Friday 26 September 2014

My babies are big boys now!

The twins started nursery yesterday!!!

They went for an afternoon session, 12pm till 3pm. 
I knew they wouldn't cry (like Noah used to!)
They are a lot more out going than he was I think that's due to there bring two of them! 
 I wasn't prepared for them to walk in without saying goodbye or even a kiss. 
My heart broke just a little, my babies are all grown up!

I went home and felt like id forgotten them. I pretty much spent the 3 hours drinking coffee and eating. Which was nice as I didn't have 4 little hands reaching for everything on my plate. Ru enjoyed rolling around the lounge without bumping into a million toys.

Next week I'm going to spend the time a boy more wisely and take Ru swimming.

When it came to collecting them I was running out the door, they may drive me nuts but it keeps life interesting! 

They didn't want to leave and cried most of the way to collect Noah, but once in the car they crashed out! 

The teachers said they had a great time and that they were really lovely! 

I'm sure they can't wait till next Thursday, I'm also glad they loved it, makes me feel I've done the right thing putting them in before they are 3 and their free funding starts! 

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