Friday 6 February 2015

My latest internet shopping haul!

I don't usually go crazy when it comes to shopping but for some reason I've had a case of the crazies and gone mad ordering things, mainly for Ru!

I did a little haul on babipur 

I got him his first lot of frugi clothing 

These trousers are cut so his cloth bum can fit in and they also have knee pads to protect his little knees when he's spewed crawling!

I also got him some new muslins 

I bought him a Sophie giraffe as the boys loved theirs and I have no idea where I've put them and plus it was in the sale :) couldn't really say no! 

And then just because she was also in the sale and so cute, I treated him to a poppy dog

Then from decobabyuk 

A cotbed duvet cover and a letter banner, which I will probably use in the Twins and Noahs new rooms, as Ru already has bunting for his room

I got some new plates

I did do some other internet shopping yesterday but that has yet to turn up, so I will do a part two post if you are interested

Also whilst I shopping in Asda, I treated them all to some new books just because they are so cheap! 

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