Friday 6 January 2017

Bathroom // Yellow and Grey

I love yellow and grey together and have always rather fancied a bathroom in that theme.
As soon as I saw our new bathroom I knew I could have my way!
Even if Jon never really understood my obsession.

I popped out to Next yesterday to spend my a Christmas voucher and whilst browsing the homewares, I found myself in their bathroom section, I fell in love instantly and knew this is what our bathroom needed.
I ran to find Jon hiding out in the mens section and dragged him over to have a look.  

Jon pretended to look interested (or so I though) and just said yep its a possible we could look into having a yellow and grey theme and then took me off to Costa for a coffee!

So imagine my surprise when all this turns up on the doorstep,
he was actually listening to me and taking in all my bathroom decor jibberjabber!

So we have brand new towels.....our usual bathroom local is a mismatch of towels and hand towels and nothing really ever quite goes together.
I'm still playing with the idea that these towels might find their way up to my bathroom and I save two for guests and get the boys a different coloured towel, just so they know whose is whose.

Then a new laundry bag, bathmat, loo brush, bin and a knitted basket because you know they always come in handy!

How it looks ....

The yellow really goes with the grey tiles.
My yellow and grey theme is pretty much complete!

All these items can be found on the Next bathroom section of their website!

Do you have a theme in your bathroom?!

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