Monday 23 February 2015

Stain busting!!!!

Stains are my arch enemy!

Baby and stains go hand in hand!
Boys and stains go hand in hand!
As you've probably guessed...
I have to deal with stains on a daily basis!


One thing I really really hate is grubby highchair straps, Ru is BLW so feeds himself and the food doesn't just go in his mouth, so every few weeks i pop his orangey looking straps into the wash to make them nice and white again!

How I do this I hear you say?!? 
These are pictures from after last night

He had beef chilli for dinner! 

After I had cleaned up all the mess and wiped away his Essex's tan I got out my best pals ....

I like to soak really grubby stuff over night as I'll getca better result, and it's more of an attack on the stain.
I'll use the bar on it first as this really helps get rip of stubborn stains 

Then I'll fill the up the basin with hot water and a scoop of vanish

Leave it over night, then in the morning pop it into the wash with another scoop of vanish and my usual washing powder

And voilĂ 

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