Sunday 15 February 2015

Introducing Indie Pop!

This is Indie, she's nearly 3.
We got her just after I had the twins, so she has grown up with them and I'm sure she thinks she's a human baby too.  

She's fantastic with all the boys and she has never scratched them, if they get too annoying she usually just bats them away  with her paw.

When I had Ru she stayed with me the whole time, it was very sweet.

She likes to co sleep and I'll usually wake up with her on some part of me.

I've was never really a cat person as I grew up with dogs, but I can truly say I'd probably be a crazy cat lady if I didn't have so many children!! 

Poor Indie has been in a cattery for the last 6 weeks as she wasn't able to come to Jons parents as his other cat is not a fan of other cats and we also didn't really trust anyone else to have her incase she bolted. 
(I've heard stories and I'd be devastated if we lost her or she got hurt) 

We haven't seen her because we weren't so sure how she would react to being left again, but as its been so long we are missing her far too much so today we are off to visit her and hopefully it won't be much longer until we move .....
we have been given the move in date of the 27th February!!!

 So Fingers crossed everyone!!!!

Do you have a fur baby? 

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