Tuesday 28 April 2015

Claessens'kids Kid Sleep Moon - Review


I was sent the Kid Sleep Moon by the lovely people over at Claessen'Kids to review.
The twins are good at sleeping, but they do have issues with winding down and waking up a little bit too early ...... especially in the summer when the mornings are much lighter.

What comes in the Kid Sleep Moon box? -

* One clock
* Two clock faces, one with a day and night scene and one with just a night scene so you can use that for younger babies as a nightlight.
* An instruction booklet 
* A plug. 
You can also use batteries to power the clock instead of using a plug socket.

The Kid Sleep Moon has
  • 4 choices of lullaby
  • 4 choices of alarm + silent mode
  • 4 levels of brightness
  • Full face traditional nightlight
  • Smart Sunset “go to sleep” function
  • Smart Moonset “Wake up process”
  • 3 settings nighttime/nap + weekend
  • Animated LCD screen
  • Easy setting menu

  • Setting the clock up couldn't be any easier, you set the clock with the correct time and then decide when you want the wake up alarm to go off, once you have done that it's time to pick from a choice of either 4 lullabies or 4 alarms for the wake up call. 

    If your baby is young you can use the Kid Sleep Moon as a nightlight and it comes with a spare face just for this option.

    I set the boys alarm to go off at 7am as this fits in with our weekly morning routine, for the weekend I will set it for half 7, with the aim of trying to get it to 8 though I feel I may be pushing my luck with that....Noah doesn't even sleep in till then.

    The boys picked the cockerel as their alarm call. They did end up waking up and shouting cookadooodledooooo with fits of giggles for the first few days.

         The "go to sleep" function is great, the boys really took to this and loved watching the sun go down. whilst the sun goes down it means we can read a bedtime story and then watch the sun go down and when the moon appears it plays chime bells to let you know it is now time for bed.

    The first couple of mornings they were up and out of bed before 7 but by the Wednesday they would stay in bed until they heard 'cockadoodledoo' then they would get up and start jumping around like loons!

    The twins are still getting used to the clock and I think in time it will be my silver lining to all my weekend lay ins no longe being interrupted! 

    The go to sleep function has worked amazingly! 
    Now they know once the sun has gone it is sleepy time and everything is quiet and there isn't the usual mad five minutes jumping on the beds. 

    If you fancy purchasing a Kids Sleep Moon.... 
    Check out Claessen'sKids website here www.kid-sleep.com

    You can also buy the Kids Sleep Moon on Amazon here

    claessen'kids are also on facebook here - 
    Family Fever

    * we were sent the Kids Sleep Moon for free in return for an honest review *

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