Monday 2 February 2015

Cowboy chicken and rice

The twins are cowboy mad at the moment so going with that theme, tonight's dinner is..........cowboy chicken

What you'll need: 
Chicken drum sticks - I use a small pack
Tin of chopped tomatoes 
1tsp of sweet smoked paprika 
Green veg 

What you'll need to do: 
Pop the drumsticks into an oven proof dish, sprinkle over the paprika and then add the tomatoes.

Place it in the oven at 185•c 

Cook for about 45 minutes

Whilst the chicken is cooking you can get your rice ready - if cooking from scratch I find one cup of rice to two cups of water works well, let it come to the boil then put on the lid and let it simmer until all the water has been soaked up.
Or if like me you feel lazy, microwaveable rice works just as well! 

Serve with the green veg (or veg of your choice) and enjoy x

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