Thursday 26 February 2015

Ru is 10 months old!!!

My very own Rupert the bear turned 10 months yesterday!!
These past months have really flown by.
He's no longer my teeny baby that just like to sleep all day, he'd rather be trying to chase his brothers around and make them play with him!

He's in 12-18 month clothing 
He crawls like a race car
He took his first few steps yesterday
He has 5 teeth, with more about to pop out.
He says egg a lot 
He likes to dance
He loves to clap hands 
Has just learnt to wave 
He likes my awful singing
His eyes are turning green!

We still use cloth nappies
I still baby wear - but I am thinking about buying him his first ever pushchair.
We co-sleep if he wakes, otherwise I leave him be
He loves blueberries 
We are BLW (baby led weaning) he hates me trying to feed him now. I can just about get away with giving him his breakfast!
He loves the swings at the park

He's still very very smiley!
I love watching him babble about to himself! 

The newest fluff in Ru's life - 
3 from Baba and boos new collection 
1 from bambinomio's new collection 

He also has his first two books 
Lemur dreamer
Roo the roaring dinosaur.

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