Friday 9 December 2016

We're Here

So we're finally part of the Nor Folk!

We moved in last Thursday, it wasn't too stressful as we only had Rupert with us, the others had gone to stay with my mum till the Saturday.

We spent a good few days trying to get the boys rooms all sorted for their return and getting the kitchen up and running.
With no cooker or fridge it was a bit tricky but we managed.

The boys returned Saturday afternoon and we all had a nice lunch which me and my parents picked up from the local Tesco's.

By the end of Saturday I was feeling pretty awful and headed for bed pretty early thinking id be ok in the morning.

Not quite, the flu had hit me hard. I was in bed for the next 3 days.
I managed to get up Monday to get the boys off to their new schools but I sure as hell paid for it the second I walked in the front door.
I wasn't seen again till Wednesday!!

The house is amazing and we're still all getting used to being in such a lovely house.
It's so surreal, like living in a holiday home and thinking any day now we're going to have to pack up and head back to Kent!

Now I'm finally better I'm hoping to get the rest of the boxes unpacked and our room in some sort of order!

The kids are settling into life here but the flu really has knocked us for 6.
Hopefully next week will be a better week!

Noah has a Christmas concert at the local church and the boys have their nativity on the Tuesday!

I will write more about the house and how we're getting on in Norfolk and I'm also planning a house tour once its looking spot on!

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