Wednesday 25 February 2015

The Baby Show .... My experience

I was contacted by  Emma's diary and they asked if I fancied two tickets to The Baby Show! Which of course I was very happy to say yes too.

My plan was to go with my mum - a home birth midwife, but when saturday came she was unable to come as something else had come up!

Emma's diary is a parenting advice diary that covers everything from pregnancy to toddlers, as well as advice for mums and mums to be! This year they teamed up with The Baby Show.

Saturday arrived and I was greeted by a winter wonderland

I was a little worried I wouldn't make the show but everything cleared up by 9 am.

Ru and myself went off to London to have a wonder round the baby show! 

This was Ru's first train experience, and he found it so thrilling he slept all the way into London! 

Once we arrived at the ExCel centre I was rather over whelmed by the sheer size of it! 

I "man'd up" and got stuck in 

I had done a bit of research before I got there so I knew where I wanted to go first .... The bumpkins baby show stars stall - you could get a free photo of your babe and also be entered into the baby show stars competion! Ru being so gorgeous it was a must!

I then had a walk round to the Prima baby and pregnany magazine stand 

(Sorry for the poor quality photo ..... Had hands full and was still feeling a bit overwhelmed)

I signed up for the subscription and got myself a goodie bag
12 issues for £20 and a free gro bag which is worth £25.99!  
The goodie bag was £3 with goodies worth of £22!

I didn't realise how heavy the goodie bag was going to be and instantly wished I'd had a buggy for Ru rather than his Tula carrier!
It's all well and good being hands free but when you have coats, bags, snowsuits, and even more bags taking up your hand free hands you do start to question your sanity lol! 

I took Ru to have his lunch and we sat in the Tommee Tippee feeding area - what he was enjoying his sandwiches I was planning my attack and where I wanted to go. 

I wanted to see the lovely Cosatto display as is seen little snippets on their instagram page
I wanted to wonder round the mothercare clothes as usually I'm banned from going in when we are out and about. 
Then I just wanted to see what I could see.

Ru finished his lunch and had finished my coffee, off we went, walking up and down the Isles we saw lots of lovely looking displayed, I looked at the super gorgeous pushchairs at the Cosatto stand which made me want a buggy even more!
Looked at all the gorgeous cloth nappies by Totbots,Bambooty, gnappies 
( I would have bought some but I had banned myself seeing as I had just recently bought Ru 4 new nappies)

I Found the lovely my little duckling stall where I nearly jumped for joy - I had seen these great hats from other bloggers on Instagram and really wanted one for ru so of course it would have been rude not to purchase one!
They also had a 10% Baby Show discount 

Ru modelling his hat the next day::

I came across the funky giraffe Bib stand where they were doing 6 bibs for £10, Ru is always wearing a bib as he is constantly teething which obviously means he is constantly dribbling!
The bibs are super soft and very funky. 

I also pledge to read even more to the boys at the book start stand!

By now I had even more bags and was getting rather flustered Ru had fallen asleep and was feeling rather hot, so I walked over to The Baby Show stage and sat down! 
I caught the end of 'shared parental leave - what it means to you' speech which sounded rather interesting and I wish I'd seen all of it!

Annabel karmel was due on in the next ten minutes!
Perfect I thought, I have most of her book ..... Or so I thought, 
she has 40 books!! 
I never knew that!

She was great and I'm really glad I got to see her. 

Ru slept for the whole talk, once he woke I gathered up l our bags, coats and the other bags and headed off to mothercare!
They also had a 10% Baby Show discount so I treated Ru to some little bird t-shirts and some very colourful pyjamas!!

 Ru was getting grumpy and my arms were about to break so it was time to head home. 
On our way out we were given a free kangaroo teddy from Go Skippy insurance!

We had such a great day!!
I truly think every pregnant / new mum should go to the Baby Show at least once if they get the chance!
So many discounts, and everything you need plus more under the one roof!

My baby show haul::

Once home I had a well deserved bath  

Here are some links to some of the brands I mentioned above ...


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