Saturday 26 December 2015

Our Christmas So Far.....

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas!

I don't usually post too much around Christmas as I take the time to enjoy my family rather than stress about getting the perfect picture and get the blog up and blah blah.
But seeing as it's not even 7o'clock and its only me and Ru up, I thought I'd quickly pop on and do a festive update. 

We came to Jon's parents on the 23rd so we could be here and have a mini Christmas morning on Christmas Eve as Jon's sister was unable to stay till Christmas Day.
The boys loved seeing their cousin Sam and spending some time with him.

We had special Christmas Eve presents after dinner -
Christmas pyjamas,
Slipper socks?
Special cups with festive pictures on,
Dashing Santa bathbomb from Lush,
And a Christmas activitie pack. 

I gave Jon's sister Sam's so he could open them once he got back home.

The boys all had a magical time yesterday and Santa utterly spoilt them.
Favourite presents of the day were probably ::

Ru - Mr Tumbles Spotty Bag 
He didn't take it off all day, he loved it!
Noah - WWE world championship belt.
Again like Ru it was slung over his shoulder for most of the day!
The Wildlings - a toss up between ironman costume and a TMNT costume.
They were in and out of both since they were unwrapped.
Myself - YSL black opium 
It's such a lovely smell and I haven't had perfume in such a long time!
Jon - New Beard Oil 
Anything to improve his beard is a hit to our bearded bear! 

The boys all got piles of really lovely lovely stuff! 
We are going to have to have an even bigger clear out of their old toys just to fit in all the new ones. 

We're heading over to my mums today to do it all again.
I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and having some of my family Christmas traditions. 
My friend is also popping by so it will be lovely to see her too.

Our special Scout Elf has now left us, we had some great fun with her and we really can't wait to see her again next year!!!

How's your Christmas going?
Did you get everything you wanted?

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