Friday 27 February 2015

3 years ago to this day.....

We were told the Twins had a one in three chance of surviving!

They had twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I had to have laser ablation on my placenta to shut some vessels up so that Oscar would get fluids and that Alex would stop getting too much!
Oscar was starving to death and Alex was drowning! 

If I didn't have the laser ablation they would have both died. I had to take the one in three chance. There was no doubt in my mind!

Three years later and they obviously survived, they were born 7 weeks early and spent two weeks in the ICU.

They took a little longer to walk just because I think they were lazy, other than that they hit all their milestones on time!

Alex can count to ten and is great with his colours, Oscar is getting there, he just a little behind Alex. 

Having twins is something I never thought about. There is no twins in either of our families. So it never even entered my head that I would ever possibly have twins.
I had always found twins at school pretty weird.

When I was told they were twins I laughed as I just couldn't believe it.

Having twins was hard and very taxing but all the good like double hugs double kisses double cuteness made all the hard work worth it! 

People always said it gets easier as they get older, but I always think those people may have been dropped on their heads as babies!

The boys were easy as anything when they were babies, they fed, they slept and did everything they were meant to do when they were meant to do it!

As the toddler years have approached and they have become little people they have become more independent and they like to test the boundaries like most toddlers! They are becoming less wild and are starting to listen more and understand what I ask them to do.
They now walk to school rather than sit in their pushchair and I get comments daily about how well behaved they are. Which always makes me feel I've done my Job well :) 

As they get older their bond gets stronger! It's so lovely to see them sitting together and giggling about secret things. When one is hurt the other will go and cuddle them. I'm sure they have their own little language.

I can't wait to see the bond get stronger and stronger as they grow!

Am I glad I had twins?
Over the moon!!
Do twins still freak me out??
Of course but now it's daily!  

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