's Day letterbox cake.
They let me pick which design I wanted.  Being a big fan of pink I went for the ...'I love you to the moon' design 
As soon as I opened the tin I was hit with the amazing smell of vanilla!!!  The cake looked great, it smelled great and my gosh it tasted great! Usually I get disappointed by cakes and think I could have done a better job myself but with the letterbox cake I don't think I could have even come close! 

There is a big selection to pick from, you can personalise them with a name or picture of yourself, the kids, the person you are sending it too or whatever takes your fancy.
They also offer a bespoke design service.
They do cakes for all occasions, if you ordered before 2pm you'll get next day delivery. If you order a week i…

Mum its snowing....don't be silly! Mysundayphoto

The unexpected snow! 
Yesterday morning Noah came running in laughing saying "mummy I don't think you'll be going out today, look outside."
I got out of bed and this is what greeted me behind the blind.

Yesterdays shenanigans

Jon took a days holiday yesterday so we could go out and do something fun as a family.

We thought about going to a local farm but were put off by the price ...... Being a family of 6 doesn't half put the price on days out up! :(
We decided to look at chessington zoo ...... Much cheaper than the farm and probably more fun for the boys. 
We started the day with bears on toast ... I thought it would go down well but they boys decided they were to nice to eat!

We saw the seals and the twins loved waiting for them to turn up by the glass

Oscar made friends with the black sheep in the petting farm

All the gorillas were in hiding ..... Like most of the animals at the zoo lol! So they decided to make friends with the pretend one. 

We did see some lions, but they were fast asleep looking rather cold!

The boys tried to coax the animals out of hiding by playing the bongos!

At the end of the day, all 3 boys were pretty tired and grumpy!  I think Noahs face sums up his mood.

After the zoo we w…