Thursday 17 September 2020

Review // Catipilla Scratcher


For those of you that aren't aware, I have three cats, Indie who is 8, Link who is 2 and Odin our newest member is also 2 and we rescued him last year from the Cats Protection.

I adore all three and love nothing more than spoiling them to new treats, one thing that I don't quite adore is them scratching at the carpets or the sofa legs, so I am always on the hunt for new scratching poles or mats, so when I came across Catipilla I was very interested in their wall-mounted scratching poles.
They very kindly sent me a wall mounted post for my three fur babies to try out.

Odin checking out the new post.

The Catipilla scratcher is wall mounted and prices range from £20 to £70 depending on which size you go for, they also offer replacement post to buy for when yours is starting to look a bit worse for wear.

The post comes with everything you need to mount it up and if needed you can buy additional fittings for £3 a pair plus shipping costs.

Materials used;

South American sisal rope. 

They source the highest quality, ‘whitest’, natural sisal rope they can find and they never bleach it as this is not good for cats. 

Being a natural product, there will always be slight colour variations and imperfections in the sisal.

Anodised Aluminium.

The inner core of ABS plastic that will not dampen/warp.

Keeping his mini Pantha claws in check!

All three of the cats have enjoyed stretching out on the new post .... trying to get a picture of all three was beyond difficult, every time the camera came out they ran away only to return once I was heading back down the stairs!

I've found Odin enjoys it the most and will always have a good scratch before heading down for his breakfast.

Link protecting the post from the others!

Link our biggest cat weighs around 7kg, so we went for a bigger option rather than a smaller one, so when he was using it he could get a good stretch.
We went for the 75cm post which is priced at a reasonable £42.00.

It was really easy to install and we decided the best place for it was at the top of the stairs and thankfully it is being used much more than the sofa legs!
So it is definitely a big win! 

Not only do Catipilla sell scratching posts they also have a great range of cat climbers, resting points and accessories.