Sunday 22 June 2014

Ru vs baby bottles

Even though Ru is only just 8 weeks he is now on his 3rd set of bottles. 

After we failed at breast feeding we started on tommie tippie which seemed great at first but then he started to struggle to take his feed so I thought id change to a vari flow teat but that made the milk shoot down his throat which resulted in me being covered in milk ten minutes later. 

So I decided to buy him some doctor brown ones. I read all the reviews so I knew how to stop the leakage and all that and the extra cleaning didn't bother me, he took half a feed from this new bottle but then decided he no longer wanted to take the rest, he didnt seem to like the teats either, so they failed straight away

So I popped out this morning and bought some nuk bottles, I used these with Noah and he had no issues with them. 
Ru has had one feed with these new bottles and fed well only leaving an ounce. Hasn't been sick and is now nicely settled in his bouncer.  👍

Fingers crossed we don't need to try any more! 

Next ones I have on my to try list are MAM bottles, he likes the MAM soothers so may take to the bottles! 

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